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  1. Went only once, 20 years ago, small vessels of less than 100 pax. Truly up close and personal!
  2. This is like deja vu all over again ... reminds me of recent 2 elites leaving Princess thread. I fail to understand why moving on has become so hard and such a big deal ... if one is that displeased, one should just find a more pleasing experience. Do we all need to know about it? Courtesy of Douglas Adams: "so long and thanks for all the fish."
  3. So if Princess has to cancel any cruises due ro a longer than expected drydock ... they will issue a full credit to all impacted passengers and likely cover any air change fees or penalties associated with prepaid hotels. As a bonus, they'll give those impacted an IOU for a barrel chair and extra butter on their next Princess cruise. Seriously, I don't believe Princess ought to both refund the cancelled cruise fare AND issue a 100 percent credit for a future sailing.
  4. Not entirely accurate. There are ships wired for MedallionNet (for which that wifi is available on the Personalizer) that do not and will not have the OM also active. On the other hand, if a ship is OM, MedallionNet is installed and active. Recently off the Ruby ... no OM but had MedallionNet. For Emerald Feb 2020 ... no OM but we will have MedallionNet. And we are being offered unlimited hi-speed for the Emerald sailing.
  5. Thru my Personalizer, just paid $129.99 for 28nt Feb 2020 on Emerald. I think that is the pre-purchase price for 15-30nt sailings. I believe I will lose my plat/elite minutes but that's ok, as this is long trip with many sea days
  6. We booked our Feb 2019 10nt Baja and Sea of Cortez, which Princess operates only 2 or 3 times a year, mid-May 2017. I believe we booked the day bookings opened. Hope that helps
  7. Have you tried calling the general number and asking for Customer Relations? Or perhaps using the Contact Us link on the Princess site?
  8. As a non-U.S. entity, incorporated in Panama and exempt from paying U.S. corporate income taxes, CCL's restitution should be an amount that is at least equal to the Federal taxes not required to be paid since this lying, pollution and coverup started. As for punishment for those responsible ... I hope the courts show them no kindness nor mercy.
  9. I suspect this is a fairly new thing ... perhaps as an attempt to encourage PVP bookings.
  10. For an upcoming cruise booked thru a Princess PVP, both my confirmation and Travel Summary list a Cruise Night Coupon Book, along with additional OBC above the amount offered with the promo I booked under. Hence my above comment to the OP.
  11. The coupon book may not be the useless one everybody gets. If it is the Cruise Night book, it may include a free 375ml bottle of wine redeemable at specialty dining room or a BOGO beverage coupon redeemable in one of the lounges.
  12. Recently on the Ruby. No Medallion thingy. Did have the reader panels at cabin door ... touch cruise card to unlock door ... mostly worked, sometimes not so much. Enjoyed the amazing MedallionNet ... so, as this program crawls thru the fleet, some ships do have MedallionNet but not the thingy
  13. Like the Sanctuary on the Royal Princess?
  14. Solved my access issue. Had been using Chrome when the site went wonky. When I used the Opera browser, all was well with the Princess site. Went to my Chrome settings, cleared cache and history, and all is well again.
  15. Very likely mid-May, if history repeats Booked my Feb 2020 mid-Msy 2018
  16. Managef to log in with difficulty. But it seems the crack IT team may be replacing the familiar website with what they think is better ... the team likely is led by the barrel chair butter deciders. Wanted to pay for stuff in my cart and the payment function seems inoperable. Some onboard reservations offerings that were there before now gone, like whole-cruise wifi pkg. Hopefully it rights itself soon
  17. Yes hou read correctly. I believe the judge has made an idle threat But, the fact remains that CCL and its subsidiaries must pay some significant price for thumbing their collective noses at moral and etbical behaviir, sdttling for that which is easy and illegal You're right that tbe impact of such a ruling would be catastrophic for a lot of innocrnts. What should be the punishmrnt and restitution? I haven't a clue but it must be such that there be an immediate reversal of corp behaviors
  18. Funny, all the talk here is about Glacier Bay ... what about dumping plastics, polluting Bahamian waters, violating the court-ordered probation. Oh and this isn't solely about Princess. Surprised to not see Ms Swarz's name among those invited to the June hearing
  19. So perhaps the judge can fine CCL by banning their ships AND having the corp pay the ports an amount equal to their lost revenue?
  20. Isn't Glacier Bay a scenic cruusing day with no docking? I would be thinking more in terms of the rest of Alaska or Hawaii, American ports all. I do wonder how this will shakeout ... a small fins and wrist slap or a more meanngful consequence
  21. I would guess that the Federal judge could ban CCL ships from selective ports ... and that likely would override the NPS permit process
  22. The nect hearing is in June and the judge has requested a command appearance by some of the top dkgs who didnt thknk it relevant tl be there yesterday
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