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  1. Just off the Dawn this morning. i pre booked the Tampa City Tour with airport transfer over the phone before the cruise. The tickets were in our cabin on Day 1. My Platinum Plus discount was not automatically applied. I asked about this at guest services and they directed me to the Shore X desk to have the adjustment made. The $50 per port credit, which is normally applied after the excursion, appeared on my account yesterday afternoon. This helped in trying to balance my account before the last morning. Have a great cruise! Rochelle
  2. I remember in the past when the limit was first implemented that the reasoning was because of the very favourable exchange rate being offered at the time. I would not say that the rate of exchange you mentioned would fit in this category. If I recall correctly, due to the cruise line not having a flexible rate of exchange, people were making somewhere around 15% by purchasing OBC before the trip. Obviously this is not the case today but the ‘block’ put in place appears to still be in effect, or causing some sort of glitch. If the terms state the limit is $1000.00 US, than that is
  3. Thanks for posting the order form. Could you please tell me the ship and date this came from? If I recall correctly this is quite different than the list available on the Spirit in May. Thank you, Rochelle
  4. Din my experience everyone in the cabin with a Platinum Plus are included in the dinner with an officer. If it were a couple in the same cabin, say husband and wife, and only one was Platinum Plus they certainly would not only invite one of them to the dinner. My suggestion would be that when you sign up with the Cruise Next desk for the dinner, just inform them that you and your cabin mate are both interested in the dinner. Rochelle
  5. Thanks so much for sharing this. Never thought about looking at an excursion for the debarkation day. From your post I checked the shore excursions for my trip, turns out I qualify for a free city tour and transfer to the airport. Great to have this as an option if need be. Thanks again, Rochelle
  6. I should have clarified that this is an Air Canada Rouge booking, so there is the 5th category of Basic, which also incurs a fee for seat selection. From NCL I received the following; Fare Type: FLEXIBLE Passenger Information: XXXXX ROCHELLE PNR Record Locator: XXXXXX Ship: Norwegian Dawn Sail Date: January 5, 2020 When I went to the Air Canada website and did a mock booking for the exact same flights and an Economy ticket I was given five sub categories to choose from, Basic, Standard, Flex, Comfort and Latitude. As the email from NCL
  7. This is actually a casino comped cruise for me. But I have been keeping an eye on the rates and cabin availability in case I was interested in bidding for an upgrade if that became available. I have seen absolutely no increase in the base fare when I have been doing mock bookings with or without airfare. When you choose the airfare rate the system automatically adds the transfers to and from the ship, so you do see that increase. For Tampa this was originally $40, which I felt was quite reasonable. When I decided to deviate and go two days early I called to have the transfer removed. They also
  8. Yes I understand that many people have said this is the way things are done. And incompletely understand your final sentiment of whether this happens or not being not our business. My comment was more for discussions sake, but your comment does make me curious.... If I leave the DSC in place and then tip cash over and above the DSC to acknowledge and thank those who have made my cruise exceptional, would those individuals have to pool this cash or would they not be free to keep this amount for themselves? Rochelle
  9. Yesterday I received an email with the flight arrangements for my cruise in January. I will be flying from Toronto to Tampa on Air Canada. In the the document that was in the email it said the flight category was ‘flexible’. When I went on the Air Canada website there was no seat assignment made at this point and when I went to choose my seat it incurred a charge. The amount was reasonable but from what I have read on here people have been able to choose their seats and incurred no charge unless upgrading. Perhaps I have misunderstood. Also on the Air Canada website it states a ‘F
  10. First off I am not trying to be argumentative but would like to play devils advocate on how this could not possibly be true. Imagine I were to go about my cruise tipping cash as I went, such as an upfront tip to my cabin steward and then cash directly to every waiter who served me along the way. On the final night I go to guest services and have the DSC removed from my account, how would they ever be able to know who received a cash tip or how much? If it were an honour system how would an employee know that I would be removing my DSC at the end? Seems to me the only
  11. Just out of curiosity I did do a mock booking for the Epic out of Barcelona for the first week of June, 2020. I can only see Canadian prices on my end but there was a significant difference in price based on departure airport. From PHl it shows the add on price of $935.86 Cdn. From Newark or JFK the cost per person was $534.20 Cdn per person. With a group your size that adds up to a significant savings. I would be interested in learning what you can find for yourself in American dollars. Also when you fly from Newark or JFK you are more likely to get direct flights be
  12. I do not have any answers to your specific questions but did want to add to your research if you are looking at other options for departure airports. I would recommend doing some mock bookings on the NCL website to see what the airfare would be from the different airport options you can consider. It is possible you will see some differeing air add on fees. For my cruise June 2020 that starts in Southampton, flights out of Buffalo, which is 40 minutes from my house are $1337.52 per person. But flights from Toronto which is 70 minutes away in the opposite direction are free.
  13. Very disappointing to hear this. I’m sure many others will feel the same way as the themed nights were quite popular with a lot of people. Rochelle
  14. A picture of my door on the Norwegian Sun (May 2017). I suppose on longer cruises (around South America), when the cruise staff is looking for things to do to entertain the passengers, door decorations are acceptable. On my cruise they advertised and promoted a door decorating contest, craft supplies were provided if needed ( I used their crepe paper). The entries were shown on the big screen in the theatre and prizes were awarded - I received a loaded bag of NCL swag and a bottle of champagne for my door. Guess things have changed. 🤪 Rochelle
  15. Unfortunately there is no alternative on the Spirit for the Platinum option. La Cucina was it. Had a fabulous time on the Spirit in May. Have a great cruise. Rochelle
  16. I was just there in May and did not see any tuscanybus.com shuttles for $5 at the pier. We did see lots on lines for people waiting for shuttles that I believe were arranged by the port. We had a tuscanybus.com tour booked (Pisa and Lucca) and needed to meet up with the tour bus at the Livorno city center. Not wanting to stand in the long shuttle lines we opted to just take a taxi to the city center. We had a private van and the cost was €20. There also were folks opting to share. We were 6 ladies so the private van worked well for us. In the long run it worked out cheaper as the
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