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  1. Our upcoming Maasdam cruise from Auckland we are signed up for a special Easter Brunch in the Pinnacle Grill. We have also attended some nicely done religious ceremonies led by volunteer passengers and of course Hal always has a Catholic priest on board officiating Mass.
  2. Thanks for sharing. We will be sailing for 32 days on her this October. You Tube is our favorite planning tool for our travels
  3. Yes we have. We only have two days this trip and we are going to tour Waiheke Island which will include wine tastings and 5 star dining at famous Mudbrick restaurant. Should be a very special day.
  4. Thanks to all for the Bon Voyage wishes. Many of you we have had the pleasure of sailing with on past cruises. Hopefully, there is a future cruise where we will meet again.
  5. Thank you Roy and Kazu for providing this thread for years.
  6. Thanks for organizing the show. Next toots will be the real deal on the beautiful MS Maasdam!
  7. Anxious to check out EXC. Could be last cruise enjoying breakfast in Pinnacle!😁
  8. Yes we embark 14. Here is a link to Auckland web cam. http://www.sitecam.co.nz/auckland_webcam/mobile.html
  9. Headed for Auckland Tuesday for 24 days of French Polynesian Islands cruising on the MS Maasdam to San Francisco. Until then this will have to Do!
  10. Have a.great cruise and thanks for taking us along. We will be following along as we sail among French Polynesian Islands to San Francisco aboard another great Holland America Classic the MS Maasdam!🛳 Bon Voyage!🍾
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