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  1. I'm surprised to say that I plan to minimize travel for at least 12 months. I don't see any 'safe' spots on Earth for at least that time. An effective vaccine is the only thing that would change my mind.
  2. Antibody test. It will happen. It is extremely unlikely that this virus will be contained until (if) a vaccine is developed, which is unlikely before the end of the year. The best we can hope for till then is to starve the virus of hosts (us) by following isolation procedures. But so long as one person, anywhere, has the virus, with the ease of travel it is virtually certain that new waves of outbreaks will continue. The most likely scenario I can imagine is a roller coaster of temporary containment followed by 'back to normal' (which isn't) followed by new outbreak followed by lockdown, in several waves for perhaps the next eighteen months. If that helps anyone plan. (Also, by projecting current deaths (2,405) into the future, I would anticipate a minimum of 20,000 in US by the end of April. And that is being optimistic. If you think things are bad now....)
  3. Haven't been there for some time, but back then the trail ended right under the fort. You could not access the fort from the trail; have to backtrack, go up through the big red gate, and walk through the City.
  4. If you have no interest in the beach why did you even bother to read a post about that beach to begin with? Sheesh. Enjoy your rickshaw and coolies.
  5. I've done it. The sun in Grenada is almost overhead so it's hot. The route winds around the inner harbor so it does cover quite a bit of ground. Actually I consider the views of the yacht basin and some of the views over the sea rather pleasant. Not everyone along the way lives in a mansion if that's a problem.
  6. Can't speak to Dickenson's but I've been to Turner's. Nice beach, restaurant at south end, so all your amenities. I took the bus as opposed to a taxi so can't comment on that.
  7. Turner's is nice. So is Darkwood which is along the way on the west coast.
  8. Some Americans are more delicate than others. I have walked several times from Pan Am to Old San Juan. I do not recommend it because it's long and hot but I find the paranoia overripe.
  9. Perhaps "abusive" and "cruel" are harsh words. They imply intent of the owner and affect of the animal in ways that are not inherently knowable. Suppose I were to say "stupid" and "pointless"? Rather than coop up my dog in either a hotel or a cruise ship I let him stay with another pet owner when I'm away. True that he's not with me but sometimes I'm not in a pet-friendly environment. Perhaps not even in a pet-humane environment. Perhaps not always human-friendly. Seems to me that it's stupid and pointless to insist on a pet being in an inappropriate environment when a better one is available...and everyone who can afford to cruise can afford to take the time and effort to locate one. That is if they're thinking about anything but their own all-important egos. And again, I'm not talking about genuine service dogs.
  10. Perhaps I should have specified that I was referring to that large part of this thread describing animals fraudulently passed off as "service animals" but which are ordinary pets. Service animals belong everywhere the owner belongs. But as an owner of an ordinary pet - in case you want to accuse me of being ignorant of that as well - I suspect my dog would much rather be romping in the park than cooped up in an unnatural environment like a cruise ship. Since these people engaged in fraudulent activities are imposing on their fellow passengers, I think it is not unreasonable to suspect them of being less than fully considerate of their pets as well.
  11. Apart from being with its owner - assuming the owner actually cares for the animal and isn't some narcissistic twit using it as a prop - there is no reason an animal would want to be on a cruise ship.
  12. Taxi service is easy to arrange. To the right side as you exit the ship. Easy and cheap.
  13. Snorkeling is on the left side looking out, by the rocks.
  14. Not quite on topic, but about ten years ago on my flight to Puerto Rico for a cruise I met a high school classmate I hadn't seen for twenty or so years. We chatted for a while, got off the plane and I haven't seen him since. The odds against meeting a person you know in that way are astronomical, but so are the odds against meeting all the people you don't know.
  15. Falmouth is a small town. I don't recommend this to everyone but I got out and walked to a beach and through the town. Apart from a couple of vendors was basically left alone. Everyone friendly. For what it's worth.
  16. That sort of happened to me once. I was scheduled for a table for 6 or 8 and I was the only one. I was traveling solo which made it even better. A couple of nice gals from Chicago invited me to join them. There was a guy from Norway in the same predicament as me so they 'kidnapped' him as well. The 4 of us made a nice table.
  17. Samana is a small private island on the north side of Samana Bay. You will tender to the island. The island itself is tame and Disney-style; the town of Samana on the mainland is real. Attractions in the area are mostly nature-based, i.e. whale watching, horseback riding, etc. There is a national park about a 45-minute boat ride on the south side of the bay.
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