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  1. Thanks Carol, Almost lost her. My previous post could be interpreted that she also had Covid. Not the case.Tested three times and was negative. She had an appendix that almost ruptured which led to perforated intestine an was close to being septic. A surprise event for someone who power walked 5 miles per day and was in outstanding shape. Bruce
  2. Regretfully, we have cancelled all three legs of our Maasdam cruises of Jan 4, 2021, Feb 13, 2021, and March 4, 2021. Skeptical whether cruises will actually take place or have significant itinerary changes. Then the issue of health safety led to our final decision. With DW just rehabilitating from major emergency surgery and current Covid 19. Looking forward to next time! Thanks for all you contributions here on Cruise Critic.
  3. I respect and most likely agree with your post. Let me speculate? What if Ashford was released by Holland America because there was no longer going to be a Holland America cruise line? My point was and is; that none of us know really know what’s going on and we’re not sure we want to know. Some maybe know but at they are not liberty to say..
  4. How do you know he was fired? I agree possibility but so far none of us have a clue. Maybe he made a decision to leave a “sinking ship” and has another job offer? I’m speculating many company presidents! CEO’s and executive’s may be looking for other employment as company’s fold and declare bankruptcy.
  5. We were supposed to be celebrating our 28th Wedding Anniversary at our time share on Poipu Beach, Kauai today May 16. As it turns out Mrs. AliasChief had serious emergency surgery a few weeks ago and spent 13 days in the hospital. So in a way it was a Blessing that she had the problem here and not in Hawaii. She is making small gains every day.
  6. With all this speculating, wouldn’t it be funny if we found out that Ashford actually left because he had a better job offer!🤔
  7. What do I want? I just want to be back on a Dam ship safely cruising around the world!🛳
  8. I would like to see our Hal Mariner Status honored throughout the Carnival Corporation different cruise lines.
  9. At this era of our life being on any Dam ship would make it my favorite!🛳
  10. Well, last year we were cruising on the SS Maasdam and enjoying the beauty of Bora Bora. This year we were headed for three weeks at our time share on Poipu Beach, Kauai!
  11. Please cancel our October 1, 2020 Viking River Cruise. Maybe some other time.😢 Thanks
  12. It’s just to early to speculate and guess. As always said, time heals but I do feel for many of us vulnerable seniors many are probably thinking post vaccine. I also expect many booked itineraries will be changed due to country/state’s travel restrictions. IMO it’s just to early to predict. For right now a lot depends on how we all mitigate.
  13. Yes. They were our servers this January on the Koningsdam. Their smiles and enthusiasm are contagious. My wife’s identical twin sister was with us and crew member were always telling us about you got to go visit them.
  14. Right now we would just like to be on any Dam ship! Though we enjoy sailing the Older smaller ships with our motto being “Sail these classics while you can.” As we are or we’re approaching 500 days of sailing on Hal we have enjoyed the new amenities on the new ships. Right now a healthy cruise on any dam ship would be wonderful!🛳🍾😎
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