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  1. Great info from everyone. Can you give me the correct fax number please (short a digit).
  2. If you have the RU2 pkg., what are you talking about when you say "about $140 pp". I'm still confused about the gratuity. We got it as a bonus for booking a cruise prior to 5/31 and no where on my documents does it have any extra dollars. It says "Cheers is included in your offer".
  3. First time having the Cheers package and I have a questions about tips. My T.A. said you pay at the end of cruise the 20% gratuity on the drinks you ordered. Somewhere on this thread it was said that the gratuities are included already in the Cheers package. Can someone clear this up for me. Sailing the M.G. in November. This is our third time booking a cruise trying to use our future cruise credit from our September 2019 Sunset cruise to Bermuda that was hit with a hurricane. Hope 3 is a charm.
  4. Come on guys I know you're trying to be helpful but the girl who no longer wants to cruise does not expect to be paid the FCC or the onboard credit - that is not the issue. She doesn't want anything except what I indicated and that is her out-of-pocket money that was spent on booking a cruise to Panama about $700 which was cancelled. A good part of the cruise rate was paid using our FCC from Sept. 2019 hurricane cruise. The 4 of us opted to use our FCC and booked a cruise to Bermuda for Sept. 2020 and we paid an additional $220 deposit, then that was cancelled. Now all of us should be gett
  5. The girl who doesn't want to go is requesting a credit on all the money she's paid into it which includes the taxes, port fees, tips, etc. from a 13 day paid in full Panama cruise amounting to close to $800 plus the $220 deposit paid on a second cruise that was cancelled. I don't blame her but I feel badly for my friend who is basically screwed if they don't allow a replacement in her cabin. It sounds like CCL is saying everyone on a booking gets a refund or gets FCC and onboard credit and they won't allow one person choosing one method and the other choosing something different.
  6. I guess I didn't make myself clear enough. The problem isn't booking something by year end, it's 1 person will no longer cruise. The person stuck without a cabin mate is being told that if her original cabin mate can't go and is willing to lose all the perks (i.e. fcc and $600 onboard credits), then she loses too. They each paid on their own credit cards and the booking was under both names. Doesn't it make more sense that if found she found a replacement to share her room, that would be a benefit to CCL since they now have a cruiser paying a fare without fcc and not having to give onboar
  7. There were 4 of us booked in 2 cabins for our third try at a cruise. We had rec'd a FCC from our Sept 2019 hurricane cruise. We booked a 13 day Panama for May 2020 and it was cancelled, then we booked a Sept 2020 cruise our of NYC and that was cancelled. We now have a FCC to book by Dec 2020 and lots of onboard credit but one member can't make it. Can someone tell me what happens to the poor lady whose friend can't make it because she is anxious to cruise and use her onboard credits. If we find another person to replace the "no go" cruiser, would that be acceptable. Please share some o
  8. I tried CCL's web site but it doesn't let you put in ages and then I tried a "search" on this forum but still can't find the answer. Maybe I'll take my young 10 & 12 year old grandchilldren but need some answers first. Thanks for your help.
  9. Just heard from my T.A. our Sunrise out of NYC on 9/3/20 has been cancelled as have all Sunrise cruises until after Oct. 9. This will make our third attempt that has been problematic. Our Sept. 2019 Bermuda was sidelined due to a hurricane, then we booked May 3 to Panama, then we booked Sept. 2020 to Bermuda since we never got there. Now what? I know some in our group said that if something happens to our "new" Bermuda cruise, they're done with cruising.
  10. Yes, we were on the "cruise to nowhere" with you. I just discounted Charleston because I didn't leave the ship; had I known it was going to be our only port, I would have gotten off and walked around. We were hoping for some answers today regarding our 5/3 cruise but now we have another 3 day wait. I can't imagine they would sail in early May and even if they did, we would definitely cancel. We're looking at Bermuda again in September and it would be so nice to have about $1050 in FCC's. All of this is small potatoes when you think of folks dying or being extremely ill and those losing t
  11. That is exactly the good info I'm looking for from all the "experts" on this site. Luv U Guys.
  12. I'm a new shareholder of 230 shares. My 5/3 cruise will probably get cancelled and I hope to rebook in the Fall. Please tell me how much OBC I would get with this # of shares. Do you think I would get the perk since I'd be using FCC. Actually this cruise was being funded from a September cruise effected by a hurricane. Also, please tell me what I need to do.
  13. This is a question I've been trying to get answers also. We're using $855 FCC from our Sept. Bermuda cruise that went nowhere to fund our 13 day Panama cruise on 5/3. I called my T.A. but she said Carnival is not answering any questions beyond April sailings. If anyone gets clarification regarding their FCC that's gospel, please post. I'd hate to lose that kind of money and we now have till 4/3 to decide. (yes, they extended it from 3/31 to 30 days prior).
  14. You have to decide whether to cruise and take the $200 obc or cancel by March 31. We are also on that cruise and using the future cruise credit that we rec'd from our September cruise that was a bust due to hurricanes. I can't believe this rebooking is now problematic. I'm afraid my group of 4 seniors will want to cancel because they're afraid the ports will be closed and we know what it's like to cruise to nowhere. I hope it works for you.
  15. We were on one of the ships diverted from Bermuda in Sept. due to hurricanes. Our 13-day Panama cruise on 5/3 is funded from the f.c.c. that Carnival gave us and now we have a big decision to make. Although we are 4 senior citizens, we are not afraid of the virus because I think it's a bunch of hype stirred by the media. People die every year from the flu and we're not running around screaming "the sky is falling". I'm sick of hearing about a person being admitted to a hospital....it happens 24/7 every day of the year. Stop already. However, my concern is ports not allowing pax to debark
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