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    Renting a jeep?

    How easy is it to navigate Cozumel? I'm assume driving is on the right hand side of the road, otherwise I'd be nervous. Another concern is what happens if you are in port and rent a vehicle and there is a fender bender? how does that get taken care of/handled with a ship leaving port etc? Anyone done the jeep rental thing and if so, recommended route or spots not to miss. I definitely want beach/snorkel time somewhere and some sight seeing. Thanks.
  2. i'm interested to see the condition of the water and beach. can you share photos when you go/return?
  3. Great thread and so helpful. Many thanks for taking the time to provide such detail.
  4. Canadians: where do you even go to see/load offers or is this something just for Americans? i've went on the card site as well as our banking site and see where i can transfer my earned points towards things but nowhere to see special offers/load offers on to card. HELP.
  5. Any Canadians have any luck with this? I logged on to our banking to see if i could find reference to this and nothing. We have the AMEX gold card through our bank. How are people loading offers? (maybe just applicable to Americans?) Put our deposit for cruise on AMEX and will soon pay the remainder. Thanks for any advice.
  6. hi john, we are just starting to look into something to do in Grand Cayman... we want a nice beach day i think. Can you share with me how you got there last time (did you prebook car tour somehow?) and how far away from port it is? We are at GC tendered from 10-6. There are 4 of us and maybe we'll just take a cab if there is no cheaper/better way? any info appreciated.
  7. I know that some stops have more than one pier which can help you determine which excursions work best with a timeline. I cannot find a list of the pier names for our Western itinerary? Key West Costa Maya Cozumel Grand Cayman Thanks
  8. has anyone had any experience doing this? I am dreading calling Celebrity to ask and sitting on hold for an hr
  9. We have onboard credit and want to book Fine Cuts. We'd like another couple to join us (using their own OBC) and share a table but when i try and reserve/book all of the OBC is deducted from ours. Is there a way to do this or do we need to pay for any other guests we want to share a table with? It allows me to put our friends Name and reservation # to add to our table but that is far as I get without it deducting the total for all 4 of us off of our OBC. Thanks
  10. We are on Edge for a western in March. The itinerary is FLL>KeyWest>Sea day>CostaMayaMX>Cozumel>GrandCayman>Sea day>FLL Anyone booked on this upcoming and will the chic nights fall on Sea days only? Day 3 and Day 7 here? Also, want to get our dining booked eventually. Do you recommend doing Chic nights in the MDR (special menu? any examples?) or enjoy them at a specialty. We are booking the 3 specialty restaurant deal and was considering Fine Cuts on a sea day or Eden. Thanks
  11. Just cancel if they aren't willing to switch/price match. If you are not passed final pymt date i don't understand why they would not do it over the phone with you (or your travel agent if you used one). We are in Ontario Canada. We are with a t-agent so they needed to call in for the price match but it was not a problem and we saved almost $1400 total for our Edge Cruise in March. Our final payment date is Dec 30. We didn't have to cancel our booking either, it was just switched to the new rate. .
  12. will they honour a screen-capture/screen shot of the price since our Travel agent can't call til tomorrow? and will they make us cancel and re-book to honour the better price? asking b/c i noticed select and early dining is gone and i know our travel-mates will not do late dining.
  13. So we literally booked a few days ago and now our cruise far of 2 is more than $1000 cheaper. We booked with a travel agent that is unfortunately out of the office today for medical reasons. Will Celebrity deal with me if I call? I've been sitting on hold waiting for 45 minutes and I have a feeling they will say they can't assist us since we booked with a TA? Any advice? For us, that is a considerable savings.
  14. Would not of thought I needed to try this place for lunch but your photos sold it. Sea day treat perhaps!
  15. i noticed when i opened the Normandie one that it is numbered Dessert 1, Dessert 2, etc. Do these correspond with what night they serve this dessert menu? Wondering b/c there is some desserts that sound really good and would book us in that night of the cruise, if that is the case
  16. Would like to get the 3 specialty dining PKG booked pre-trip in hopes of a good dining time (7-7:30 which i'm assuming is peak time?) Sailing the Edge end of March, so still lots of time. Does the pkg deals ever go on sale for a better "deal" or are the prices listed on cruise-planner all unless we wait and see about deals once we board? 3 specialty dining pkg is currently listed at: $182 Canadian CAD
  17. Before I book our MDR and specialty dining.... are there any theme nights I should know about that would make me want to be in the MDR? What night would Chic/formal nights fall on and are they nice to do in MDR or specialty? Any other theme nights on a western Caribbean 7 night (March 2020)? I have many questions and find the search feature a bit difficult to maneuver. Thank you for your help.
  18. Thanks for the help. What is a good time to book MDR's (select dining) if you want to be done in time to catch the later entertainment shows/venues? Not sure how long to expect the MDR experience to take for a table of 4? Same question re: booking Fine Cuts; Eden and Raw on 5?
  19. We are booked in March on the Edge and our friends booked as well. I'm thinking we will want to make some reservations (select dining and specialty restaurants) as soon as we are able? It is probably too early for us to do that as when I go on cruise planner i don't see that option? March 29 is our sail date. Also, when we do get access to make these dinner reservations/times/etc... how do we book a table for 4 so that our friends can eat with us? Unsure how to do that. Thanks, Leslie
  20. Not much cruise experience here. Trying to picture what connecting rooms with double doors entails. Do you know of any photos or video that would show this? Could be a good way to "expand" our small living space LOL
  21. our friends are also booking a cabin. Looks like i'd be safe to recommend 6264 or 6262 based on the first photo (if they want the cheapest IV pricing)
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