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  1. Thanks for the information. Cruise critic members are the best. I must have myopia or something missing the “drop box” which shows the class. Paying Princess for Business Class (if we so chose) is a great advantage. I agreed with the comments on using “flexible air” which we always use. We’ve been lucky selecting our seat on Delta. Never a problem. Also, waiting until Final Payment with all the terms and conditions is understandable. Currently, we have 3 cruises booked for future which were all deferred from 2020 cal year. One is already booked using the flexible air option while the other two are to far out into the future (over 300 days) to book. Thanks again. John
  2. Good thread on EZ air Business Class air fares. Thanks for the information. Over the many years of cruising, I have used EZ Air numerous times both domestic and international. But, I have never used EZ Air “Business Class” so the comments are helpful in my general understanding on this subject. Almost everyone agrees that EZ Air for international travel is the way to go. Great prices, no tricks, rebook when prices drop, etc. Some questions on Business Class: Can a person book Business Class without the help of a TA or customer rep? I assume you must pay up front to secure Business Class. Can you wait until Final Payment to secure? Is that a good option? Do you pay Princess or the airline for the added cost? Can you select your seats? I assume it depends on the airline. We primarily use Delta from DTW. Once I book Business Class – can you cancel without a penalty? (Like a family emergency) What happens if the cruise is cancelled by Princess? As stated in the thread -- Princess Travel insurance cover this added item. Correct? John
  3. cruisepop & icncal -- I read you comments with interest because I can relate to your experiences. Always Cruzin – I really enjoy your commentary. Very good detail. Cost per day certainly matters. Living in St. Lucie, Florida helps keep the cost of a cruise down. I agree that port taxes and government fees appear to be pretty much a constant if sailing out of Florida. The longer the cruise there’s more ports (7 day versus 10) and/or (7 day versus 14) which will most likely change the cost. They do remain the same for some cruises but not all. In fact, over the last 10 years (for me) taxes/fees have averaged approx. 7 1/2% of my total costs. Actual Port taxes range from -- $175 to $356 with Gov’ fees ranging from -- $165 to $367.43 which was dependent on the itinerary (Eastern Carib versus Panama Canal). My tax/fee analysis includes Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, England/Canada, Panama Canal, Europe, etc. so cost will very. This cost covers both DW and myself. Port taxes and Government fees are not a determining factor for me. Especially when I compare the 7 1/2% against the combined cruise & air (64.5% + 12.9% = 67.4%). Also, I’ve never heard of a cruiser getting a break on Port taxes or Govt fees. The cost is what it is! So, in someway they are constant. Again, the itinerary is my first consideration. It’s interesting to see what priorities many cruisers include in their analysis. If I can keep my total cruise cost down (as low as possible) this will drive my “per day” cost down. After a FCD, I’m always looking for new deals and/or promotions, lower air fare, etc. I’ve re-booked or re-fair many times over the years which helps lower my total costs. Before final payment -- I’m always checking for an advantage. The following are important factors (for me) when looking at costs: Itinerary Cruise Tour cost (which will be different from a cruise only) Cruise only cost Balcony (DW - must have) Air from DTW Insurance (pre existing condition – wife) Other supplemental costs Promotions Gratuities OBC - military, stockholder, loyal, etc. No cruising during college spring break No drink package (Elite status plus wife cannot drink alcohol) I understand the criteria I use my not be appropriate or relevant for everyone. Bottom line: When I cruise there’s a book I always consult – it’s my checkbook. John
  4. Ideal price per day – per person I used an excel spread sheet for my cost analysis. My analysis goes back to 2007 which covers 19 cruises. Looking at the prices cruisers have indicated in this thread – my costs are high! Most of our cruises are 10 days or better. 2022 to 2018 (future and prior cruises) Cost per person -- $355 Cost per cruise -- $710 2017 to 2007 – actual costs Cost per person -- $321 Cost per cruise -- $643 Items include: Cruise fare Category (always a balcony) Cruise – Land supplement (if any) Air from Mid-West Airport parking (if my son cannot drive us to the airport) Ship Board Gratuities (if not included in a promo) No drink package – being Elite includes a bar set-up Special promos (i.e. “3 for free”) On Board Credits Future Cruise Deposit (FCD) Future Cruise Credit (FCC) Military credit Stockholder credit Port Taxes Gov’t Fees Trip Insurance Transfers Pre Cruise Hotel Ship tours Private Tours Gambling (if any) Thrak -- We pretty much take the same approach. No set "price per person per day" number. We like to book early and look for good deals and/or promotions going forward. When it’s to our advantage -- we re fare for a better price which we done many, many times in the past. For us, the itinerary is very important. Also, my wife has a pre-existing health condition which requires Trip Insurance. A major cost consideration for us is air fare from Michigan. The majority of the time we book a hotel one or two pre cruise especially in the winter. Europe is usually 3 days per cruise. If you live in Florida or California your transportation costs are probably much lower. John
  5. Aussie Gal -- I’m confused. A Future Cruise Deposit (FCD) is not the same as a Future Cruise Credit (FCC). Is the terminology used in Australia different?
