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  1. If anyone is going to Falmouth on their upcoming itinerary (or has been and snapped a photo) and pass close to the nearby peninsula where Excellence Oyster Bay is currently being built... can you take some photos? Its being built by the Luminous waters It is set to open in June and very curious about how it is coming along, and how close the cruise ship actually comes to the beach area of the resort. Thanks!!
  2. Did you take any photos along the way? Debating whether I want to go Eastern yet with all the hurricane damage... interested in the conditions of the island beaches and the scenic drive, etc. Thanks.
  3. ps: Southern would be our first choice but none of them line up great with our travel date options
  4. My husband and I were exclusively looking at Western Itinerary but may need to look at Eastern's just because of our schedules lining up. We've done St Maarten and St Thomas and liked both. Nassau doesn't appeal to me. Dominican Republic - didn't even know that was a cruise stop...is this new? San Juan, never been. Mostly we are looking to enjoy beautiful beach days at our stops and some culture too. Not big shoppers other than to maybe grab some little gifts for our kids back home. What is the condition of the islands after last years hurricane season - specifically St Maarten, St. Thomas/St. John and San Juan? Also, if anyone has done the itinerary that includes Dominican republic/Punta Cana.... what was your experience like - what did you do at port? Thanks.
  5. We are trying to fit an anniversary cruise into a busy schedule. We were hoping to fit a cruise in between September and late November to celebrate 20 years. Had found a nice Western on Equinox Dec 1 and now we have a conflict that may not allow us to book that time. The same sailing is also on August 11th for a very good price.... -will there be a lot of children on the cruise (we've never sailed X, assuming mostly adults but ...) -i know it will be hot. Considering we are mostly going to be doing beaches at port the heat doesn't scare me too much. What are the rooms and public spaces like though on hot humid days - do they keep them comfortable? -anything I'm overlooking?
  6. I have teenagers. They love good food and for that part - Celebrity would win I think (based on others opinions, we haven't sailed with X yet)...but I would choose RCI or Norwegian to keep them busy and having fun on sea days. Unless it is a very heavy port itinerary and they won't be on the boat long enough to grow "bored".
  7. I'm currently reading your Equinox 2016 review and enjoying it. Looking forward to this one as well!
  8. Our cruise will come with free perk of classic package. Was quite happy about this! I am a tutti-frutti colourful fun drinks kind of girl. I'm wondering if I'm going to be happy with Classic or want to upgrade to premium? Tell me your favourite fun drinks included in the Classic? What is the price limit for Classic? Does anyone have photo menu or menu descriptions of bar drinks (mostly for pool and after supper consumption - I'll have wine with my supper)? If I decide to upgrade to Premium, does my husband need to also or can he stick with the 'free' Classic? He is a beer guy for the most part. And I'm sure this has been asked by other Canadians but... do they make/offer Bloody Caesars on Equinox? Also love Amaretto Sours. Thanks!
  9. I was curious about the 'things to do' aspect of the Celebrity cruise line for younger demographic. We are mid 40's and are looking for a couple's getaway. We love great food and relaxation so we are looking at Equinox Concierge or Aqua class.... but I admit I'm a bit concerned about what we will do to fill our evenings. I'm not into magician shows and immature comedy shows. Also concerned about the music - is it mostly older music or do they offer a good mix of things (modern pop, some party music/dance at night)? What about around the pool deck. I read somewhere that there is live music at times but it leans toward 50' & 60's style music. If so, is it loud or can I drown it out with my music and headphones?...just not my thing. If it was Caribbean steel drums style music - that is a different story. I guess I'm mostly wondering if we will find a place to fit in the demographics and activities of the boat. Mostly I imagine us eating and sunning on sea days but I want to know I will find somethings for the two of us to do after supper so we aren't tempted to fall asleep in a food coma at 10pm LOL. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for posting. If anyone can post the menu's they had in just a regular veranda stateroom category - that would be great
  11. I think with a Balcony there will be a few times we may order room service for breakfast (port days) or for a late snack if we have an early dinner. Can anyone provide me photos of S-class (sailing Equinox) recent room service menu's. 1) regular menu 2) concierge additional items menu 3) is there additional item again for the AQUA class or same as concierge menu? We are leaning heavily towards Aqua class balcony. Also, what is the late night fee and times it goes into effect? Tipping - what is an agreeable amount to tip when brought room service in a cruise?
  12. Question: can you make your specialty restaurant dining reservations ahead also or just any select dining times you want in the MDR?
  13. I am looking for some input. The jump from 'normal' veranda to Concierge is about $400-500CAD more. I'm trying to justify if that is really worthwhile. I really like the idea of a foot stool on my balcony but not sure it justifies the difference. I know there are other perks to Concierge - what are they? Anyone have the 2 menu's for free room service items so I can see the additionals that Concierge is entitled to? I looked at the Concierge embarkation day lunch and it is not enticing in the least and quite limiting - which surprised me. I see the benefits of a jump up to AQUA with Blu but don't see it as much with Concierge. That being said, I may be missing some perks. Would love your thoughts.
  14. On our port days I'm mostly looking for gorgeous vistas and beach settings with a nice bar/lunch spot and the opportunity to rent beach lounges/umbrella. What would you suggest? Sailing with Celebrity in either Nov/Dec i think. Not booked, researching first - never really thought of Dominican Republic as a cruise port before...so interested in your suggestions. Thanks.
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