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  1. We all think the CDC is being so unfair to the cruise lines and cruisers are the bad guys here. Think how Disney feels, they're being blamed for the spread in Florida, breaking CDC rules, etc. And their not even open yet.
  2. Love your pix from the forward facing suite. Question, who are the people on the bow? Haven guests? Platinum Plus (hoping)? Or is it open to everyone? Hoping to do the Canal and Tahiti in the next few years and that cabin looks like a great splurge. Thanks, Tony
  3. I would definitely suggest the Baltics. For history buffs, what could be better than Russia. Same with Germany. And the Scandinavian ports are small and (for the most part) not overrun with tourists like the Med ports. For most people, this is a once in a lifetime cruise, we spend all our time in familiar surroundings, Caribbean, Med, Southern Europe. As for taking the FCC, I would take it. My reasoning is you are into NCL for that amount of money already. If you take the refund and book with, lets say Royal, you are now into Royal for that amount of money. Either way, your money is at risk if one of them goes bankrupt. The only way to guard against that is hide your money under the mattress and book last minute, but I don't think you're able to do that with kids school schedules. We've done Oasis class and there's so much for the kids to do so I think they'd have a great time. Alaska, as has been said might be a bit boring for the kids, just watching scenery go by, lol. If you want the history aspect, Baltics for sure and the kids wont spend much time in the clubs since there are so many ports.
  4. We are in the same situation. If we book all 3 cruises, they would be paid in advance. If we buy 4 CNs on the first cruise, how would we apply them to the next 2 cruises that have already been paid for? I guess to cover on board expenses, but again they are mostly paid for in advance with the beverage and dining packages.
  5. Just read the Wiki on PVSA and there are exceptions. Why not get an exception in these extraordinary times. Temporary until things are back to normal. Better than sitting idle and having no income.
  6. Don't know what this is but assume its some government regulation. Like the Jones Act? 100 years old, I believe. Cant the cruise lines lobby government to cut them some slack, no money involved, just help us out a little?
  7. Maybe elevator operators like in the old days, to limit the number of passengers. Only allow handicapped to use elevators, must have a handicapped sticker like you have for parking your car? In the hallways have one way signs like at the grocery stores? Same with staircases. Assigned seating at the theatre so they can cover the unused seats. Of course if you've already had Covid or got the eventual shot, whats going to make you conform to these rules? There's always someone who thinks the rules don't apply to them. I thought I read once that the ships need to sail at close to 100% to break even, they make all their profit from on board sales, hence the high pressure sales and higher prices for booze, excursions, etc. I still think they would rather sail half full and have some income to tide them over until things get back close to what they were. Someday. Maybe.
  8. After they cancelled our March 14 cruise after we arrived in Florida on March 13, we took the 125% FCC. Applied for it when we got home on March 30 and still haven't heard anything since that phone call. I can see why they are delaying the cash refunds but why so slow with the FCCs? We want to use it to book for next March but not going to book until we get that FCC.
  9. One thing I can see coming is restricting shore excursions to NCL provided excursions only. You want to go ashore, you take an NCL shore excursion. This is for your safety. We will take you to a bus, then to a special section of a beach, reserved just for you. You wont be allowed to leave that section, this would also protect the islanders from you. You wont be exposed to anything on the island and then you're shuttled back to the ship. Of course all these extra precautions will increase the price of your shore excursion. And you wont catch anything on the island. But just in case you will have to sign a waiver saying you wont hold NCL responsible. I started typing this tongue in cheek but after re-reading it, I can see the cruise lines doing this. It might be the only way the islands will let us dock.
  10. On the Oasis of the Seas a few years ago, we were having breakfast in the main dining room on disembarkation morning. They have a buffet set-up for some food and your order the rest off the menu. Returning from the buffet with a plate of food I passed the entry to the kitchen and a waiter coming out didn't see me and crashed right into me. I wore a tray full of OJ. The worst part was, we had put all our luggage out the night before so I couldn't change. The poor waiter got me a towel and they tried to get me a t shirt from the shop but they were all closed and no-one around to open them. So I had to wear that wet, stained shirt until I got my luggage a few hours later. On another cruise we disembarked in Miami, I got our car and we loaded up and started heading home to Canada. We got an hour away before one of the kids realised we didn't have the bag of pastries we smuggled off the ship for the road trip. The bag also had some souvenirs. We had to drive back to the port and asked security and they had the bag. The pastries were still inside, so it was worth the return trip.
  11. Someone will buy them. Someone is still buying the stock. If I buy 10 cruise next certificates from you at $25 each, you lock in a loss of $1000 ($100 per certificate). I pay you $250. If the company goes under, I'm out $250. If they don't, I have 10 certificates worth $2500. That's a nice profit on a $250 outlay and not much of a loss if I lose it all. And I would use those certificates on 5 cruises in the next year or 2. Not saying I would do this, just making the argument that there is always a market for anything.
  12. not good. I thought things might be picking up after Carnival announced sailings starting up Aug. 1. NCL stock was up 6% in pre-market, now its down 10%. Anybody want to buy my Cruise Next certificates, lol.
  13. I've always thought they could sail from Miami to Stirrup Cay and dock for 3 nights, then return to Miami. Maybe employ no locals, just ships crew. No foreign ports to deal with (except Bahamas). Better than no cruise at all, and at least NCL would be making some money.
  14. I love this chart, I think the cruise lines, especially NCL should be posting it on their websites. I don't want to minimize the suffering of anyone of these passengers or crew who have contracted Covid 19 or sadly passed away. But the numbers don't justify the hysteria surrounding cruise line cases. The chart shows a total of 2,602 cases (922 crew) and 65 total deaths. This is on 259 ships worldwide. Even if those 259 ships only held 1,000 passengers and crew, that's 259,000 total people on board at any one time and only 2,602 cases and 65 deaths. I know its not a good situation on the cruise ships, but the numbers make it sound not as bad as the media want us to believe.
  15. Tried to quote your last line but whole post quoted. I think cruisers are used to putting up with the various new policies and restrictions, pay restaurants, security screenings, corkage fees, automatic service fees (and increasing them contstantly). I'm sure there are other changes I've forgotten. I think we'll put up with the coming changes (masks, social distancing, etc) because we enjoy cruising so much. A year or two from now we'll be complaining about something else. We still cut through the casino (and even stop to watch sometimes) even though we know the second hand smoke is slowly killing us. We still fly even though we know there are terrorists out there waiting to take us out. We go back in the water even after growing up with Jaws, lol. Everything is a gamble, this is just another one we will probably take. We cant wait to cruise again, but it will be different. And we'll want to make sure there are some changes to protect us on board.
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