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  1. The only quick way to get these fixed is to involve the Advertising standards authority in the UK. Iad cause to call out misleading advertising on Azamara and they got on the case and it was fixed. A screen shot and confirmation of actual tatoo dates should fix it.
  2. i think the pullmantiour ships are being stripped of anything that could be used elsewhere so more drastic than a cold layup unfortunately. Cannot link but saw the report yesterday from a trade journal.
  3. Just read on destination blog a piece from favourite bar man Dale. It is not clear if he is still sailing with Azamara but he is about the only thing that would persuade me to part with money for Azamara. at the moment I thought he and Victor retired a little while ago Cannot link to page currently dated 18 June but banner headline on the page details covid suspension to 20 May. I think they should have kept Bonnie and furloughed the proof reader/website editor as it is obvious they are not doing their job properly..
  4. Well the Continent and even Club world were available on Saturday morning when I rang. No doubt if similar pricing was available in USA the likely cruise price would be under $800. What price 2 American airline (quoted as carrier ) flights transatlantic and a hotel. £600 for flights and £100 for hotel?
  5. Just filled this in but this is COMPLETELY USA centric. I know of hardly any of the hotel brands and I certainly do not go to semesters at university and I doubt if many Azamara customers are worth $5,000,000 (question in survey) They really need to get some face to face surveys rather than these. Maybe a $50 credit for passengers on actual cruisers for participation. Even better maybe a special chefs dinner FOC to enable a 2 hour interaction Fee for this suggestion $500
  6. Bonnie, With respect to the "senior manager" this is a massive cop out! I do not believe that within the whole RCI organisation? there is not anybody with entertainment agency contacts that could not have fixed this within a week of phone calls. 1: Establish which ports are time feasible i.e. make an evening departure 2: Contact agencies to see what venues are available. 3: Contact appropriate acts in conjunction with above. 4: Hire coaches for above. I dare say I could do it if tasked There is a REAL disconnect between shore and sea. I remember the blurb for Newcastle visit "Enjoy Newcastle nightlife" when ship leaves at 6.pm.. Who actually proof reads these things. We have a Cape town voyage in owners suite but I fear this may well be our last if these LAZY mistakes continue to be made and we certainly will not be booking until last minute in future 17 voyages and not happy. Sorry Bonnie but this excuse does not cut it!!!. Compensation is not the answer. When I had cause to complain re Azamara not booking a return flight I took the time to write personally to both the Chief Legal Counsel and Larry Pimental bit did not even get an acknowledgement of letters!!
  7. Ann, Whilst i agree with the sentiments re waiting to clear until last is finished I do agree that it should be good practice to make sure as soon as last has finished waiters should clear quickly. It is so frustrating if you are waiting for a table and people have obviously finished but need a "nudge" to get up and allow others to sit down.
  8. Well it looks as if web maintenance also affects Elliot advocacy also as they think Azamara only operate 2 ships???!!! Good to see that it not just Azamara
  9. Sorry to see the "dismissive" reply from Azamara H O . I am sure that it may not reflect Bonnie's thoughts on the matter. What would be ideal would be for Ms Cabezas to post her email address on this board so that screen gem can communicate directly!!?? Not likely I fear but maybe a one off address could be used? I cannot believe that the ship does not have a record of the meetings involved at ship level and therefore already has this information. Equally I do not doubt that the purpose of the original complaint is not for compensation but merely to draw attention to shortcomings in land operations of which there are quite a few judging by some comments including my own.
  10. Thanks for help Phil and Rallydave. I was aware of the numbers quoted but they simply divert to call centre ex UK Have received an email from him timed 14.05 so hopefully now back on track with his agreed event. Thanks again for the help. I do find it unusual that you cannot even get to speak direct to someone in UK rather than overseas but no doubt this is what is called "progress". All is well that ends well we hope?
  11. It just gets curiouser and curiouser! I have tried via call centre number to obtain a telephone number for Azamara Uk (land line) for Richard Twynam /PA. I sent an email re an agreed event for which our travel agent has received confirmation that they too are invited. Normally if he is not available you get a bounceback email from him stating he will be back in touch. Nothing received after 4 days and no bounce back as undelivered either. I asked for tel number to contact his PA as he is a busy man. Am advised "there are no telephone numbers for uk offices. They do not use them. Everything is done by email." Even when I pointed out that this is likely to be incorrect/impossible that is the script. Will wait and see for next steps.
  12. Sadly we have had no update from screen gem re any progress /interaction from Azamara and maybe Azamara are hoping that this topic will fall off the front page. Currently 4th from bottom but hopefully this post will bring it back to the top. The specific topic as evidenced by the number of comments re other poor excursions is surely valid. I wonder what process is in place to monitor complaints and whether anybody above first line responders actually get to read the comments/specific complaints or whether it is merely treated as a standard deviation and as long as complaints are below a certain percentage then all is well. I am aware as coming from a customer focussed background that you will always have a number of "try ons"to get compensation etc. NOT applicable in this specific case of course!!!! See sad faces on Facebook etc.
  13. Well I guess you could pose as the previous guest with the number and interrogate Miami pretending to query your bill and ask which card you used as you had forgotten which one you used. Sadly criminals succeed because they sometimes use random info to profit. I really doubt if they Miami cannot identify the guest unless of course there were multiple complaints re this specific tour (joke hopefully?). Would be interesting to hear from Ms Cabelas regarding these issues rather than Bonnie having to carry the flack. From her Bio she does not appear to have a customer facing background although this is not against her of course. FYI It took me 6 months for Azamara to accept that Owners suites do NOT have MARBLE baths let alone even a bath. I wrote directly addressed to both Larry Pimentel and the chief legal counsel to try and get description changed and it was only after the Advertising Standards Authority in UK got involved was the description changed. I also note that a "wintry" travel agent in UK still has "marble bath" in their description a year later . Still not sure of the legality of agents description being binding on Azamara. I doubt you could hide behind exclusions on something that has been physically impossible for more than a year
  14. Ann , I completely agree that there should be no excuse but I can accept the reality but it just boggles the mind at the proof reading/comprehension skills. Burb from Visit to Beamish museum trip (a great visit actually) Witness the old colliery and meet the folks who worked in the coal mines during its peak year in 1913 Not sure how old they will be now but if they were working then they must be 110 years old at least. Also Durham Cathedra (as spelt in the blurb) was built in 1018 so probably not " Romanesque but more likely Norman.
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