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  1. Have you though about doing both? You could add a few days in Portugal either at the start or end of your cruise. You just need to be a little creative in your flight selections. Perhaps make your flights to England, then you could pick up relatively inexpensive flights to the port of departure and to Portugal. If you are working with a travel agent they should have no trouble making this happen for you. Just about anywhere in the Med is beautiful and whatever you decide I am sure you will have a fabulous time. Rochelle
  2. To help with your peace of mind if you do live ‘dangerously’ by going with private tours or DIY Many of the European tour companies will guarantee to get you back to the ship on time. But even without that, keep in mind that in the unlikely event that you miss the ship, getting to the next port in Europe is not necessarily difficult, perhaps a relatively short and inexpensive train ride. Even with the Greek islands it is much easier to get from one island to the next that what you might face if you missed the ship in the Caribbean. Personally I love private and DIY in Europe, but whatever you decide for yourself no doubt you will have a fabulous time. Enjoy your cruise! Rochelle
  3. You might want to shop around for your airfare. For my upcoming cruise to Europe the 'reduced' air was $200 more than what I paid for direct flights of my choosing. Rochelle
  4. Thanks for sharing the article. It was an interesting read. Rochelle
  5. Great information Iamchops. Thanks for sharing that. Rochelle
  6. I have not taken the express bus itself but some other options in case you might be interested. I have taken the train a couple of times which is not too far of a walk from the port and was very quick. Also I have done the Hop on Hop off bus before which was nice as it picked up just outside the port gates. If I recall correctly it was the same general area as the express bus. Next trip to Athens (May) I will be travelling with two aunts who have not been to this port before, planning on the HoHo bus again. Once in the city DIY at the Acropolis using the Rick Steve’s audio guide on our phones and then depending on time checking out some other highlight stops as we make are way back to Piraeus and the ship. There is also a free walking tour of the city that might be of interest. Lots of great options. Rochelle
  7. You could also put a scanner app on your smartphone, iPad/tablet. They work very well and you can just prin5 copies when you get home. Rochelle
  8. Thank you very much, this response was very helpful. Rochelle
  9. Can you tell me what kind of credit you got for the 250 minute plan when you upgraded to the top tier? Thanks Rochelle
  10. I am speaking from experience with this itinerary but not recently. Things often do change and the information I have given could very well be outdated. My apologies if this is the case. Rochelle Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. When and where you initially board the ship will not have any influence on getting tender tickets once you arrive in Cannes. Priority will be given to some, which will include Haven guests, VIP status and higher level Latitude status. Also ship sold shore excursions will also have priority but usually they do not gather in the same area as the general tender line. In general though there will be a time and place announced for when everyone else can get their tender tickets. This is done on a first come first served basis. As an example you might be docking at 8:00 am and at 6:30 am tender tickets might be available in a particular lounge. Guests go to the lounge and pick up their tender tickets, which will have group numbers. Afterwards, announcements will be made for when it is each groups turn to take their tender turn. This is similar to the embarkation process. If you want or need to be off the ship as early as possible then you need to be at the location where tender tickets are handed out early. Hope this helps explain the process a little more. Have a great cruise. Rochelle Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. If you post this on the roll call specific for your sailing , then you are more likely to find others interested in sharing with you. Rochelle Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Just curious... if you are upgrading from the 250 minute promo and paying the difference, has anyone been able to get any additional discount for also having Platinum Plus minutes as well? Rochelle Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. The last time I was in Europe aboard an NCL ship it was possible to purchase local currency at the front desk, but buyer beware, on top of the exchange rate there would have been a $10 flat rate charge for doing the transaction. In the case of exchanging small amounts this could get expensive very quickly. I agree with other posters who said that using US dollars in the Caribbean is relatively easy. Cruising further afield to places in Europe, Asia and South America can be a very different situation. I have come across numerous times and places where it was cash only in the local currency. In my opinion the best thing is to do your currency exchanges at home. Not only is is prudent to have local currency with you when arriving in a new country but why waste your limited and valuable vacation time looking for and using a foreign ATM? Rochelle Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Agree 100%. From my understanding of this situation in the past people have indeed been charged extra for travelling alone after giving notification that one of the party is no longer going on the cruise. Best bet leave it as a no show. Rochelle Sent from my iPad using Forums
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