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  1. I have not sailed suites on the Gem. I have on the Dawn and Breakaway. Do non Haven suite guests on Gem have a "special place" for breakfast. On the Dawn it was "Cagneys". Breakaway was "Haven" for Haven suite guests. Thanks for any help. Jon,
  2. Thanks for the replies. I figured as much, but I had to look into it just in case... Don't know what I would do different, I would just not have been surprised.
  3. Hi all, I will be sailing on the GEM to Bermuda in two weeks. I have heard through 3rd person that the GEM had a lot of construction going on and a lot of public areas un-accesible. This was from about 3 weeks ago. I wonder if it was just something minor and the guy was blowing things out of proportion or it was really a big inconvenience? I am still two weeks out so I am hoping what ever work was going on will be completed when I get on board. Hopefully the Spinnaker, Great Outdoors or the Pool deck isn't out of order. No one allowed on the Promenade deck or something crazy like that. Thanks for any help. Jon
  4. He introduced him self as Dan Dan from Philly (in American accent), then in (Filipino accent said) "No silly Dan Dan from the Philapenes, not Phillidelphia!" It was hilarious, you had to be there. Him talking in a American accent is as funny as Daman Wayans (Homey the Clown and now Murtaugh in Leathal Weapon) talking in a geeky white guy accent. Some folks just don't get the humor I guess.
  5. Another thing... I sailed on Gem in a mini suite next to the bridge wing. The wife and I were on the balcony in the AM, room steward came in and straightened up our room. He opened the door and told us he was done and left. Well, he also (our thoughts) locked us out, on our balcony. We didn't realize for about 15 minutes. We tried to get the attention of the bridge crew waving to them and all. They thought we were being friendly and waved back and then left the bridge wing. We were stuck out there about an hour before the people next to us came out on their balcony. Of course they were not native English speakers. We finally got them to realize we were locked out on the balcony. The room steward was called. He rescued us from the balcony as we were sailing into Port Canaveral. An officer came too and we explained our story how we got locked out. He investigated and determined we locked ourselves out there. We tried to lock one of ourselves out there after ward and could not do it. Anyway, don't everyone go out on the balcony and close the door. You too may end up locked out and helpless, maybe even miss a meal.
  6. For the last 8 years all we hear is how the food is deteriorating from many reviews on these boards. How can there be anything left?
  7. Same here. The caves were interesting and also the story of their discovery.
  8. Just by posting on this thread... we are all breaking the rules!
  9. If I am not mistaken, the sides are refillable or endless. I always got seconds if I ask.
  10. I never cared for the truffle oil taste the Cagney's fries have. Wish they would'a had a truffle and non truffle option. That being said, I do not go to Cagney's due to the fries. I get a rib eye, and they will always strive to make you happy if you tell them you are not happy. I once had a grisly steak, I said so. They brought me another that was perfect. I book Cagney's for the first night and last night. I love that place.
  11. I get it that folks like good liquor on board the ship. To tell the truth I like it too. But... I would have absolutely no problem being on a dry cruise. The drink package is a perk and I like it, but it is in no way a necessity for me. Back before the drink packages were around, I never drank any alcohol on board, it was too expensive.
  12. It was the first time I ever had a shot of JW Blue. It caused me to purchase a bottle. Now I always will have a bottle in my private stock.
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