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  1. Just found this thread and am binging the show. Does anyone have any idea what ship they used for the aerial shots? Is it CGI or maybe an old liner? I assume the interiors are on a stage somewhere, but they do remind us of the Queen Mary hotel in Long Beach. Tony
  2. When you book NCL air, can you fly in 3 or 4 days early? Stay over for 3 or 4 days after cruise? What if you're doing an Athens to Dubai cruise, can you fly into Athens and then fly home from Dubai, or is it only good for round trip from the departure port? Thanks, Tony
  3. That's what we're thinking too. We just don't want to lose the value of the CNs. We have no problem booking with NCL again, once they resume cruising. This cruise was a "one off" going to unusual ports (Dubai, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles and some South African cities). I think NCL will be more focused on getting their "regular" cruises up and running, Caribbean and Med mostly.
  4. We have a Dubai to Cape Town cruise booked for Dec. 2021. We booked it in April 2020 using 2 Cruise Next deposits that would have expired on Oct. 30, 2020. If we cancel the Dubai cruise before final payment, will we get the CN's back with another year on them or will they be deemed to have expired? If we wouldn't get them back, would we be better to pay in full, wait for NCL to cancel and then get an FCC? If NCL doesn't cancel we would still go on the cruise. We would only cancel before final, if we thought NCL was going to cancel anyway. Thanks, Tony
  5. One year ago today, we got off NCL Pearl in Port Canaveral and drove to Fort Lauderdale to board the Adventure of the Seas on the 14th. They emailed later on the 13th to say it was cancelled. Nothing booked until March 2022 Odyssey, it will be 2 whole years between cruises, we haven't gone that long since about 2007, I think. Tony
  6. I'm thinking of booking the Brilliance to get the double points. If I get off the Brilliance on March 10, 2022, the 10 points I get would make me Diamond. I am boarding the Odyssey on March, 2022. Would the paperwork have gone through by then so I could get my Diamond perks? Thanks, Tony
  7. Don't see her in Valetta today, did I miss her or was there a change in itinerary?
  8. Thanks, so 3 years normally would expire March 2022 and 1 extra year extends it to March 2023. I sure hope we'll be sailing long before that lol. Tony
  9. My last MSC cruise was in March 2019. We had one for March 2020 that was cancelled and we took the refund. We are Black Voyagers Club members (I think that has been changed to Diamond, but I can't get any info from the website). I think the status match program we used about 6 years ago said we had to cruise every 2 years to keep our status active. Does that mean we have to cruise before March 2021 (I know, not going to happen) to keep our Black/Diamond status? Or has MSC extended the deadline? Thanks, Tony
  10. I have Cruise Next certificates in CAD and USD. I booked a cruise in USD on a US online Travel Agent site so my CNs were issued in USD. My next cruise I booked with NCL online so it automatically defaulted to CAD and when I bought CNs on board they were issued in CAD. When I have booked a cruise online with NCL, they have converted my USD CNs to CAD for the deposit. Maybe a US TA can't do that conversion with FCCs? Maybe NCL would do it if OP booked direct.
  11. We were supposed to be on the Dubai to Cape Town right now but it got pushed out to the Dec. 2021 on the Jade that you had booked. We are thinking of cancelling it too, maybe booking the Dec. 2022 one. A lot of our bucket list cruise ideas are being put on hold. Our PCC just keeps making the changes, no fees involved and we only have Cruise Next certificates as deposits, so no cash on the line.
  12. I'm sure the cruise lines have thought about all our proposals, amend the TVSA, move the POA to Alaska, home-port in the Caribbean. I wonder if they are reluctant to be the first to start, they would get lots of praise from cc'ers but the possible downside of a positive case and the ensuing panic, lol, might be enough to sink the company. I think they realize they are not all going to survive in the same format, with the same number of ships so it becomes survival of the fittest. Whoever can last the longest with no cruises will be the only one left standing and control the market. If th
  13. Thanks for your detailed breakdown of your quest for a good travel agent. We have had a few over the years that eventually moved on, or let us down so now we mostly book direct with the cruise lines. Can you tell us how the $685 obc was achieved? My cruise fare is usually around $700 per person for a 7 day cruise so any obc we get is rarely more than $25 per cabin, hardly worth the effort you went to. Thanks, Tony
  14. But you can't catch it in any of those places, only on cruise ships, lol. I don't know where everybody is getting this damned thing. If it was restaurants or theme parks or airplanes or hotels or bars or WalMart or Macy's, wouldn't they all be shut down and everybody quarantined? It's too bad about the Sea Dream 1, but from what I'm reading, the sick passengers are all recovering at home or in isolation. The passengers who tested negative all flew home on commercial planes with no quarantine in Barbados or when they get home (not sure about that). If one of them tests positive aft
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