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  1. Yes, I did. After I tracked down those emails for the Princess execs and wrote them, I got a call from someone who said she represented the exec team. We walked through all 3 of the refunds I was due, and the amounts. That was when I learned for the first time that they had NO RECORD of my airfare reimbursement request, which 2 other reps told me had been received. I was able to send it again to her attention. I don't know if this exchange sped up my cruise fare and OBC refunds any, but it sure helped on the airfare reimbursement, which I otherwise might still be waiting for. I now
  2. Are you asking me or @mackley1956, whose question I was answering?
  3. I, too, was on an interrupted voyage for which no clear status info was available. Here are the emails of the executive team that I wrote to and didn't bounce back. These emails did produce a phone call from a rep who had some real info for once. Jan Swartz, CEO, jswartz@princesscruises.com Collin Steinke, Director of Customer Relations, csteinke@princesscruises.com Negin Kamali, Director of Public Relations, NKamali@princesscruises.com I also got a direct number for Customer Relations from another Cruise Critic member: 661-753-0000 x 44411. The rep who answered
  4. The miracle has finally occurred. I received a check from Bottomline for my onboard credit refund from my interrupted world cruise on Pacific Princess, departing LA on Jan 20 and ending early in Fremantle, Australia on Mar 21. Check was dated July 2, postmarked July 6, and arrived July 11. This is the last of the refunds and FCC due to me, received 112 days after disembarking. Good luck to all of you still waiting! I can't say it's been fun, but it's over for me at last.
  5. On Day 112, I have finally received my airfare/baggage reimbursement for our cancelled-in-transit world cruise on Pacific Princess that began Jan 20 and ended Mar 21. Although I was told multiple times to expect this as a check in the mail, it showed up as a credit on a card that was a) not the card I used to purchase the airfare, b) not the card on file to pay my onboard account, c) not the card I last used to pay cruise fare, and d) not the card to which my cruise fare was previously refunded. Instead, it was a card I had once used in 2019 to make a payment on cruise
  6. What I learned was that if a Princess rep says your cruise fare refund has been "processed," all it means is that Step A has been completed. You need to ask "when will it be released" to get an idea when you will see it. For my cruise fare refund, it was processed on the 19th and not released until the 26th. As far as I can tell from other experiences I've seen, though, you can't count on just a one week gap. At times, refunds have been processed and then not released for two weeks or possibly more.
  7. After 102 days, it has finally happened! Three of our credit cards are showing credits from Princess that add up to the amount of cruise fare that we are owed as a refund. Ship: Pacific Princess Departure Date: Jan 20, 2020 Cancelled in Transit: Mar 21, 2020 We are still owed the balance of our onboard credit account and airfare/baggage reimbursement. We have already received the promised FCC, equal to the refunded cruise fare. It looks like Princess released a LOT of refunds on June 26, so keep checking your credit cards.
  8. Thanks for the sympathy, Holly! Here's the "later development" I referred to earlier. It appears that all you need to do to get Princess to take action on your refunds is get interviewed by CNN, USA Today, and file a complaint with the Federal Maritime Commission. 🤣 I've been working on those angles for some time, and they all coalesced yesterday, when CNN and USA Today published their stories, and the FMC forwarded me the Princess response to my complaint. Late yesterday, I received a phone call from a rep at the Princess Executive Office. Anyone who has been on this board for a w
  9. It appears that the PR rep who talked to the reporters was not telling the truth. What a surprise! In a later development, Princess informed me that while my refund was "processed" on June 19, it wasn't released by Princess until June 26. So I should wait ANOTHER 5-7 business days before I'll see it on my credit card...
  10. I mentioned here a while back that I was interviewed by CNN for a story about cruise refunds. A bit later, I was also interviewed by USA Today. Both articles were published today: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/cruise-refund-cancellation-coronavirus/index.html https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/06/29/cruise-passengers-have-been-waiting-months-refunds-canceled-trips/3202473001/ FYI, Princess claimed to both reporters that we had been kept informed by email and "sent" a "letter." Never once in the past 100 days have I been sent an email or
  11. I also filed a complaint with the FMC. Here's the instructions for what to do: https://www.fmc.gov/commission-advisory-for-cruise-passengers-june-17-2020/ They replied with an email asking me to fill out a form, so you don't have to put too much detail in the initial email. After I filled out and returned the form, I was assigned a case worker and case number. Nothing else has happened, though. They currently have an open investigation of the cruise lines regarding refunds. You can read about it, and also provide input: https://www.fmc.gov/fact-finding-30/
  12. Thanks, Coral. But haven't we all been told many times that FCCs aren't transferable?
  13. Here's the last of the 3 different letters they gave us onboard, which shows the final compensation offer. Final Comp Offer from Princess 2020-03-19.pdf
  14. Congratulations, Holly! I received my FCC for this voyage today as well, and so have 2 others I've heard from. Still awaiting all forms of cash: cruise fare refund, OBC refund, and airfare reimbursement. Day 93 since we disembarked.
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