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  1. I started to read this thread in its entirety, but finally decided that it was pretty much more of the same, and that was people defending the Monarch's Capt. and crew on how well they turned a bad situation into a fun time. They kept the ship safe and the passengers happy. We had a great time meeting new friends and partying with old ones. Nothing that happened was the fault of RCCL. I think they did the best they could with a bad situation and I said so on my comment card.
  2. WOW! You guys sure picked the right ship and the right cruise for your first! Have a great time and don't mess up the ship too much. We're next!:D
  3. Furthermore(:)), I had a conversation the other day with a woman who complained about having to wait in line for the dining room doors to open. I told her we never do that and always arrive about 10 minutes late. After all, as you said, you have an assigned table. No one is going to take it away from you.
  4. I would have been livid! DH and I are bar sitters anyway. We like to bond with the bartender(:)), and I even get a little OCD about where I sit(:o), so the very idea that someone would sit at the bar, possibly in MY seat and not order anything, well, let's just say it would not have been pretty. We leave on March 1 and I just can't wait!!!!
  5. I just found this thread (Charlie, why didn't you tell us?) and it's great! I loved the pictures. We leave on Solstice on March 1 and can't wait. The martini bar looks divine. I just might spend my entire cruise there.;) Thans for the all info., guys, I love your website. So informative.
  6. Banning them from cruising is a little harsh, but I agree with what others have said about going to the press. They might have felt the need for a lawyer to ensure repayment of their expenses, although what happened to them was due to their own negligence in planning and if they had insurance, they would not need a lawyer to seek reimbursement, but calling the press was unnecessary. However, the lawyer was probably the one who called the press. Hopefully, this family has learned the value of travel insurance, especially when travelling with an infant.
  7. Aubiecruiser, IMHO you are wrong to pass judgment on RCI because of this incident. My husband fainted in the dining room on board Celebrity's Mercury a few years ago due to a severe drop in blood pressure. He was 62 at the time. Our waiter called the Medical Center immediately and they were there in seconds, took him to the infirmary, hooked him up to an IV and EKG because they feared a heart attack. The doctor was with my husband every minute he was in the facility. They were able to take tests and get results and within 45 minutes they had determined the problem and we went back to our cabin. My husband was completely revived and even took a shower. I was extremely impressed with the response and care we received in that situation. Unless one of your parents suffers a life-threatening illness which can be difficult to survive in a hospital in the States, I would feel safe with the medical facilities and staff on cruise ships.
  8. Bill, It doesn't make much difference if you own RCI stock. What you said is absolutely true. I saw the story on Fox News this morning and when they asked the mother if she would take another cruise, she said "yes, but not on Royal Caribbean." If they continue being irresponsible in their travel plans and documents, they are sure to have another unfortunate experience of their own doing. Will they continue to narrow their choices of travel? If so, they might be better off staying home.
  9. I believe RCI did everything they could to not only help the child, but to protect the other passengers as well. I was on Celebrity's Mercury two years ago when they had a major outbreak of norovirus. Not only was it a nightmare for sick passengers (of whom I was one), but the ship was held in port by the CDC for two weeks following and had to cancel it's next cruise costing the line big money. But I think the main question in this situation is, why did the parents wait so long to get the child to the infirmary? It seems to me that if they had acted more quickly, they would not have had to pack "on the run." It's unfortunate that they had so much difficulty in returning to the US, but as everyone else has stated, passports and travel insurance would have been helpful. Their health insurance carrier may reimburse them for the emergency room costs. Furthermore, and I guess I'm on a soap box, why does the news media have a vendetta against the cruise industry? Admittedly, there have not been as many negative stories about cruising lately, but it seems that if someone sneezes on a cruise ship, the news media pounces on it and makes a big deal out of it. Is it just me or have other people noticed this as well?
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