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  1. "Oh, my God, look at the line to pay. You'd think they never saw a T-shirt before." "Look! The robot is making the drink!" "There's no room to sit in the Diamond Lounge." "I'll be on deck 14" The line for Guest Relations must be 50 people long."
  2. "Of course it's Friday. Just check the floor of the elevator."
  3. "No washy, no foodie. No foodie, no happy. No happy, go homey."
  4. "Don't forget to return the towels or they'll charge your sea pass card." "We can't see Mama Mia without a reservation." "I never see the captain/cruise director/hotel director." "The hairy chest/belly flop/sexy legs competition is at 1." "Where's Funship Freddy?"
  5. OK, true, so I've transitioned from what came out of my own personal mouth to things one would never hear on Azamara. I am loving the hysterical responses others are posting.
  6. "I want to see your team number and 6 ladies' bras!"
  7. PS Here is a stock photo of the cheese! If Trader Joe's sold this (my USA friends know what I'm talking about) it would fly off the shelves.
  8. As a new "convert" to Azamara, here are 5 things I've actually said on other cruise lines that would never come out of my mouth on Azamara. Please feel free to join in with phrases of your own! "The elevator is too crowded. Let's take the stairs." "Oh my gosh, if I see Shrek again ..." "What is this towel animal supposed to be?" "How many beer cans are in that pyramid and did he really drink them all?" "The line for the bumper cars is too long. Let's come back."
  9. Thank you so much, chef!!! You see, this is what Azamara is all about ... you ask a question on Cruise Critic and you get an answer from the Chef!! And here's a cool fact about the Chef ... One night I was sitting outside the onboard shop that sells perfumes, texting my daughters at home, when Chef Michael walks into the shop, spritzes his wrist and walks out. "Aha!" I exclaimed, "Is that the secret ingredient?" upon which he replied that spritzing perfume on his wrist heightens his sense of smell and helps him cook better! He then insisted on taking a selfie with me and we talked about my newfound love of Filipino food. Chef Michael rocks! My daughters will be on vacation in Amsterdam on the 28th; I am going to ask them to look for 3 Peppers Gouda Cheese!
  10. Recently, on the Journey, I had the most gorgeous cheese from the brunch buffet and I can't find it on the internet except in stock photos. It is a spicy multicolored cheese from Holland -- speckled in all colors of the rainbow. Does anyone know what this "rainbow cheese" is called?
  11. My husband has been calling and emailing the divers you mentioned in Dominica but no one responds. Any suggestions? Our cruise is a week from today and he wants to book something.
  12. Hi, I am definitely not new to cruising but I have never had this issue before ... In past cruises, we have always booked shore excursions while on board the cruise. Then, in the cabin, we would always view on the TV screen our onboard credit and our travel agent bonus, and would see how these amounts would balance the cost of tours. On the cruise we are going on a month from now, we also have OBC and a nice travel agent bonus. However, we've already booked our shore excursions online through the cruise line's website, and only the cruise line onboard credit applied. How do I get the TA bonus to apply, as well?
  13. I'm so glad I found this board. On behalf of my husband, who is a fairly new open water diver (he has already dived in Jamaica. Bermuda, St. Maarten, Bonaire, Roatan, Cozumel and Bali), where are the best places for him to go during our 7 day Azamara cruise Nov. 30 - Dec. 7? One or two ports would be fine. Our ports are: Barbados St. Lucia Dominica Nevis St. Barts It's just for him; not for me -- just give me a beach and I'm fine. Thank you!
  14. Since there is no set seating time, I want to time our dinners so they don't conflict with the cabaret shows. I see that there is a show at 8:15 and another at 9:45. Is this the same show done twice during the night? Or is there an 8:15 show and a different one following at 9:45?
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