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  1. Not because the economy is "weak" or gas prices have "skyrocketed" - most of which has been conjured up by the left-wing media - but we tend to cruise on the cheap. We search for off-season or repositioning cruises and then set our sights on a balcony stateroom with the cruise fare saved. We book the next cruise while on-board the current cruise for an OBC, use our C&A benefits for a discount, and use our RCCL stockholder benefits for an additonal OBC. When we have enough RCCL Visa card points accumulated, we cash them in for another OBC. Then, while on-board: We don't buy the over-priced weak drinks in the smokey bars - but once in a while we'll order the drink of the day - or two - before the show. We do not buy the art at the auctions - but do sign up and drink the free champaigne. We don't buy a soda card - but do drink coffee, tea, and juices for free and even make our own "Cafe' Diablo" using their hot cocoa mix, coffee, and creamer. We don't buy a wine package - but do use our C&A coupon for a free wine tasting. We don't use any spa "treatments" but do occasionally sign up for a free lecture/sales pitch. We don't use the laundry service - but do wash out our own quick-dry travel clothing in our cabin. We don't use the high priced/low speed internet service on-board - but do use our own mobile web service when in port and cell phone service is available. We seldom use specialty dining - but do order room service dinners or breakfasts and eat on our balcony where it is much quieter. We DO try to book an excursion or two on-board so that it'll be charged to our sea pass - the one already front loaded with a bunch of OBCs. The result? Most cruises we have a very small balance on our sea pass at the end of the cruise, and sometimes even have a credit. Are you a tightwad cruiser too? If so, what do you do
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