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  1. Hello all.


    Been cruising on other lines for over a decade now. Top Tier status on 2 lines  but think its time to shake things up. Does Carnival  have a program similar to Crown & Anchor, Captains Circle. Latitudes?  On board cruise consultants?


    Not sure what ship im gonna go on first but looking forward to shaking things up a bit.



  2. 1 hour ago, jennacruiser said:

    I see you have Destiny!! i'm super interested and would happily take it off your hands if you want. 

    Jenna would love to but these are the ships I have worked on or sailed on so parting with my collection would be a sad day. 18 years of my life in these


  3. On 8/6/2019 at 9:01 AM, stevendom57 said:

    I apologize in advance for asking yet another CruiseNext question. I am sure this has been answered but I have been unable to find the proper post.


    I am going on my first NCL cruise this coming September, to Alaska. I already have another NCL cruise booked, having paid only the deposit, for Sept 2020 in the Mediterranean. 


    If I buy some CruiseNext certificates on my Alaska cruise, can they be used in any way to pay for my 2020 cruise?





    Officially no. You can not use them on a cruise that is already booked and has a deposit made on it


    What your T.A or CC do is another story But the Consultants onboard will tell you they are for Non existing New bookings only.

    There are plenty of ways to work around that though.  you'll figure it out . 🙂

    The old if you don't ask you don't get  comes to mind here.

  4. Ok . Here is the definitive explanation on Cruise Next deposits


    if you buy 1 deposit . ( 250$) . it is charge to your room account as 250 USD that evening of purchase


    the next day you look at your cabin statement and you see a charge of 250$ . CruiseNext

    below you will see a Non Refundabale On Board Credit worth 100$ . So you have been charged on paper only 250$ but your credt card upon completion of the cruise will be charged 150$ . 
    The hundred dollar on board credit is just like an instant rebate. Your CC is never charged 250 . In essence your paying 150$ towards a cruise but getting 250 off the price.


    You are not getting and extra 100 of OBC to go a spend towards your fun in the shops casino or restaurants. Its just accounting to show that yes you were charged initially 250 for the deposit but your final tally will be 150$


    Value of Deposits .                   Net Spend

    250       (1)                                          150

    500       (2)                                          250

    750       (3)                                          375

    1000     (4)                                          500

    1500     (6)                                          750

    2000    (8)                                         1000

    Another thing . if you are thinking about buying these and you cruise every year and you buy 1 at a time....your losing out. you are not saving money.  the Best practice is to Spend 250 and take the 500 CND ( minimum) . it has only cost you 250$

    Buying 1 every cruise costs you 150 and if you do it again on your next voyage later the same year or the following year you do another 250 and are charged 150.....add it up for buying 1 at a time you spend 300 bucks for the same benefit as spending 250 and getting the same deposit. Only difference is you bought it a year later.....  If you are doing this and sailing in Balconies you are losing out on saving 250.

    better in my experience to take the 2 deposit for 250 and use them on a balcony over taking a 1 CND and saving a 100$ there and then . it costs you more in the long run

    Hope that helped with some of the questions and scenarios about how the CND works

    OnBoard Credit is a marketing invention it is essentially buy 1 get 1 and so on

  5. On 8/6/2019 at 7:49 PM, heatherRN53 said:

    We are departing New York for a 7 day Florida and Bahamas cruise. We will be on board for Halloween. I have searched Roll Calls and I can find nothing that tells me for sure if there will be a party on board for Halloween. I would really like to know, so we can prepare in advance with costumes possibly, ect. Also wondering about the White Party I have heard so much about. Im so sorry if Im asking a repetitive question, but I dont know where to look to find the information. Any advice, resources and answers are very much welcome. We are first time cruisers!

    Trust me there will be a halloween party there is always one and I have been on every ship in the fleet over Halloween at one point or another.  White Hot will happen . bring some white pants and a t shirt you'll be fine

  6. On 8/6/2019 at 3:17 PM, Mikiejag said:

    The title says it all, basically.

    We have 3 rooms, 9 people and need to basically re-distribute people.  I know about the rules for over 21, however one of the room is 18, 19, 18, & 18.


    The only problem is the boarding cards.  How to associate payment with the correct card and room?


    Is it possible to join a different credit card to a different room key after boarding? 

    Or do they not really pay attention to who is in what room?


    Thanks for any insight.



    Ok 3 rooms are there 3 over 21's? cruising? if so then you book one into each room then shift about as needed remember to leave the ship at the same time and make sure your cards are in the right hands when leaving and entering the vessel. Are any of the rooms booked adjoining rooms? If so then you are fine and can have the 19 or 18 years olds in it.  As for room charges you can direct all charges to one card or 2 cards if needed and you can attach secondary rooms to charge to the one room

  7. 6 hours ago, bp traveler said:

    Hello I was just looking and we are Platinum and one of the benefits is Cagney/Le Bistro for 2.