  6. Princess sent me an email for a “$50 bonus card” promo. Nice! What about the “3 Day Sale”? I would like to see more detail. There’s nothing on their web site about the sale. Less than 48 hours to go?? What kind of promo is this??
  7. Xl200gps – I checked Princess web site. The price did not increase. You’re correct. I was looking at balcony to deluxe balcony which is not the same comparison.
  8. Xl200gps -- Looks like the “hold” on your cabin will work to your benefit. You got in before the weekend price increase.
  9. Please check pricing. Princess has changed prices in anticipation of the 3 Day Sale. The stateroom prices quoted on Friday versus Monday have gone up on average $100 per stateroom. “Princess On line” price checks are different (lower) when “not logging” into Princess web site.
  10. We will take advantage of the “3 Day Sale” announced by Princess. Lately, we have chosen the “Best Value” option for 3 future cruises. Our upcoming February 2021 Caribbean cruise will be cancelled and re booked for 2022. For us, we need a proven and effective vaccine available before we sail. If we can obtain Princess Plus for the Best Value option its a bonus. All thing considering, we will be ahead of the game with a re booking. Plus, our (long time) TA always throws in extra OBCs and discounts. Caribill - I agree with your comment (post #18) about what to expect from a TA.
  11. Greeting RoperDK, What air line(s) are you looking to make a booking with? That would help. Princess made EZ Air available for Alaska 3 or 4 weeks ago. I secured a Delta round trip flight from the mid-west (DTW to ANC) for $689pp which arrives in the evening. Delta and American are among several airlines that allow you select your seats when using EZ Air. I selected seats for both DW and myself. I notice flights that leave in the morning and arrive in the early afternoon are considerably higher ($1485pp). A checked of several travel web sites revealed prices were the same if not similar. If the price drops I will rebook to take advantage. If I rebook, I will have to select our seats again. They do not carry over from the prior Air Booking. John
  12. Additional info of re booking EZ Air Princess will provided a “Confirmation” of the re booking. A new Air Booking Number will be issued. Your prior Air Booking Number is no longer applicable.
  13. Checking on EZ Air prices Go to: My Account Upcoming cruises Manage this Booking Travel Add or Modify Flights Change Flights Search Recommended Flights (will pop up on the screen) If your cost of the flight is lower hit the Select button to re book If you re book -- remember to select your seats (again). Some airlines will allow the seat selection like Delta. Also, this is not the only way to check. Sometime I check flights as is if I’m a new prospective client or cruiser. John
  14. Greetings lx200gps, Princess has temporarily revised their cancellation policies through April 30, 2021. Final Payment is due 60 days before departure, not their usual 90 days. So if you’re on the Enchanted leaving on February 13th your final payment due date is not November 9th.
  15. Hi Chelsea26 We taken the New England / Canada itinerary twice and have a third planned for October, 2021 with Princess. Our favorite ports are in bold type: Halifax, Canada Quebec, Canada -- not to miss -- Sainte Anne de Beaupre Basilica (one hour from Quebec) was a pleasant surprise with the beautiful paintings, mosaics, stained-glass windows. The Pieta sculpture, an exact replica of Michelangelo’s (one of only two in the world) was beautiful. -- Old Quebec City very walk able from the cruise terminal. There are many shops and great places to eat. Many cruisers can be seen browsing and taking in the sights. The French language was never a problem. Saguenay, Canada – a pleasant surprise Montreal, Canada Sydney, Canada Portland, Maine Bar Harbor, Maine – not to miss Tour the 47,000 acres Acadia National Park plus the lobster roll in town Boston, Mass – not to miss Especially around Columbus Day when the city is festive and alive Newport, Rhode Island -- not to miss -- We did not take the ship tour. Instead we went to the transportation center (two block from the pier) to sign up for a “hop on and hop” local narrated tour. Very easy to do. The trolley stopped at The Breakers and The Elms estates plus others mansions which are modeled after 18th century French & Italian Renaissance. The town is very enjoyable with many shops plus close to the pier. Have fun planning your cruise. John
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