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  1. Does anyone know what happens if you test positive? Obviously you are scewed but what are the details of the screwing? 🤮 Especially if you are not American.
  2. Barbados has backed down on the mixed vaccine ban due to bad publicity. Let's hope NCL does the same. Not that I point the finger at NCL. This was caused by poltical expediency and may be just the tip of the iceberg. It would be interesting to know how many cruisers this affects. I would think that over the last couple of months that there have been 10's of thousands of Canadians with mixed vax. How many of them may be NCL cruisers or should I say former NCL cruisers!
  3. Yes, thanks. I can see clearly now. The legend is not "colored in" very well! I was not aware of the websites with the photos!
  4. Ok, I just looked at the deck plans and it was 5748.
  5. Where have I seen it? I did a mock booking and one of the options had a legend with the white square included. The white square is denoted to be "privasea". I don't remember the cabin number but I will repeat the exercise today and post the cabin number. The one thing I find frustrating with NCL is the limited number of cabins offered online. I don't know why they can't show everything available as others do.
  6. That looks like a balcony to me! I am talking about Oceanview.
  7. I have noticed Privasea oceanview cabins available on the Joy. Searching this forum, all I can find are Privasea balcony references, alluding to hull enclosed balconies but not a mention of the peculiarities of Privasea oceanviews. Anybody here any experience or knowledge?
  8. The deposit amount was listed as $325 Cdn. yesterday, which means that the exchange rate would be 1.3.
  9. Disregard my query above. I did not look deep enough. It actually appears that NCL is being more generous than expected although they obviously are gambling on a low number of positives.
  10. Does anyone know the repercussions of testing positive at the port. It seems like a big chance you are taking considering the money at stake. Even if they give you an FCC, flights, hotels and quarantine rules will set 2 people back well into 4 figures depending where you are flying from and to.
  11. More importantly to me, what will be accepted as POV? Countries and jurisdictions within them all have their own policies. Parts of Canada are giving out cards that are worthless as proof. They could be transferred or sold on the street.
  12. Is that $1400 per room? And what are the gratutites? 20%? Has anybody booked using this revised promo?
  13. https://skift.com/2020/08/06/even-norwegian-cruise-lines-ceo-is-surprised-people-are-booking-cruises/
  14. I completely agree. It seems that the expression is mainly used when there is a change in prices, upward of course. The bottom line is buy what you think is worthwhile. If you don't like the value for money choose another cruise line or another type of vacation. Supply and demand will always decide how many nickels and dimes!
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