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  1. Heard several, same response’s, about noise complaints from cabins below Crows Nest even before BB King. Late night activities in the Crow’s Nest seemed to be in a decline before BB King shows. My opinion; but like the commercial some say I have the memory of an elephant!😁😷
  2. Like others we saved a considerable amount of money by planning our post cruise visit to the falls on our own. As far as getting wet from the falls no worries as we were already soaked from sweating. It was sweltering in January!
  3. I believe that was a special exemption due to the Pandemic crisis.
  4. Not Stan Kruse but Stan Kuppens former Hotel Director and now Project Manager of new builds. Kruise is now at Carnival Group. Sure you knew that.😁 Art brings out everyone’s opinion. I thought it was a beautiful piece of art but tango flair?
  5. It is pretty! We are looking forward to our three back to back on her this fall. It will be our first time on an almost brand new ship. Wonder if it has that “new ship” smell?
  6. Not mentioned in the Blog was Stan stated lifeboats will be reconfigured so she can transit Panama Canal.
  7. She’s coming along! https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/ships/ms-rotterdam/ramping-up-to-rotterdam-january-update/
  8. Eventually they will be sold or scrapped. Just about all ships are for sale for the right price. Who knows when?🤔 Answer! We do not know!
  9. Who knows? All speculation at this point. Out of our control so will wait and see.
  10. We have a time share in Cancun. We find it a beautiful get away. We basically stay in the hotel zone and don’t frequent sleaze joints or this areas. Some great restaurants and venue’s around new hotel zones. Like any city it pays to be alert, smart and cautious and aware of your surroundings.
  11. The President of Holland America Group oversees Princess Cruise Lines, Seabourn and Holland America. Holland America President is Gus Antorcha. His boss is Jan Swartz. Holland America Group is a higher Management level.
  12. She replaced Stein Cruise as President of Holland America Group.
  13. I thought the interview was non rehearsed and informal. Obviously a present day zoom/tech interview and a sign of the times. Corporations the size of Carnival really don’t gamble billions on who is leading/steering their product and brand. Gus is highly qualified and the interview enlightened and encouraged me to continue with my “brand” Holland America. Not getting any younger and we just want many more cruising days. I trust and believe Mr. Gus will make the best of our return to cruising and realize it may be very different. Being said; many wi
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