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  1. Balcony. These days you are probably getting free upgrades to a veranda suite when you book.
  2. I hate to rain on your parade, but here is our timeline: Cruise departure date 4-22-20 (Med) Excursions refunded by SB 3-19-20 SB cancelled cruise 3-30-20 We cancelled 4-2-20 and requested a refund So, SB refunded our excursions and TK Grill before they officially canceled the cruise and before we requested the refund.
  3. Travel to the islands - 3 stages https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2020/05/10/greece-travel-greek-islands-restrictions-ferries-safety-rules/#.XrfoMJu1FJw.facebook And a comment on Greece's impressive handling of the pandemic: https://www.ekathimerini.com/252526/article/ekathimerini/news/no-new-covid-19-deaths-many-shops-to-open-monday
  4. Greece is planning to reopen July 1. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/greece-tourists-july-covid-19/index.html Some of the plans: https://www.ekathimerini.com/252430/article/ekathimerini/news/greek-pm-seeks-safe-corridor-for-tourism-with-seven-countries
  5. Booked cruise and air through SB Cruise 4-22-20 (Med) Excursions refunded by SB 3-19-20 SB cancelled cruise 3-30-20 We cancelled 4-2-20 and requested a refund TA advises 60 days for refund. Refund due 6-2-20 (or thereabouts)
  6. I did not try it. I decided to do a last round of asking for refunds first. All the tours I booked were refunded. The only one that provided a voucher instead of a refund is the Colosseum, so since I got something in exchange it doesn't qualify for a cc claim. Have you made any cc claims?
  7. Cruiserbruce - I see you are referencing this thread above. Just an update. I got my vouchers last week. Vouchers can be requested for tickets dated March 8 through May 17. The request must be made not later than May 30. These dates may be extended if the reopening date is delayed again. Here is the link for claiming the tickets. https://voucher.coopculture.it/ Scroll down, click the "box" and verify your order. It is really easy. Here is the email that came with the voucher confirmation: Dear Guest,With this email we confirm that we have accepted your request to issue a voucher for the order XXXXXXXXThe voucher reference code remains the same as the original booking.We remind you:1. This voucher is not transferable;2. The validity of the voucher is subject to verification of the validity of the security for which it is issued and / or the existence of the specific conditions that legitimize its obtaining, in accordance with the provisions of article 88 of the legislative decree. n. 18/2020;3. If the purchase was made by an Intermediary, the voucher is issued to the Intermediary, which responds to its Customer;4. This voucher is valid for re-booking a similar ticket / service to be used within one year from the date of issue;5. The new reservation, without any additional charge, can be made by email to vouchercovid@coopculture.it, not before May 30th 2020 or by another online method which will be communicated, compatibly with the cessation of the containment measures, the definition the date of reopening of the monuments and of the archaeological area, and in relation to any new provisions that will be imparted on the adoption of measures aimed at limiting or reducing the gatherings and to limit access;6. All updates will be published on the website www.coopculture.it .the CoopCulture staff
  8. A group of legislators are demanding that Minister Franceschini deny those rumors that appeared in the foreign press. Not clear what's happening.: https://www.iltempo.it/news-adn-kronos/2020/04/28/news/coronavirus-fdi-franceschini-smentisca-chiusura-confini-fino-a-dicembre-1321169/ In another article of April 25, Franceschini says they intend to reopen museums and tourist sites in May. https://www.iltempo.it/italpress/2020/04/25/news/coronavirus-franceschini-a-maggio-riapriremo-siti-e-musei-1320297/
  9. Suites 502 -507 do have smaller balconies because of the curvature of the ship. It still fits 2 lounge chairs and a table. 502-3 have the smallest balconies. 506's balcony is almost the same size as a regular balcony. The interior of all V suites is the same.
  10. Julie - I second everything you said, both on the excursions and the complaints. I want to do my own excursions (with oyster exceptions). Besides, friends who sail in Regent say that the included excursions are basic and not that interesting. There is a charge for better ones. I left my refund in the capable hands of my TA and it will come eventually. Harassing the office staff will not make it come any sooner. I am looking forward to sailing next year and hoping for the best. Mme. Picantin - that is the right perspective. My friends in both France and Spain are going through a miserable, scary time and most of us in the USA have not experienced anything like it, yet. Westmount - you are right to look forward to happier days. Why not? There has to be room for hope and a little fun and wishful thinking. Our cruise was supposed to leave today. Thinking of the future helps with the disappointment.
  11. paulchili- I think they found guided tours easier to cancel and refund than performances. They would not refund performances while there was still a chance they would be open that day. That is no different than the refund policy in any other venue - refunds if they cancel, but no refund if you don't show up. The "indefinite" closing situation has changed that. I got that letter yesterday, so maybe it will be the same response for concerts from now on.
  12. AN HONEST REPLY: I thought you would like to see an honest reply about refunds. We had tickets for a guided tour of the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona this past weekend. Here is their refreshingly candid statement: Good afternoon, We will proceed with the refund of your purchase as soon as our accountants are back to work, and we are back in a normal situation. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards, I still don't know when (or if) I will get a refund, but it is good to get a straight answer. Now, if the cruise lines would only tell us the straight story instead of sending the usual cheerful and constantly changing statements .... Like for the cruise we were supposed to start tomorrow.... 😉
  13. This past February. I paid Nancy in full for a tour for our April cruise. A few days after, cruising imploded due to COVID. We canceled our cruise and requested Nancy for a refund. Our payment was refunded in full within 24 hours. I know this is a very difficult time for a small businesses and I really commend her for her responsiveness. We hope to cruise again next year and I will definitely book a tour with Nancy. I highly recommend her.
  14. Use this website to find options and prices on all manners of transportation between two points just about anywhere. https://www.rome2rio.com/
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