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  1. Come July 5 there will be some exemptions for fully vaccinated folks meeting certain criteria. Fingers crossed things will get easier for us. Rochelle
  2. Well that is good in the sense that the cancellation for me was not indicative of issues with cruises starting back up from Florida. Rochelle
  3. Thanks for the information leerathje. I was aware that HAL does a lot of charters but did not realize they did this so close to sail date. I booked that cruise on May 19th. I replaced it with one on NCL out of Miami yesterday, which within an hour or so of booking suddenly showed sold out and then last night I could not find it on there website at all. Will not be in any hurry to book my airfare. Perhaps I am not meant to be on a cruise the beginning of November. thanks again for the charter info. Rochelle
  4. I just posted on another thread...my November 6 Nieuw Amsterdam out of Fort Lauderdale was cancelled June 10th. Disappointing but hopefully there are far more that will be a go. Rochelle
  5. Not sure when the press release on the Carnival Corp site was posted but my cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam on Nov 6th was cancelled on June 10th: June 10, 2021 Dear Valued Guest, Thank you for choosing to cruise with Holland America Line on: Nieuw Amsterdam I175 7-Day Western Caribbean – Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale November 6, 2021 We greatly appreciate your choosing Holland America Line and we know that you are looking forward to your cruise (booking XXXXXXX). We are writing to let you know of a change we are making to our deployment that unfortunately impacts your cruise. The 7-Day Western Caribbean voyage you’re booked on is being cancelled. We sincerely apologize for this change as we never like to disappoint our guests. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and would like to assist you in reserving an alternate sailing. We invite you to make a booking on any one of the following voyages: Nieuw Amsterdam I172 7-Day Western Caribbean – Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale October 23, 2021 Nieuw Statendam J176 7-Day Western Caribbean – Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale November 21, 2021 Choose any one of the voyages listed above and you will be re-accommodated in the same (or equivalent) stateroom category at the rate already paid. In addition a Shipboard Credit (SBC) will be applied to the new booking based on the stateroom category booked: · $100 per person (up to $200 per stateroom) for Pinnacle Suite bookings · $100 per person (up to $200 per stateroom) for Neptune Suite bookings · $100 per person (up to $200 per stateroom) for Signature Suite bookings · $75 per person (up to $150 per stateroom) for Verandah Stateroom bookings · $50 per person (up to $100 per stateroom) for Ocean-view Stateroom bookings · $50 per person (up to $100 per stateroom) for Interior Stateroom bookings All the above Shipboard Credits are denominated in USD. If you would prefer not to book one of the above replacement voyages but rebook to any other 7-day Caribbean voyage sailing November 2021 through April 2022, excluding Holiday sailings, the above Shipboard Credit (SBC) will be applied to the new booking based on the stateroom category booked. Cancellation Protection Plan cost and Taxes, Fees, and Port Expenses will be calculated based on the new booking. Hoping my booking on the Eurodam for Nov 14th is still a go. Rochelle
  6. Around noon today I confirmed a tentative booking for the Joy on November 6, 2021. An hour or so later while doing a mock booking looking for a more desirable cabin location a message appeared saying my cabin category was now sold out. When I went to re log in all categories were showing sold out. Tonight I attempted to try another mock booking and the sail date does not even come up, nor for the week following. I had booked this to replace a cancelled cruise for the exact same week but out of Fort Lauderdale and on another cruise line. I am starting to wonder if this has something to do with the court ruling between Florida and the CDC? Rochelle
  7. Kazu, Yes that is very helpful. I cannot imagine why they would not want to take more money. I took a screenshot of the older drink list you posted earlier...will see how many of the various options I can check off as personally tried and tested. Rochelle
  8. Thank you for that information, I was not aware. It is one less thing to be concerned about. I was gambling a little when I made my non refundable bookings with no idea of what restrictions may be in place for Canadians come November. I am hopeful travelling will be much easier by then. I am curious to see if HAL will require all passengers to be vaccinated and if so how that will play out with sailings out of Florida and the Governor’s mandate making it illegal to ask people if they have been vaccinated. Lots of things to try and keep informed about. Rochelle
  9. I am wondering if you receive the Signature Drink Package as part of your booking are you able to pay to upgrade to the Elite package once on board? I could certainly justify the additional cost with the wider selections of wines available. Thanks in advance, Rochelle
  10. Well I do hope this is true as I booked a 10 day cruise to the Panama Canal about a week and a half ago. The cruise is not until November and I realize things are changing almost daily so hopefully everything will be smooth sailing by then. Rochelle
  11. My booked cruise on the Bellisima for October 23, 2021 has disappeared. It shows no where on the MSC website and I am unable to check my booking online. On another website it lists that particular cruise as ‘Sold Out’. I tried calling but although the website says they are open on Saturday the message says the office is closed. Has anyone else had their cruise just disappear? One would think if the cruise is cancelled they would have notified me, especially since I am paid in full. This would be my first cruise with MSC. Appreciate anyone else’s input. Thanks, Rochelle
  12. What date are you booked for? I was was just looking up our cruise for next October and the MSC website, both American and Canadian, is not showing any cruises for that month? We are booked for October 23, 2021. Rochelle
  13. Just off the Dawn this morning. i pre booked the Tampa City Tour with airport transfer over the phone before the cruise. The tickets were in our cabin on Day 1. My Platinum Plus discount was not automatically applied. I asked about this at guest services and they directed me to the Shore X desk to have the adjustment made. The $50 per port credit, which is normally applied after the excursion, appeared on my account yesterday afternoon. This helped in trying to balance my account before the last morning. Have a great cruise! Rochelle
  14. I remember in the past when the limit was first implemented that the reasoning was because of the very favourable exchange rate being offered at the time. I would not say that the rate of exchange you mentioned would fit in this category. If I recall correctly, due to the cruise line not having a flexible rate of exchange, people were making somewhere around 15% by purchasing OBC before the trip. Obviously this is not the case today but the ‘block’ put in place appears to still be in effect, or causing some sort of glitch. If the terms state the limit is $1000.00 US, than that is what everyone should be able to purchase. With the current set up someone purchasing using the British Pound would be able to purchase $1328.74 US as that is the exchange for £1000 There needs to be a fix that hopefully a supervisor might be able to help you with. Rochelle
  15. Thanks for posting the order form. Could you please tell me the ship and date this came from? If I recall correctly this is quite different than the list available on the Spirit in May. Thank you, Rochelle
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