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  1. Well, it really is not my suggestion. Before the shutdown, Princess found a new environmental conscience and outlined their plan to get rid of single-use plastics ... and replace them with more sustainable items. Time will tell as to implementation of their plans.
  2. Interesting ... would've expected Princess, by now, to have replaced single-use plastic with a refillable, like shampoo and body wash. Just on the new-builds?
  3. My understanding: this is a Carnival Corp program ... and, back in the day, Jan Swartz volunteered Princess to guinea pig it. So, indeed, if/when it's up and running properly, this technological wonder likely will debut on some/all Carnival brands.
  4. Yes, insulting and then some. But putting the onus on pax who don't have compatible devices creates the appearance that all is well with the program ... saves developers and managers admitting to an epic debacle. No accountability ... it's YOUR fault.
  5. At a time when only a few ships are sailing, and with significantly reduced capacities ... you'd think they could issue the medallions correctly from the get go. Your situation was unique ... but I marvel at a sticker. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Princess ought to provide all medallions in my favorite color ... which is CLEAR. Each medallion should come with a small assortment of markers ... so pax can customize the medallion as desired.
  7. That was then ... this is now. No way to know the current process.
  8. So, the free bottle of wine compensates you for 3 hours on hold. Anything for losing your cabin to "isolation"? What, Princess only now decided to review isolation areas as blocked or booked and move pax accordingly?
  9. Good grief ... there is little to no excuse for such sloppiness either onboard or in the runup to sailing.
  10. Princess'pumpkin pie truly is memorable ... and not in a good way.
  11. Incentivizing newbies with free upgrades likely to bring those folks back ... and, I suspect, they spend more $$$ (photos, shops, etc.) than seasoned Princess pax.
  12. Yep ... Offered freely ... Didn't beg.
  13. That likely makes the most sense ... takes out of the equation the sense of deserving or entitlement. Worked for us ... free upgrade mini to full suite on first Princess sailing ... many, many Princess cruises since.
  14. Lacking meaningful enforcement, The policy is merely smoke and mirrors and theater.
  15. But I would guess many pax are sailing on FCCs ... money long ago spent. Not sure 1/3 is break-even. If that were true, the line and corp. would not be lacking $$$ in spite of the long shutdown.
  16. Has anyone above bottom-of-the-foodchain at Princess even acknowledged any problems? Seems the assessment of the program from lower mgmt on up is that all is moving forward swimmingly.
  17. A bottle ... not bottles plural.
  18. But every day on board is a new day ... and sailings this week will be different from last. All is in flux during this pandemic.
  19. From Googling around, I determined this to be a Corporate move ... and Jan made the announcement to Princess peeps ... but I don't believe this decision was hers.
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