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  1. If the ships are staying at or below 50% occupancy until the end of the year, chances are they'll be ramping occupancy up slowly. Booking restaurants once on board shouldn't be a problem for the first few months of 2022.
  2. Hi! I appreciate you checking on the bars. My DH also wishes there was a District Brew House. 😊 With the MDR menus, I've already seen the menus from that post but that cruise was only 7 days long. Our January cruise will be 10 days and there are 14 menus total, so I was hoping to see if they were using different menus from the ones that have already been posted.
  3. We sail on Gem in January. Would really appreciate pics of the Main Dining Room menus. And if you could find out which bar specializes in craft beers my DH would be eternally grateful. Have a wonderful trip!
  4. We upgraded a month or so ago when they were offering 4 times the points. It only cost us an extra $112, which we had in leftover cruise credits.
  5. Who put out the graph of ship images posted in this thread? That graph shows increasing green, yellow, orange, red. Very strange.
  6. The Delta variant is much more transmissible and wasn't around months ago.
  7. Yellow is worse than orange? That seems to go against the descriptions, where yellow is CDC investigating and orange is CDC monitoring. Seems like monitoring would be worse than investigating?
  8. But scanning a card with a watermark would invalidate it, wouldn't it? I mean, a watermark is used to prove an item isn't a copy.
  9. I'm in Ontario Canada, and they don't give out cards. We got nothing for the 1st vaccine and a paper print out like the tape from a cash register for the second one, but they did send us PDFs to our emails showing both vaccines. Hope that won't cause problems.
  10. Thank you, both! We did finally find a place in My NCL where it listed the 60 day final payment date, though we are already paid.
  11. I was just reading a thread where a poster stated a few days ago that they thought NCL had extended their 60 day cancellation policy through 3/31/2022. Has anyone else seen such a change? I'm asking because our January cruise requires full payment at 120 days and must purchase NCL travel insurance by that time. We'd like to be able to hold off purchasing the travel insurance until 60 days out if possible, so we would be adding even more money to Face if we or the cruise cancelled for some reason.
  12. I think any people connected to 9/11 will be plenty busy trying to survive covid, right now.
  13. That's incorrect, they are currently offered on the NCL website. I pulled these links from My NCL, today. They are offered to me for my January 2022 Gem cruise.
  14. These links come from the My NCL menus listed for my January 2022 Gem cruise, so it would be NCL's error.
  15. My BIL was a top manager for Allstate. He says if your condition is stable you're okay when it comes to pre-existing conditions. You don't want to change medications within 2 months of sailing though, or you'll be considered unstable, he says. But best to confirm with your insurance company.
  16. If you're wanting diet cherry Pepsi a good substitute would be diet Pepsi and a teaspoon of grenadine. Only 18 calories.
  17. Click the COVID box on the main NCL webpage. Go to the FAQs. NCL says it will be re-evaluating its 'no children too young to be vaccinated' policy in November. I'll caution you, that doesn't necessarily mean younger children will be allowed after that time, it just means they'll be looking at the policy in November.
  18. Le Bistro menu: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/Le Bistro Fleet Dinner Menu A (FOR FLEET EXCEPT POA).pdf Moderno menu http://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/Moderno -Fleet-Dinner-Menu.091819.pdf La Cucina menu: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/La-Cucina-Fleet-Dinner-Menu.091819.pdf Cagney's Steakhouse menu: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/Cagney's Fleet Dinner Menu_Premium Cut Tomahawk_1.pdf
  19. When I cruised a few years ago the MDRs always had one sugar free dessert each evening.
  20. Things are going pretty good in our area of southern Ontario. In the entire county we have only 5 positives. We're at Step 3 out of 3 Steps, which is everything open but with maximum capacities. We could go to full open on Aug 6th but I don't think we will as some areas are seeing an increase of positives, so we're going to need more time to see what will happen with the COVID Delta variant increasing in the province. But we're feeling much more comfortable now that we're vaccinated.
  21. Are you allowed to smile in your selfie photo?
  22. Not re-evaluating for now. Our newly booked cruise isn't until the end of January, and we expect requirements to shift several times between now and then. Money isn't a problem for us as our cruise is paid for with FCC from our last 3 cruises that got cancelled. We have no problems with masks. We've been using them for a year and a half and they now help us feel more secure when we are indoors with people we don't know.
  23. That's a bit of a probably minor issue for Canada where the certificates are issued by provinces, not the country or the provider.
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