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  1. 1 day until we set sail on the Celebrity Reflection , bound for New Orleans and Mardi Gras !
  2. Great blog, Thanks for all the info on wine! I am a novice and every cruise I pledge to try new wines , then quickly get overwhelmed. I will be in the Reflection for Mardi Gras later this month. So I have been taking notes!
  3. Remember, this is Celebrity.....so late in the evenings is 8:30 ! Just kidding! But, as cigar smoking is usually limited to the Deck 11 Mast Bar area( only open until 9 I think) you can walk forward on that deck, to the Revelations Lounge for drinks.They are open til the wee hours. The smoking area at the Mast Bar is good, as long as the weather is decent. There's a large round table with bench seating under a canopy/roof. And near it, some seating with cushioned chairs and coffee tables.
  4. Thanks for the response! The pool deck is a great spot for smokers because it is sheltered, but it is hard to avoid for people who cannot tolerate smoke.That's why we love the S class ships more, where cigars are allowed on one side of the Sunset Bar .It is not a main thoroughfare, so easily avoided if necessary, yet a comfortable spot for us cigar aficionados.
  5. Not sure if this applies to any other ships, but we were just on the Infinity and the daily flyer described the 3 smoking areas but did NOT specifically limit cigars to the Mast bar. We were surprised ! It was great relaxing with a cigar at the pool deck smoking area.
  6. Summit and the other M-class ships no longer have any smoking at the aft bar . Cigar smoking is allowed at one side of the Mast bar, Sorry.....other replies while I was typing!
  7. Yes , port side at the Sunset Bar. No, The M class ships , including Infinity, don't have smoking at the Sunset Bar.
  8. My DH and I each have a copy of this and it goes on every cruise! Thank you so much to Supersaramoon for writing this up and then updating it in 2019.The goal is always to check off as many drinks as possible. Although.... she maybe partly to blame for my husband missing MDR dinner the first night last fall on the Equinox....I found him unconscious in a cozy chair at the Sunset Bar 😁 We are soon heading out for Mardi Gras and DH's 55th birthday on the Reflection. Boy, will this list get put to use !
  9. I rarely tip extra. However, I would never remove the set gratuity. It is shared among many people who make a cruise pleasant even while working behind the scenes. And if you remove the daily gratuity and then tip an individual, that person has to turn it in to the general pool anyway. So, if someone is exceptional and you feel you are already paying enough, write a detailed letter praising them, both during and after the cruise . Also, if service in a certain area is lacking....speak to management, don't remove tips to punish one person...you are really punishing many.
  10. Actually, the OP was complaining of seeing people with their noses buried in their devices at the bar rather than conversing with other people, so this thread started out with the opinion that people should not use devices in public at all, whether quiet or loud. My opinion, I will use my phone and tablet all day everywhere I choose on my cruise. I do not make calls or watch videos or listen to books or music without headphones.In fact, the headphones often save me from hearing real live conversations nearby that are loud and personal that I do not want to hear. I do not have to c
  11. The OBC that Celebrity will give to match an outside travel agent is non-refundable. The amount depends on what some well-known travel agencies are offering at the time, and there are a few exceptions ( agencies that they will not match.) Still a good extra for those of us who like dealing directly with Celebrity. I have an excellent Celebrity Vacation Planner that always gets quick results for me when I need to book or change cruises or ask questions.
  12. I have OBC from 4 sources on every cruise I take. ---Celebrity matches the OBC that TAs offer so that I book directly ----The perk of 300 OBC -----Credit for booking future cruises onboard ----Points for using my Celebrity credit card Some or all of it may be nonrefundable , but between excursions and the casino it spent and (mostly) recovered.
  13. For the 2021-22 winter sailings on Constellation, the FV State rooms are now Sunset Suites.
  14. We were on a 16 night Transatlantic on Princess several.years ago, missed 3 ports including Iceland and Greenland ( the main point of the cruise for many) due to weather. We were given 100 OBC . But I and many passengers fought this, because other cruise lines got their ships into Iceland and Greenland those days. After getting home, we were contacted and given back 1/2 our cruise fare as credit towards a future cruise. And this past September, the Equinox missed Nassau to deliver aid to hurricane victims in Freeport instead. We were immediately told we would get a day's cruise fare re
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