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  1. I would hope anyone exhibiting symptoms and reporting them would be happy they are treated with care for both themselves and their fellow passengers. As a fellow cruiser, I want to know that the other passengers are keeping me safe, too.
  2. I’m sure others might know this but pro tip is you can use your web browser for some of the app things. And new ones! today we used the photos section to access the same app they have in the photo gallery. You can upload your own photos from your phone to print them out and make cool things! You don’t just have to use their photos (which require $21 per photo to download!). We printed out a few selfies! https://photo.princess.com/album/pro?PK=609a569c-87a2-44b1-bb65-ff6eb49686e1
  3. Dan confirmed in the Life at Sea that this ship doesn’t have a helipad! Just figured it did. Good reminder to get cruise insurance!
  4. We saw them lower a stretcher and fly off but then they came back. And are now circling. From our vantage point (deck 14 midship) it looked like they tried to land and pulled back. Then lowered the stretcher with 2 guys.
  5. We are on now and haven’t tried to bypass the tv controls to stream but they have upgraded the on demand (which is free). Tons of movies and tv shows. I’d say there are probably 40-50 options. Plus vintage Love Boat, of course!
  6. sorry more food. But can’t find the Harmony thread. We went tonight and liked it better than Crowne Grill. It was really good Chinese - if more ‘Americanized’ than the original. Mongolian beef was tender and gingery. but the highlight was the Mango sago soup with fruit and pistachio gelato. With boba pearls. Yummmy! go and listen to your server’s recommendations. Best meal on the ship so far! now off to a show!
  7. There are shows. No real Covid protocols except cleaning after (they wipe down every armrest, etc). MUTS are happening too. Chairs with blankets are out for people when it’s cold. I usually go to shows and trivia, etc but haven’t this cruise. None have really appealed to me that much. But they are happening for sure.
  8. We are on this week’s cruise and so far every port is requiring masks in shops, restaurants and on excursions. Listening to Juneau NPR, they are also seeing cases rise with Delta and like many places are bringing back masking regardless of vaccination status. But like all mask regulations, it’s enforcement that matters and I’m not seeing a ton of enforcement. On the train excursion today we all started out masked and then by the end, most people had them down. All staff were 100% compliant. Personally, I got vaccinated for myself and my community. Now we know that vaccinations aren’t 100% effective in keeping you from getting or spreading COVID, I’m happy to continue to do my part and wear a mask to keep myself and others healthy.
  9. Cabanas are no charge and we have been able to grab one each time we have gone to the Hollywood Conservatory. I’m sure tomorrow for Glacier Bay they won’t be as plentiful! I’m partial to the Key West Cooler and may partner likes the Cranberry one. I’m not a fan of tonic so I like the sweeter drinks! Haven’t made it back to the Noodle Bar yet. But happy to snap a pic if I go.
  10. this week they have issued old school cards for people whose Medallions aren’t working. just remember that for all tech you have the early adopters who love to see what the new things do and they are the testers. And then you have the majority of people who will follow along once the early adopters prove something valuable. And the bottom 1/3 of people will never adopt the tech. It’s just not important to them. So you will always have land lines. Always have handwritten letters. Always have photo processing businesses. Same here. Order drinks. Show up early for dinner to get a table you want. Make friends with the crew and get that personal touch! But also be amazed that the door welcomes you. And I can order a coffee to my balcony at 5:30am. 😉
  11. Just jumping in to concur. My motto - treat people with kindness and grace. We are all doing our best in a strange time. Being new to Princess, I will say that generally their cruisers seem to be creatures of habit who want things the way they have always been. And I have seen a fair amount of entitlement behavior which is just so jarring after the year we have just lived through. I know the pandemic has made me MORE aware of my own privilege and thankful for people who provide a service so I can be comfortable and safe. We had to go to guest services to reverse a celebration order (no way to do it on the app or website!) and the amount of complaining was unreal. One man just kept loudly saying of the crew ‘they’re just all stupid, if you fine one who knows what they are doing you’re lucky,’. Now I don’t know what his issue was, but is that any way to treat people? As someone who likes to try new things, that attitude perplexes me. I see the cruise ship as a floating hotel and experience in and of itself. I’m so lucky to be the guest and there would be no cruise without the crew. If you are cruising now, know you are a guinea pig. Everyone’s getting their sea legs again and all these restarts are maiden voyages.
  12. Looking at the app now it looks like you can only order the Princess Favorites from the Main Dining Room menu (on the app) - shrimp cocktail, salmon, fettuccini Alfredo, etc Speaking of which, I read on CC that people love the fettuccine Alfredo so I had that with shrimp added last night. OMG so good! I thought Alfredos would be more grab a pizza slice to go so a little disappointed that it’s a sit down restaurant. But hope to try it! Glad we didn’t go to tea today. That line would have prevented us from trying it. We weren’t sure if you could stop in anytime. Hope so!
  13. They have three options as I recall - Vegetable Ramen Soup, Mushroom Chicken Soup and Chicken Wonton. we got the veggie and it was yummy but spicy.
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