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  1. I'm so glad I found this board. On behalf of my husband, who is a fairly new open water diver (he has already dived in Jamaica. Bermuda, St. Maarten, Bonaire, Roatan, Cozumel and Bali), where are the best places for him to go during our 7 day Azamara cruise Nov. 30 - Dec. 7? One or two ports would be fine. Our ports are: Barbados St. Lucia Dominica Nevis St. Barts It's just for him; not for me -- just give me a beach and I'm fine. Thank you!
  2. Since there is no set seating time, I want to time our dinners so they don't conflict with the cabaret shows. I see that there is a show at 8:15 and another at 9:45. Is this the same show done twice during the night? Or is there an 8:15 show and a different one following at 9:45?
  3. This is great, thank you! I already see things I would do. As far as dinner is concerned, we've always been traditionalists on other ships with late seating every night. On Azamara, do you you just show up and get a table in the main dining room? If you wanted, could you ask for the same table at the same time every night?
  4. Hello! My husband and I are going to the Caribbean on the Journey on November 30th. This is our first Azamara cruise -- we have sailed on Carnival, Holland America, Norwegian, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. I am 59 and my husband is 61. We wanted to do something different this time and after all the mega ships, I wanted to try a smaller ship. But here's the thing ... on previous cruises, I'm that person who circles everything in the daily program and goes from A to B to C all day; and I'm up until 1AM every night going to the entertainment venues onboard after my husband goes to sleep. We were just in Bali last month and I planned the heck out of that vacation. Will I get bored on Azamara? I took a look at the shore excursions for our cruise and there aren't many at all, much less ones we are interested in. Do most of you get out in port and grab a cab for the beach? That's what we have always done in the Caribbean. Also, here's a good problem to have: Between our travel agency and Azamara, we have nearly $600 in onboard credit. On any cruise line, this would go toward tips or toward specialty dining but now the gratuities are paid for, we're in a suite so the specialty dining is paid for, we don't need to purchase top shelf liquor, I don't need any baubles from the gift shop and like I said, the shore excursion choices leave a lot to be desired. Where do we spend this OBC? Another question: Because this is an upscale line, would you say the guests are snooty because we are so down to earth! Also, my daughters are really jealous that we are going without them. They are 21 and 25 and each has cruised around 35 times (they cruise together on their own now). If, in the future, they want to try Azamara, would they like it? They can't stand being with milennials and I think the young crew members would enjoy seeing guests their age. Finally, my husband is a scuba diver. He will book 1 or 2 dive tours in advance of the cruise since, unlike other lines, Azamara does not offer diving shore excursions. Do any of you have any suggestions of where he should go? Our islands are Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominica, Nevis and St. Barts. I know this turned out to be a lot of questions, so pick and choose ... or feel free to answer all. Thanks.
  5. For the November 30th cruise leaving San Juan at 6PM, I know you have to arrive 90 minutes before the ship sails, but what time does boarding begin? I'd rather not sit for hours in a waiting room. Thanks.
  6. I remember there was a small beach there with chairs. Is it still there, and in what condition?
  7. WHAT is the deal with the RCCL website? First, I tried doing online check in. I enter all my information, and click "Submit" -- to arrive at the Customer Support page! I tried this 3 times, then called Customer Service -- they said to use a different browser. So I switched from Firefox to Explorer, and it worked. Got the Set Sail Passes and luggage tags. THEN, I wanted to go onto Cruise Planner and book my entertainment and onboard activities for my cruise. Tried Firefox -- ended up on the Customer Support page. Tried Explorer -- still ended up on the Customer Support page! Anyone have advice?:loudcry: I'm gonna cry!
  8. I understand that the Anthem of the Seas does My Time Dining. But I also read on the Royal Caribbean website (way at the bottom of the Anthem dining paragraph) that you can do traditional dining (6:00 & 8:30). Being a traditionalist, I'd much rather do traditional dining. 1) Is this still possible; and 2) If you've taken advantage of traditional dining, is the service the same as what you'd expect on a smaller Royal Caribbean ship? This will be my first time on the Anthem, but have done lots of other Royal Caribbean cruises.
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