    My question is this for 1 cruise or unlimited?



    Ok so if there are 3 of you that are Platinum in the cabin a second voucher will be issued and it will be amended or should be amended to allow the perks as well. To insure the vouchers are for everyone have your son book a solo studio if you are sailing on a big ship

  8. Take it from me .    you child turns 18 they will get all the points they have accumulated the first cruise after their 18th birthday therefore if they have cruised on every cruise you have gone on and are platinum ,at 18 they will also be platinum.   

    If they turn 18 during the cruise they won't get the points either however turning 18 the day of the voyage starting that should be enough to get them status.  Anything else you are told is current and up to date as of end of June

  9. I'm looking for Norwegian Dream, Voyager of the Seas, Original Regal Princess ( one built in 91) and P&O Aurora. Anyone with tips and hints or willing to part with one would love to hear from you


    Got these ones already

    Rhapsody of the Seas


    Regal Princess

    Golden Princess

    Mirage II

    Semester at Sea Explorer

    Norwegian Dawn

    Jewel Star








    P&O Aurora

    Carnival Fantasy






    Soveriegn Of The Seas



  10. My apologies for starting on this awesome forum with a question. Unfortunately, I have nothing to contribute yet. Despite traveling quite extensively, I'm about to go on the first real cruise in my life.


    So here is the question. We've booked two cabins for me and my mother on Breakaway next month. At the time of booking I knew nothing about these CruiseNext certificates. Now, I can see there are people selling them at a discount. I reached out to one seller, here is what he said.




    Is it true and they will really apply the certificate as a credit or OBC to the already booked cruise? The T&C says "A CruiseNext Deposit can only be applied to a new reservation and otherwise has no cash value and is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash"




    They can only be used on new bookings there are ways around that but thats done with the outbound and Inbound call centre peopel and they play with different rules. I would be careful as the seller may just be wanting to unload them and will tell you anything for the sale.

  11. There seems to be some confusion here.



    You can actually buy up to 8 Cruise Next deposits despite the shipboard flyers and cabin mails saying you can buy 4. Buying 1 Cruise next deposit is actually quite pointless. You are paying 250$ for a deposit and you are getting 2 a 500$ value for again 250$ It makes no sense unless you cruise in an inside cabin once every 5 years. 250$ secondary voucher is far more valuable than a 100$ non refundable onboard credit. So if anyone who is reading this and has not taken part in this program. DO NO WASTE your time just buying 1. You miss out on promotions that crop up where if you have multiple deposits you can use them on the same cruise. Remember that 100$ credit you were jonesing for? not so good when you can't take an extra 250 off your cruise now is it?


    Cruise Next Deposits are good for any cabin onboard regardless of how many people are in the room.

    They are not based on per person basis

    They are transferable to who ever you want

    There are no travel blackout dates

    combine them with what ever deal you can find out there with your travel professional.

    Has to be used on a booking that is a minimum of 6 days

    If you Buy 4 Cruise Next Deposits I think they call it the value pack its a 1000$ value and you pay only 500$

    3 Cruise Deposits its 750 value and you pay 375.....

    2 cruise next Deposits is 500$ Value and you pay 250$



    If getting 8 is something you want like I did ( big family cruise) I got a 2000$ charge on my count that night and by the next morning the 1000$ Non refundable On Board Credit was applied. ON BOARD CREDIT. this screws up more people trying this program than they can count. So my advice here is forget the idea of onboard credit call it an instant rebate. A price adjustment if you will. Your never paying the value price on your account or your credit card. In fact the oboard charges rarely hit your CC until the Tuesday after the cruise but I digress. If you are frequent cruisers or have a family cruise in mind then you should get these. they keep money in your pocket a lot longer and you can actually book multiple cruises out just by using these. Remember when booking a cruise final payment is not due 90 days before the sail date. do the math.


    8 deposits 2000 charged to your room acct, ===== you actually pay 1000$

    6 1500 " " " " " " " 750$

    4 1000 1000

    3 750 375

    2 500 250



    Don't waste your time buying 1 unless you have only 1 or 3 or 5 left. It is much better to take the Buy 2 option and pay 250 Its the same as buying one and getting one free.


    HAVEN have their own category its a 500$ with a 100 Non refudable OBC that comes off your bill. Its better to take the value pack option of 4 Cruise Next deposits if you are not 100% committed to book a Haven. You cant use a Haven deposit on a regular stateroom BUT...... you can use 2 cruise next to book a cruise then add the required funds to top up a haven booking A haven booking deposit is 1500$ cash or 500$ and you have 2 extra CND for the next voyage

  12. Hi any idea how to get the resin based ships sold in the gift shop usually between 21-24 $


    Need to get the following


    Regal Princess.....know its in the P&O Aussie fleet

    Norwegian Dream

    Norwegian Pearl

    Norwegian Jade

    Carnival Fantasy

    Voyager of the Seas

    Soveriegn of the Seas





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