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  1. An even swap would of had me rebooking instead of taking the $ refund. I really was looking forward to our sailing on the Edge and put a great deal of research and planning into it. If I could of just transferred my booking and the perks that we managed during a sale... i would of. But the prices are inflated currently and I think that has put me off. We will take the cash and probably just go on an easy island vacation - unless Celebrity can entice us back. Fingers crossed!
  2. i spoke to someone on their chat too and they said: "Celebrity cruise has not yet officially make a statement in regards the suspensions , they will do so in a couple hours"
  3. for your flights by celebrity - did you book refundable or non-refundable flights? full refund on credit card or a credit to use at a different time? thanks.
  4. my two major concerns; 1) the recommendation/warning to Canadians stated that Canada may not be open to repatriation of anyone requiring quarantine. I am reading over things and that says to me that if we were unlucky and our ship was flagged and we required transport back to Trenton air base - that it will be on our dime and would need to cover cost of repatriation. 2) medical travel insurance we have with work and credit card - concerned that it may not cover health conditions that arise after Canada's warning against cruising. Thoughts? Would really like to go b
  5. We are set to go on Edge March 29. We are considering going but are equally considering cancelling...as sad as that makes us. We are in Canada. We did purchase (through travel agent, not Celebrity CFAR if they even offer it?) CFAR = Cancel for any reason insurance. Has anyone cancelled using this policy and is there anything we should be aware of. Did you get 100% back or did you take a penalty and get something like 80% back. Our travel agent feels we likely are 100% back since Covid was unforeseen. She is away until March 16th on her own vacation so I don't want to bother her until she retur
  6. That would be perfect if true. I've not checked further as we are not at the point where we have made decisions. I really don't want to cancel. Our flights were booked with Celebrity but they were non-refundable so I'm not sure...
  7. Does anyone have a list of which ships have been turned away from which Caribbean ports and why? Also, ships of incidence - ie: Grand Princess quarantined? Thanks. I admit I've been only sort of following along with it all and now we are 3 wks out from our own cruise and I'm thinking maybe I need to look at our options closer.
  8. I was hoping if we cancel our flight costs would be returned to our credit card and then the FCC would be available to rebook when this all blows over.
  9. ok that is what i figured but thought maybe there was a chance since they are both under the Royal Caribbean umbrella. 🙂
  10. Not entertaining the thought of cancelling at this moment, we have 3 wks to make that decision - but IF we cancel... can this future cruise credit be applied to a Royal Caribbean cruise or only Celebrity cruises? Asking b/c our next vacation was going to be a family vacation and I think i'd rather have teens and tween kids on a RC ship. Also - has anyone heard word on how they are handling flights purchased through Celebrity? Will we be out the $ on these if we cancel or will they also be rolled into a future credit? Thanks.
  11. Also, incase you weren't aware - you can do "extend your stay" and stay on the ship for a fee right up until a couple hours before it sets sail (I think 1;30 is deadline to get off?) - it includes drink pkg, lounging in public areas/pools, lunch, etc. Depends on if you want to prolong your vacation or get home. If I lived close to port and didn't have to fly...i'd think about extending my vacation a bit 🙂
  12. Yes i guess I left out some important information lol. Fort Lauderdale. FLL to Toronto return flight with some time to kill.
  13. OMG LOL. Sorry! Fort Lauderdale 🙂 Returning off Edge on April 5/2020
  14. Considering our flight home doesn't leave with Air Canada until 3:50pm - we are looking for things to do before we head to the airport for 1pm. Can anyone recommend a nice spot to have a long lunch (water view would be a perk) and a few cocktails while we pass some time - would need to be somewhere that we could check our luggage at while we are there? Thanks.
  15. We have only done one cruise and that was many moons ago on Disney. I cannot wrap my head around the cruise card you have to carry around and use to open your cabin door, show when getting drinks at bar (premium package), etc. We are on Edge and I have read you cannot punch holes in their cards due to electronic issue? How do you carry? I've seen lanyards and can't imagine wanting one of those around my neck all the time. Does it get swiped or do they just look at it at the bars, etc. My husband has lanyards that would hold them secure and the front would be visible but they'd be a bit of a pa
  16. we are on same cruise 🙂 Not much longer now!
  17. Your lunch at Pancho's looks delicious and I love the bracelet you bought. I'm really enjoying your review.
  18. i'm noticing from the dailies that the evenings don't seem to be featuring a theatre/production show nightly. have they cut back on the theatre shows that they used to provide (i think there were at least 4 in the past including kaliedescope, the jewelry box, A hot summer's night, colors of life, etc)
  19. Curious if you could clarify - do you mean to say that the things labelled with the gluten-free icon are not necessarily gluten free? We are travelling with a friend that is Celiac and she gets very sick if she ingests food that is not gluten-free. We were under the impression that Celebrity was very good at labelling everything on a menu and in the buffet? Thanks for any clarification you can offer...
  20. Where are you seeing TA for that low? I just did a quick search and nothing lower than $1000inside.
  21. Deciding between Blue Kay (read they had decent beach snorkeling?) and Nohoch Kay for our March cruise. I'd love to hear from people that have been to either spot this past while and what was the conditions of the beach - the food options - did you try snorkeling - clean bathroom facilities? Photos of food, beach, etc appreciated also. 🙂
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