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  1. Maplemoose

    Specialty Restaurant Prices Exceeding $20

    Hope this is not off-topic but I have an SPD perk upcoming and this makes me wonder what limits are applied to Cagney's (and other restaurants). I understood I was entitled to an appetizer, entree and dessert. Is there a limit within these choices?
  2. Maplemoose


    Lupush, you said no problem about the straws but that doesn't help the OP who needs one! When you have a frozen drink you need a straw or wait 15 minutes till it melts. Easy answer is BYOS.
  3. Maplemoose

    Escape Chior of Man

    I am on the Encore in June 2020 and MYNCL lists it as in the theatre with a $15 cover charge. Hopefully this is a mistake
  4. Maplemoose

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    So it is free on the Escape? Its says "15.95" and book when onboard in MyNCL for Encore. It also says Cavern Club can be reserved which does not sound right either.
  5. Maplemoose

    Latitudes Question

    So I am not going to get the points either? May have to do a rebooking at some point since the cruise is still 15 moths away!
  6. Maplemoose

    Latitudes Question

    I received an email yesterday regarding Latitude Rewards for February. One point it mentioned but not in detail was up to $100 in OBC if I logged into MyNCL and booked a cruise. The impression I took away was that this was for all cruises for Latitudes members. However, after booking the Encore. making a deposit and checking my account I see no mention of OBC. Did I misinterpret this?
  7. Maplemoose

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    I just booked the Encore and looking at MyNCL there is a $15 charge for Choir of Man in the theatre. Is this the current policy for this show on whatever ships it is appearing?
  8. As I attempt to find the right cabin for the right price on Encore I always end up at connecting rooms. I am wondering if the newer ships like Bliss and Joy have proven to be more secure soundwise than the older ones. Are the mechanics/technology the same? Any bad experiences?
  9. Maplemoose

    Why is the Epic so unpopular?

    For us the "unpopularity" started and ended with our cabin, I did not realize that our balcony cabin on Deck 8 had the bed next to the bathroom. Every 2nd cabin on that deck did. Now that in itself was not terrible but the "dresser" with the phone etc. was placed directly across from the foot of the bed. There was no room at all for going back and forth to the door and bathroom without crawling over something or someone. The 2nd problem was that it was a maze reaching the elevators and stairs. Turn left, turn right turn left and turn right again. If you don't have this cabin/location problem it is a great ship IMO. The best entertainment of any cruise ship I have been on, bar none. Do due diligence on your cabin and no problem.
  10. I just watched a video on the Bliss and I was surprised when it showed the Cavern Club with very little seating and a large standing/dance floor. Perhaps it was just the angle but it looked quite different than on the Epic. Can anyone who has cruised on both shine a light on this? People don't actually stand here do they blocking the view of the band for others who came an hour early to get a seat?
  11. Maplemoose

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    Great! Any idea where I can find the press releases? Thank you.
  12. Maplemoose

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    Is there any confirmation that Cavern Club will be on the Encore?
  13. Maplemoose

    Encore Deck Plans

    What I mean are all the bars, restaurant and public areas. I have googled and the most I have seen are overlays of the Bliss on the cabin layout. I don't want to book until I make sure it contains what I hope it contains. All I see officially is "TO COME". Thanks.
  14. Maplemoose

    Encore Deck Plans

    Anyone have a clue when the actual Encore deck plans will be released?
  15. Maplemoose

    TV channels change on Horizon

    Sorry. My bad! Obviously. Just took a cursory glance. Just realized HLN is gone too. Personally I preferred CNN and HLN to the new channels but that is only individual preference. I can see this would be better for kids and anyone who likes those niche channels. Still a sports channel would be good, even the Sky TV satellite channel they have on NCL which shows soccer etc during the day and NBA or NHL at night.