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  1. alright cruisers, i had hoped there was a website that people knew of that might gather that information, guess not. nevertheless, im going to keep pursuing this data. I would think, maybe erroneously, that other cruisers would like to know it at as well.
  2. oh, covid cases have to be reported to the CDC. but it would be nice if it was also public and easily found thanks
  3. biker19, thank you for your suggestion
  4. Royal has not told me they wont provide the info, they only said it was not on their website
  5. i do appreciate how the cdc differentiates between crew members and passengers though
  6. Biker19, yes the CDC is showing many of the sailings with covid cases- is it that hard to know the hard data? and when he cdc says threshold ? how many is the threshold for Red that would mean return to port?
  7. all above correct- but would like to know the numbers? if someone knows where to find it please share thanks
  8. yes, you are absolutely How the cruise handles it is very important. I think Royal has done an excellent job handling the covid cases, but i personally know of cases not being reported which is where my concern is thanks
  9. when my father moved to an nursing home, every week they called telling me the numbers with covid
  10. i am on hold with Royal now. So far been told they do not publicize this information on their website.
  11. it should be public knowledge and easily accessible. I personally know that three families were affected on a recent cruise. One family escorted off and the two others under quarantine but there was no reporting of the covid cases. Also, CDC has the color status yellow for the freedom of the seas which means it is being monitored and could trun red. If it turns red that it returns to port thanks
  12. i have found the CDC Cruise flag conditions, but there is no information on the amount of cases per sailings i know that for the most part each sailings will have covid cases on board, I just want to now HOW many? thanks
  13. where can i find the raw data on the how many covid cases on the recent cruise sailing? Not just royal, thanks
  14. totally agree! jut in case i cancelled all more cruise planner purchases in advance
  15. i believe, but i may be wrong the poor people that are really sick from the virus or unfortunately dying are the ones that have not taken the vaccine or taken it with just one shot it is really sad
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