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  1. I read that they already had a voyage with paying passengers. So I guess we will be a quasi maiden voyage. This should be fun. Hoping every thing will be up and running.
  2. Looks like we may be on a maiden Virgin voyage. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride and I am very excited.
  3. I have been booked for the October 16th cruise now for some time. Will it be considered the maiden voyage? A lot of kinks may need be worked out, is it worth still going? I wonder if any thing special will go on during that first cruise with paying guests.
  4. I just got E-Mailed about the "Sailor" app. Hopefully it will allow me to see and manage my account. So far nothing but dead links. VV said it will be up and running in a few weeks.
  5. Hi all, Wife and I are booked with our good friends on this voyage. We are getting excited and cant hardly wait to see everything this new cruise line has to offer.
  6. I will most definitely make out on the plus side here. Thanks. I am a Narragansett guy my self. The beer from the movie "Jaws". Maybe I may drink 6 beers on a day or two.
  7. Save up a $1000 prior to cruise, put it in the safe and drink like a fish till the end of the 4 or 5 day cruise. The $1000 should cover most of the tab. There you go... your own personal drink package. I personally don't want or need other "Sailors" supplementing my drinking. That is really what the drink packages are. I pay more for the cruise to have all inclusive drinks. I don't drink alcohol just for the heck of it to make the package work out for me. I normally get 5 beers perday at $8 average. $40 a day for me. Lots less than an average drink package. 10 years ago the idea of a
  8. I love a nice pool. But ever since I started cruising back 15 or so years ago, the only time I really hung out and lounged by the pool was when I didn't book a room with a balcony. That is not very often. I prefer the wrap around promenade decks and just relaxing there. Lot quieter. But for excitement the pool deck definitely. That said... I rarely have used cruise ship pools out side the Spa areas. ie Norweigian Dawn's spa pool. Large. Jon
  9. I am booked for the October 16th, 2020 cruise out of Miami. I don't see any roll calls for the Scarlet Lady. Am I just blind or are they not doing them? Jon
  10. Hi all, I am booked on the October 16th, 2020 cruise along with another couple. This looks to be a lot of fun. For the past 12 years or so every cruise I have taken I have also purchased a Spa Package. It admits me to the saunas, steam rooms, thyloplasy pools, heated loungers and such. Is this something this ship will offer? and wondering the price. There is so much that is still to be seen about this cruiseline and there ship(s). It is exciting and I hope it lives up to the hype. Jon
  11. Wife and I booked a Balcony Room for a 5 day cruise in October. With a night prior and night after at Kimpton Epic downtown Miami, Two round trip from Boston airline tickets, and Bus tickets from Portsmouth, NH to Boston, the entire fare for us not including incidentals and eating in Miami. Less than $3,300 total. We would pay similar to that on NCL, Carnival or any other line. We wont be required to pay more in gratuities (we will tip extra as services are rendered), no paying for soda packages.
  12. Hi all, I will be sailing on the GEM to Bermuda in two weeks. I have heard through 3rd person that the GEM had a lot of construction going on and a lot of public areas un-accesible. This was from about 3 weeks ago. I wonder if it was just something minor and the guy was blowing things out of proportion or it was really a big inconvenience? I am still two weeks out so I am hoping what ever work was going on will be completed when I get on board. Hopefully the Spinnaker, Great Outdoors or the Pool deck isn't out of order. No one allowed on the Promenade de
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