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  1. I recommend EZ air like many have suggested. I gather from your comment you have not used EZ air before. Try it you may like it. Personally, I have used EZ air on many cruises with no problems. Yes, I had a few time changes over the years but nothing major.
  2. Video from Ben and David from England. Ten minutes long. Interesting comments about the CDC. Some of their comments are spot on! Enjoy! SHOCKING CRUISE NEWS: Still No Cruising in the USA - YouTube
  3. I just check on 2 cruises we have booked. The prices have really gone up plus no promo, no specialty dinning, no OBC’s, etc. Alaskan Cruise Tour for July 19, 2022 - 11 Day Denali Explorer Cruise/Tour EB4 with deluxe balcony. Prior sail fare: $3254pp 2 specialty dinning for 2 $300 OBC per cabin Current sail fare: $4281pp No specialty dinning No OBC’s 10-Day Classic Canada & New England Sept. 30th with balcony Prior sail fare: $2109pp 2 specialty dinning for 2 $200 OBC per cabin Current sail fare: $2626pp
  4. I was able to access my Princess Account yesterday and this morning without any trouble. Web access: https://www.princess.com
  5. The European Commission recently proposed “Digital Green Certificates” showing that a person has been vaccinated, received a negative Covid-19 test result or recovered from infection. The certificates would facilitate movement within the EU countries. Certificates -- Hi tech companies are designing a number of health apps to facility the movement of persons between countries similar to Digital Green Certificates including Travel Pass from the International Air Transport Association, Clear's Health Pass and CommonPass. Some airlines are already testing health apps on select routes.
  6. I agree with wowzz regarding summer UK cruises -- Current policies will not change. EU borders will remain closed to UK for the foreseeable future.
  7. In the last 18 months we have cancelled 7 cruises which resulted in all kinds of credits, bonuses, cash, etc. Alaska -- we only used a FCD of $100 pp for the cruise listed below. No final payment made before we cancelled. Cancelled Alaska Cruise Tour EB4 – 07/06/21 Royal Princess Rebooked to July 2022 Balcony, Gov. Taxes, port taxes, insurance, transfers 1 specialty dinning pp OBC $250 Includes $700 for two EZAir from DTW to ANC $9483 for two persons Rebooked Alaskan Cruise Tour EB4 – 07/19/2022 Majestic Princess D
  8. Vailamo – your spreadsheet is very detailed. Great info. I’m a spreadsheet type guy so I appreciate your efforts. In the future, any new spreadsheets that included 2022? John
  9. I agree with AF-1 about using the Port of Call Board. You can post your question(s) there also. The tour you referenced is on the Big Island offered by Princess for 6 ½ hours. The Port of Call Board for “Hawaii” has pages after page of comments, questions, ideas etc. Plus info on: independent tours, helicopter tours, rental car, shuttle service, hotels, etc. Check it out.
  10. Skynight well said. I agree with your comments.
  11. In my humble opinion – Discovery has much more in activities, entertainment, bar and lounges, etc. than the Emerald. Emerald Princess cruise ship deck plan shows a total of 1539 cabins for 3082 passengers served by 1200 crew/staff. The ship has 15 passenger accessible decks, 12 restaurants and bars, 8 lounges, 4 swimming pools, 7 Jacuzzis, 14 elevators. Passenger-use launderettes (Laundromats) are located on decks 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14. Discovery Princess cruise ship deck plan shows a total of 1834 cabins for 3668 passengers (max capacity is 4610) served by 1411 cr
  12. Please Check Princess Web site for additional information on final payment. Also, there is a Q&A for review. Book with Confidence Giving you the flexibility to change your plans We don't think finances should affect decisions about your health, so if you feel ill and need to change your plans, we'll protect your cruise investment. Under our temporary Book with Confidence policy, we’ve taken the worry out of booking your next cruise: Cancel up to 30 days before you sail, and get your cancellation fe
  13. I stand corrected – the Discovery does sail round trip from Seattle. The title: 7 day Inside Passage (round trip) . I think the title and map are missing leading. The map (Princess web site) shows the Discovery (north bound) sailing the Inside Passage between Queen Charlotte Islands BC and various islands (Banks Is., Porcher Is., Dungas Is. etc.) using the Hecate Strait. On occasion -- large ships will traverse the Lardeo Sound and Principe Channel which I don’t think is the case for this itinerary. May be someone has better info on the intended route going north.
  14. We have been on several cruise tours to Alaska and are planning another for July 2022. We love Alaska! Your mention a round trip from Settle. Discovery sails from Settle then ends up at Vancouver. There could be transportation issues getting back to Seattle. Plus, the itinerary does not included Glacier Bay National Park. Emerald is a round trip to and from Settle includes Glacier Bay National Park. Sapphire only sails in September 2022 which does not include Glacier Bay National Park. Skynight, Astro Fyer, LeeW plus others gave a very good description
  15. I agree with comments by donswife, snoozecrooze & skynight. Great info. Also, the Royal Class ships do not take the “inside passage” because the ships are too large for that route. Princess Cruise Ships scheduled to cruise in Alaska 2022 Grand (Grand Class) -- refurbished 3/2019 Guests - 2600 Length – 949 ft Tonnage – 107,707 Sapphire (Grand Class) – refurbished 3/2018 Guests – 2670 Length – 952 ft Tonnage – 115,875 Emerald (Crown Class) – refurbished 4/2019 Guests – 3080 Length – 951 ft Tonnage – 113,561
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