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  1. We were on the Edge on August 28. There were around 1000-1200 passengers and the casino was open until after midnight every night. A lot of their special events , like slot machine hot seat raffles run between 10 pm and midnight.
  2. I had a printout of the results as backup for the app, too. Like you, i try to have every possible situation covered. I even had a list of all my vaccinations from my county health department in case they thought my CDC vax card looked suspicious. LOL. Of course, i never needed any of my backup, but i felt more comfortable having it.
  3. We did the tests using our phones. I just propped the phone up far enough away from me that the test supervisor could see me and the test on the table in front of me, all in frame at once. Now, from what I can tell, the app really only cones into play as a way to view results. When we tested, we didn't use the app. I used google chrome to log into emad, was then prompted to use my Navica app login info ( but not on the app, on the emed website ...hope that makes sense.....) . I was then connected to the test supervisor, did the whole thing. Results were sent to app and email. At the port I just opened the app and the checkin person accepted the results shown there.
  4. I just read the Celebrity FAQ and it says the Royal Caribbean storefront that sells the test kits is powered by Optum, which is the company that already sells 2 and 3 packs, so I think Celebrity/Royal is just adding a level of confidence for the passengers ( and a bit of kickback from Optum, of course 😋)
  5. Celebrity started accepting these tests weeks ago. The tests are sold in 6 packs from eMed and 2 or 3 packs from another company that people have mentioned here. I did this test, through eMed and the Navica app, on August 25 and it was READILY ACCEPTED at the port for my August 28 Edge sailing. I would be surprised if they suddenly forced people to purchase from them. I hope they are just adding an option to purchase through Celebrity so people feel more confident that these tests are acceptable.
  6. When I tested, the Navica app results showed EDT , since I reside in Florida. On another "proof" they sent , through eMed, it showed UST , which is ahead of EDT, so later that day. Way back at post #12 there's a photo of those results.
  7. I took the test Wednesday for a Saturday cruise. You take the test at home, with a supervisor watching you by vudeo. So you see the results yourself, they develop over 15 minutes and you show the supervisor your card and confirm the results with them. It looks like an at home pregnancy test, one pink stripe negative , two pink stripes positive. The test supervisor immediately sends official confirmation of results to the Navica app and your email. If you get a chance, follow the links other people have posted here that show the process. That will explain it better than i can.
  8. I'm the OP reporting back. Onboard the Edge. The results of the monitored BinaxNow ag card test were ACCEPTED. No questions, no problems . Boarding was easy.
  9. I understand her love of chocolate. Many years ago, on a cruise ( not Celebrity) it was a great cruise except for a lack of chocolate desserts.😮 I mentioned this in the mid-cruise comment card , jokingly. The next day , a beautiful, tasty chocolate cake was delivered to our stateroom. I will be looking for that cake in Eden this week! What is life without chocolate!
  10. I am the OP of this thread, we took our tests on August 25, 8 am EDT no wait. 9 am EDT 9 minute wait. Quick, easy testing. They must have hired more test supervisors as demand has grown.
  11. So maybe i can bring Reggie . He's a "service" animal. He believes everyone exists to service him. (And he also serves no legitimate purpose, so he's just like those Yorkies.)
  12. @Ken the cruiserThanks for taking us along with you on your b2b2b . You shared great info, beautiful pictures and especially the joy of cruising on the Edge.
  13. I am in Ocala ( central Florida) and keep getting texts from Healthy Together that they have test results linked to my phone number ( from my preboarding test) and I should sign up with them to see those results. So maybe both these sites are available in FL ?. I will look into the Patient Portal you mentioned.
  14. County. I had to go to Marion County Department of Health and get a copy of my vaccination records. They could not specifically talk to me about my Covid vaccinations, because of the ( stupid) Florida law , but those vaccinations are on the printout they gave me. So at least I have some backup to prove my cards are legit .
  15. If this was in reference to the thread that Jim linked, yes it was supervised, it was the exact test Celebrity describes in detail on it's FAQs. If you post something like this without knowing the facts, you are scaring people who might already be hesitant to take this test that Celebrity approves. The post fully states that it is the supervised/ proctored test. Further into it, there are responses that stress the difference and that the regular home test is NOT accepted.
  16. I am looking for reassurance about my luggage getting to our stateroom when using a handwritten tag at the port. I am used to having the mailed, sturdy tags with all the info on them, color coding etc etc. Now, i booked a last minute cruise and I can't even print the paper ones (pending). Whenever we drop luggage at the port it all seems rushed. Anyone who has had to put tags on when boarding, do the porters give you time to write everything correctly?
  17. I will complain to eMed , where i purchased them, that they are selling a product with a 11-12 month shelflife but shipping ones that have only 4 months of that life left . This company only sells in 6 packs, for $150. ,I'd like to have some time to use them.
  18. Celebrity FAQ on testing says printed, email or telehealth app ( in this case, Navica).
  19. I think it varies. To be honest, i was a bit angry when i got our tests. First, let me state that all these tests' expirations have been extended beyond whatever they have printed on them. This has all been cleared with the FDA (?) . I guess studies have been done that they have a longer shelf life with good results than originally expected. Theres a stamp on the box that says "add 3 months to the expiration date". But here's my problem. The ones i got, with these new extended expiration rules, have an 11 month shelf life from manufacture date. But the darn things were made in February ! And i got them in mid August, so they are only good for another 4 1/2 months, til early January of 2022! Like you, i have cruises in the future. And the six pack i got will expire before i need the last two. After my trip, i will complain.
  20. These are the 2 types of results you are sent. They can both be viewed in app, in email or printed.
  21. The Celebrity FAQs on testing, now spells out exactly which type of home medically supervised test is accepted. For once, Celebrity's website is very clear about something . https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/faqs#testing-and-screening-faqs
  22. Yes, i had the option to email results from the Navica app, and also a pdf from the eMed site, which looks different. If i get a chance, i will edit out persinal info and post photos of these forms.
  23. I wanted to share my good experience. My husband and I have an Edge sailing Sept 4. After having trouble booking tests , then having Walmart/quest cancel and CVS say results are 2-3 days minimum, Celebrity came through and gave the ok for people to use the Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Ag Card with telehealth supervision.. I ordered a 6 pack from eMed . They were delivered the next day ! Now that we had tests in hand, we decided why not sail even sooner!?! We just tested today. It was straightforward and not time consuming at all. We used our phones, didn't need a computer . You basically are in a video call with the person monitoring your test taking. At 8 am EDT I had no wait to speak to a test supervisor. At 9am my husband had a 9 minute wait. There are some videos out there showing the process, as well as written instructions on the eMed and Navica sites. The results are available in multiple formats, and show all pertinent information. I will give an update when we board. So we are negative as of today, August 25 , and just booked the August 28 sailing! Since we already had Sept 4 booked, so it may become a b2b or we may just cancel Sept 4 and move the FCC to our January cruise. 😁
  24. Thanks for your response. Gotta love those people who assume all of us who don't book suites can't afford it, or that once you've sailed in one you'll never go back. Like you said, some of us just don't see value in them, based on our personal preferences.
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