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  1. That Ecstasy meeting is the same itinerary we will be sailing in a few weeks on the Sunshine. Bet it's the same. Thanks so much!
  2. Following this as well. We sail next month with my 84 year old grandparents who can walk, but not long distances. Hoping we can arrange to have them dropped at the terminal and the rest of us proceed through the normal check-in booths.
  3. Trying to figure out the best option for a party of 12 in Nassau. We have 6 kids (ages 5-14) and 6 adults. There will be 3 ships in port that day. We were looking at the Comfort suites deal to get to Atlantis, but seems like we will still be paying a lot when you factor in food and drinks. What's a great option for: 1) Food and drinks for adults 2) Nice beach with not a ton of vendors haggling you 3) Pool/activities for the kids We've never been to the Bahamas, so just trying to figure out what the best thing to do for our family would be! We have snorkeled, swam with the dolphins, sting ray encounter, etc in other ports.
  4. We are sailing out of Charleston for the first time next month. This is new territory for us as we usually just drive to Galveston or New Orleans, but we are trying some new ports this cruise. We will fly in the day before our cruise and are looking at one of the hotels downtown. Right now, we are considering Hampton Inn or Embassy Suites, both of which are on Meeting Street. Are these good options? We really just want to see a few of the sights downtown and have a nice seafood dinner to get us in the cruising spirit! Also, would we be able to just walk from the hotel to the terminal? According to Google Maps, these are about .5 miles from the cruise terminal. We have children, so ubering and taxis are difficult without bringing our own car seats. However, our kids just walked all over Disney World for 8 days, so I have no doubt that they would handle a 1/2 mile walk like a champ! Just wasn't sure if they actually allowed you to just walk up to the check-in building.
  5. If I'm sailing with 3 other adults, can we each link our booking to our own carnival.com accounts or do we have to go through 1 person?
  6. We had it last week on the Breeze. They did march around with the lit cakes. And, it was yummy!
  7. Just got off the Breeze yesterday. No Sea Dogs. However, they had several hot dog options at the Deli.
  8. We had a group of 12, so decided to do a half day charter with Captain Marvin's. This included stingrays, snorkeling, and some reef fishing for 4 hours. We got to decide exactly what we wanted to do. We had a guide and a boat captain, Richard and Steven, who were very accommodating and helpful. We went out to the stingrays first to avoid huge groups. It was SO nice to be with just our family in the water--there were tons of groups there, but our boat was kind of away from the others, so it was like we had the area all to ourself! It was MUCH calmer than when I've gone with large cruise excursions before. Much more low key and ample time with the rays. From there, we ventured to a reef to fish. We caught 5 or 6 fish in the hour or so we fished--a parrot fish, a couple of grouper, and some other island croaker types. It was fun to just see and reel them in. Of course, we threw them all back. We went out to a different reef for fishing and it was amazing. We had the whole area. Saw all kinds of stuff! I was really worried about my kids (ages 12, 7, and 5) but they did GREAT. We snorkeled probably for close to 40 minutes or so. On our way back to the marina, our guide jumped into the water and picked up 2 HUGE starfish. He brought them on board and showed us how they breathe and move and allowed us some time to observe them (they were in large buckets of water) as well as hold them for quick pictures before he put them back. It was amazing! The charter wasn't cheap--around $1000 for all 12 of us. But, it was definitely worth it! It included transportation, punch, water, and ice for the beer we brought along. Also included snorkel gear and life jackets if needed. I hadn't seen a lot about charters with Captain Marvin's so, I just thought I'd share! Would do this again for sure.
  9. We sail in 11 days and are celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday, my daughter's birthday, and my grandparents' 61st wedding anniversary while on board. We are having a hard time figuring out what we can do to celebrate/make it special. Are the decorations worth the cost?
  10. We arrive in GC at 7:00 am and have a 9:00 excursion booked through Captain Marvin’s—a charter for our large group. We did not purchase FTTF, so we do not have priority tender. The confirmation email says we need to arrive at the excursion office by 8:30-8:40. 1) How far is the excursion office from the port? 2) What time should we plan to get into line for the tender?
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