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  1. Is it true that the 24 hour pizzeria also has Caesar Salad? -Ewokdude
  2. Who is the current cruise director on the Splendor? How long will he/she remain on the Splendor? -Ewokdude
  3. Thanks! Where does the ship dock in Vancouver? Canada place?
  4. Does the Splendor dock or tender in Astoria? I can't seem to find this information anywhere. :confused:
  5. As of now we have a table of 6. Will there really be a solo passenger to sit in the extra seat? -Ewokdude
  6. I was wondering about that. Does anybody know about the Anytime Dining on the Splendor? -Ewokdude
  7. Does the carnival splendor offer tables of 5? When we booked, they told us they only offer tables in even numbers. As of now, we have a table of 6. We are not interested in eating with other people, but would like to eat in the dining room. Is this possible?
  8. Thank you so much! Your capers were helpful in convincing me to change my cruise to the Splendor. -Ewokdude
  9. Does anyone have a copy of the Daily Schedules for the Splendor for either the Mexican or Pacific Northwest cruise? -Ewokdude
  10. Thank you for getting back to me. I should have specified this earlier...Does anyone have any information on the older teen programs(15-17)? Thanks!
  11. Any teens out there been on the Mariner? What facilities are offered? Overall teen impressions of the Mariner? Also, any pictures available? -Ewokdude
  12. Has anyone ever been in a family ocean view before? Was there a lot of motion because they are close to the front? Thoughts, opinions? Any pics out there of the room? -Ewokdude
  13. On my cruise(Thanksgiving), there were no organized activities. There wasn't any basketball, trivia, pizza night or anything. I know that most teens don't like organized activities, but why plan them if they won't ever happen? Maybe the current director is better..? The teen center definitely has the potential to be one of the best teen lounges at sea. Once again, I still had an awesome time on the cruise. We made our OWN fun. I strongly recommend the Eurodam for teens who can make friends on their own. -Ewokdude
  14. Going to have to second that. I was on the Eurodam for Thanksgiving. The word was that there were 180 children onboard. Only about 25 showed up for the teen events. For my cruise, we happened to have a director who basically didn't do his job. He didn't lead any activities that were on the daily programs, and all he basically did was turn on the DVD player and complain about his job. Midway through the week, a new director came onboard who was much better that would be taking over for the old director after quit. Did I have a good time on this cruise? For sure. This cruise was probably the best cruise I have been on. We made our OWN fun, and we always found something to do, anything from going to the gym or just hanging out in the Silk Den. We entertained ourselves by just walking around the ship with after getting a slice of pizza. We also enjoyed the basketball court that was towards the rear of the ship. The movie theater was also really nice to use, it was just hard to find a seat. The only thing the Eurodam didn't have compared to other ships was an arcade, but it really didn't bother us much. Would I recommend the ship for teens? Yes, if your son can make friends on his own and not rely on the teen center to provide activities. The first night, the director didn't make any attempts to do ice breakers, he simply just put Posiedon in the DVD player. One of the outgoing teens started a basketball game, and slowly we all started to get to eachother through the game. There is very limited information about the teen center on the Eurodam out on the internet at least before my cruise. If you have any other questions, I'd be more than happy to answer. -Ewokdude
  15. I was also on the thanksgiving cruise, and I also felt the motion, but I wouldn't consider it excessive due to the conditions we had. I heard there was 12-20 foot waves, so of course one would feel the motion. -Ewokdude
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