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  1. Will your vote for 5th ship be upwards then????!!
  2. Things I would like would be 1: Return of harpist. It just gave a bit of class to wherever they played. I equally realise that this will not happen. 2: Return of proper cheese board/trolley in Speciality diing venues. To pretend thar the standard cheeses are "artisan" is more than a breach of the Trades Description act .
  3. Thanks for all comments. My main concern was that a £3000 price for 5 Cruises on the belt smacks of some fairly extreme price cuts. By the time you factor flights £500 3 nights hotel £500 travel comission 10%? £1300 you are in the realm of fire sales some 16 months out. We did same cruise last year and I would not like to say how much that cost but we did fly first.
  4. Does anybody know what his position is? As he stated he would be having more time at home so is he likely to be shore based and involved in recruiting staff rather than being ship based . Although with only 1 ship at the moment this may bve his initial standard setting. Would love to know if any body has info.
  5. Hi there, Just wondering if amybody can expain the catch. A TV channel in UK is offering on Jan 27 departure as follows Flight from UK and return hopefully 4 days hotel in Cape town including 1 day safari 12 Nights continent suite £4099 Not bad for azamara with normal deposit £80 Azamara are offering 12 night cruise only £4014. probably large standard deposit also non refundable what am I missing
  6. The only quick way to get these fixed is to involve the Advertising standards authority in the UK. Iad cause to call out misleading advertising on Azamara and they got on the case and it was fixed. A screen shot and confirmation of actual tatoo dates should fix it.
  7. i think the pullmantiour ships are being stripped of anything that could be used elsewhere so more drastic than a cold layup unfortunately. Cannot link but saw the report yesterday from a trade journal.
  8. Just read on destination blog a piece from favourite bar man Dale. It is not clear if he is still sailing with Azamara but he is about the only thing that would persuade me to part with money for Azamara. at the moment I thought he and Victor retired a little while ago Cannot link to page currently dated 18 June but banner headline on the page details covid suspension to 20 May. I think they should have kept Bonnie and furloughed the proof reader/website editor as it is obvious they are not doing their job properly..
  9. Well the Continent and even Club world were available on Saturday morning when I rang. No doubt if similar pricing was available in USA the likely cruise price would be under $800. What price 2 American airline (quoted as carrier ) flights transatlantic and a hotel. £600 for flights and £100 for hotel?
  10. Just filled this in but this is COMPLETELY USA centric. I know of hardly any of the hotel brands and I certainly do not go to semesters at university and I doubt if many Azamara customers are worth $5,000,000 (question in survey) They really need to get some face to face surveys rather than these. Maybe a $50 credit for passengers on actual cruisers for participation. Even better maybe a special chefs dinner FOC to enable a 2 hour interaction Fee for this suggestion $500
  11. Bonnie, With respect to the "senior manager" this is a massive cop out! I do not believe that within the whole RCI organisation? there is not anybody with entertainment agency contacts that could not have fixed this within a week of phone calls. 1: Establish which ports are time feasible i.e. make an evening departure 2: Contact agencies to see what venues are available. 3: Contact appropriate acts in conjunction with above. 4: Hire coaches for above. I dare say I could do it if tasked There is a REAL disconnect between shore and sea. I rem
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