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  1. [quote name='AJI2596']is offering a certain race only discount on certain cruises?[/quote] I would be interested in seeing proof.
  2. When I first started cruising I wore a Tux. Then I knocked it down to suits. These days I wear a shirt and tie or a nice shirt and dress pants and fit in just fine! I have seen it all in the dining room but for the most part people do try to at least wear business casual. My food taste the same no matter what my neighbors at the next table are wearing. I guess some people would be enraged to know that I sometimes take off my shoes while eating dinner. If the fashion police have the nerve to go around the dining room looking under table clothes then more power to them. :D
  3. Cruisin' Ron VA

    I wonder who won the argument?

    Actually the Atlanta pilots were in a hurry as they had a medical emergency on board. It does not excuse their landing on the taxi way. At the precise moment another aircraft could have pulled onto the taxi way and been hit. The NW plane could have been in trouble too. ATC tried to call them. Company tried to call them too. How did they just NOT hear that? Anyway what if ATC tried to tell them to alter course or altitude to avoid weather or traffic? What bothers me most about the NW incident is that the military planes were at the ready but never took off to investigate! WHY NOT? Fly along side of the NW jet and take a peek inside the cockpit and or try to get their attention. Everyone could have been dead on the plane or it could have been hijacked. Which is worse? Well the Atlanta thing because it happened so fast and there may not have been time to correct the error. NW there was time to access the situation and take action.
  4. Cruisin' Ron VA

    Time crunch - Carnival Cruise in Fort Lauderdale

    I think you are over estimating your time schedule. If your flight is on time there is not reason why you couldnt be off of the plane, have your luggage in hand and in a cab within 35 minutes of landing. The port is 10 minutes away (depends on who is driving) LOL. Have a great time.
  5. Cruisin' Ron VA

    Carnival - Same 'ol Same 'ol

    I agree. I was hoping Carnival would add Aruba again from a state side port and I got my wish. Now I am looking at Carnival Mircale for Oct of next year going to Aruba. Some of Carnivals sister lines go to better places. I dont really want to sail on those lines though, but I will if I have to. I would prefer to go on Carnival.
  6. Cruisin' Ron VA


    Emailed you back with that attitude? I think I would have emailed him in capital letters telling him where to stick his tour.
  7. Cruisin' Ron VA

    I wonder who won the argument?

    Found another story that answers the military question. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091023/ap_on_go_ot/us_northwest_airport_overflown;_ylt=AlWXZEMvKtwI8BE79bUDFaNv24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTMxZDVzc2ttBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkxMDIzL3VzX25vcnRod2VzdF9haXJwb3J0X292ZXJmbG93bgRjcG9zAzUEcG9zAzUEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNwaWxvdHNzaG91bGQ-
  8. Cruisin' Ron VA

    I wonder who won the argument?

    You may be right. The morning talk shows are saying there is a chance the pilots were sleeping instead of arguing. I would think the cock pit voice recorder will determine if the argument excuse is true or not. I also wonder if the military was notified when the pilots couldnt be reached. Have to wait and see.
  9. Cruisin' Ron VA

    I wonder who won the argument?

    I wonder if they still have jobs? :D Seriously though this could have turned out to be a dangerous situation. http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/us_news/Jet_missed_destination_during_crew_spat1256241239320
  10. Cruisin' Ron VA

    Spelling hint

    hUkED on FoNicKs weRkeD FEr me. :)
  11. Cruisin' Ron VA

    Laundry room locations on Fascination

    Thank you kind sir. :)
  12. Could someone tell me the locations of the laundry rooms on Fascination? Thanks.
  13. Cruisin' Ron VA

    Can we get a sticky?

    I wish we had a sticky for the Carnival VS RCI comparisons. Every other week that question comes up.
  14. Cruisin' Ron VA

    Airtran and gate check??

    [quote name='sunlover5']Yes, I understand now what you mean, sorry. I should have stated I would rather do that to pay only the one bag checked fee and not have to check my carry on also and pay another 15.00 for a carry on size. Sorry:)[/quote] No need to apologize. I understood what you meant. There are plenty of people that gate check their carry on bags.
  15. Cruisin' Ron VA

    Transfer purchase on ship

    [quote name='jordanaire'][B][COLOR=Black]I purchased bus transfers from the JAX port to the airport at the Purser's deck a week ago today. The cost was $15 per person, regardless of age! When I handed them to the guy at the bus, he told me that I should have waited and purchased them from him. He said it would have cost me $10 pp, with kids riding free! Would have saved me $30! :cool:Bill[/COLOR][/B][/quote] Hi Bill, Boy am I glad someone was able to answer my question. Thanks for doing so. I wonder if the guy at the bus is pocketing that money? LOL. I will play it by ear and see what I decide to do. Might work out cheaper than a cab anyway. Thanks again Bill. :)