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  1. Interesting, we’ll fly to SF then drive Big Sur, head to Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite and back to SF to fly home. This is a first trip to all, even Alaska. Ideally we’d have done a cruisetour, but the price was right and we grabbed this B2B. I know this won’t be our only trip, we really want to see Denali. We’re trying to work out a trip to Glacier NP, the Rocky Mountaineer and Alaska. Still playing with ideas. I love the trip you’ve planned, enjoy the parks, I know you will, they’re breathtaking!
  2. Thanks you too, will you be doing Denali?
  3. I’m sure I will, especially our route if it’s still uncertain. We’ll be extending our trip in CA before heading home, so a full report will most likely not come till after the 24th. There is a FB group Alaskan Cruises on Princess, lots of pictures and daily reports.
  4. Yes I read he believed they did, but hadn’t noticed the scenery. Well at least it was the ships plan to sail the inside route. Which leads me to believe they’ve acquired the permit to do so. Read on a Facebook group today that someone embarking on the upcoming Sat 6/15 sailing received an email notifying her that the Royal will sail at 3:30, one hour early. Hopefully she will begin regularly sailing the inside route, we sail 8/3 on a B2B.
  5. If you read the Navigator notes on first page of patter embarkation day, it appears they took the Canadian inside passage.
  6. I found these patters just recently. Royal Princess from a May ‘19 Alaska cruise Island Princess from a ‘18 Alaska cruise
  7. Same here. So I’ve decided to get the coffee package, I really don’t drink the specialty coffees, but my husband does, he can have those and I’ll drink the unlimited teas and hot chocolate. I was extremely peeved to see the change as the old plan worked well for me. Now I’ll bring some soda on board, something we didn’t do in the past as I felt the plan was reasonable. I’ll just pay as I go on the mock-tails, I never drank to many anyway.
  8. Oh I hope this does come about. I can only have caffeine free and this would give me so many more choices.
  9. We thought she was beautiful 2 months ago. Had a wonderful time. Enjoy and no worries.
  10. Latest update. https://www.wtae.com/article/2-floatplanes-collide-in-alaska/27459419
  11. So glad your family members are safe, it had to have been a horrible time waiting to hear. My my prayers go out to all those affected by this nightmare. So terribly sad.
  12. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. We were on her in Oct and also had a blast with all the activities, never a dull moment, but plenty of opportunity for quiet time too. We board again August 3 in Vancouver for a b2b, can’t wait.
  13. Having the same struggle, finally decided on water proof sneakers from LL Bean. Then a pair of black flats for evening. Possibly an ankle boot for around the ship during the day.
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