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  1. Any feedback relating to St Petersburg would be appreciated
  2. freedommom1

    European Cruise Port Reviews- pretty long

    Thanks, a great tip
  3. freedommom1

    European Cruise Port Reviews- pretty long

    Has anyone taken a tour directly through the Vatican ?
  4. freedommom1

    #5 ATVO bus from Venice Airport to P. Roma

    A taxi will only set you back around €30 and is very convenient
  5. freedommom1

    Active Pursuits in the Canary Islands

    My son says Lanzarote is a great spot for windsurfing
  6. British Airways have now transferred all of their flights to T5 at London Heathrow and they seem to have come through all the teething problems
  7. Looks like Carnival have scuppered our plans to do the med again on the Freedom in 2009 as they ave cancelled all the Med sailings and repositioned the Freedom to the caribbean
  8. Been reading about the chaos at T5 at London Heathrow,hope London Gatwick is slightly more organised
  9. [quote name='seacrystal']I much enjoyed your review. We are not hitting the Med/Greek Isles until September of next year but reading your review made me very anxious. I truly appreciated your firsthand opinions of some of the places we intend to see. We also have booked Drive Amalfi for a Pompeii, Amalfi coast tour and loved reading what we can look forward to. Thanks for a great job!;)[/quote] DriveAmalfi's website is [URL="http://www.driveamalfi.com"]WWW.driveamalfi.com[/URL]
  10. freedommom1

    European Cruise Port Reviews- pretty long

    [quote name='cruising forever']Is this the one you bought? [URL="http://www.actv.it?"]www.actv.it?[/URL][/quote] The actv water bus passes cost €13.00 for 12 Hours or €15.00 for 24 Hours
  11. freedommom1

    How much to tip porter in Barcelona

    A euro or two should suffice
  12. freedommom1

    European Cruise Port Reviews- pretty long

    We considered the Venice Card but ended up only buying a discounted ticket for the water buses which was excellent value
  13. freedommom1

    European Cruise Port Reviews- pretty long

    [quote name='luvz2run2000'][COLOR=blue][B]I haven't been on the Europe board for months. Came tonight to begin researching a Greece/Turkey cruise for June 2008. I'll try to answer your questions and make sure to check back in a day or two to see if you have any more.[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][B]No, sorry I don't. We didn't use them....but wish we had.[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][B]We would not have been able to do half the things we did if we'd tried to do it on our own. Didn't have to worry about train/bus schedules or walking up/down hills. It was my favorite day of the entire cruise. I LOVED Eze.[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][B]The price was about 60-70 euros per person. It depends on how many people you have in your group.[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][B]If I had to choose between doing this stop on my own or doing Rome on my own, I'd use a driver for this stop and do Rome on my own.[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][B]We did not pay anything in advance, just cash the day of the tour. If you book with them try to get Jean Marc he is incredible.[/B][/COLOR][/quote] I think it is [url]WWW.sicilylife.com[/url]
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    My sister has recently been to Greece and said the temperatures were unbearable and were setting records