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  1. from their website:


    Adult & teen soda program (ages 13 & older) $7.50 usdper person/day

    beverage package

    item #: Ubptas


    give the gift of endless fountain soda throughout their cruise.


    Includes: Pepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist, mt. Dew, ginger ale, tonic water, club soda. The entire cruise must be purchased. Non-refundable.


    Prepaid @ $7.50 usd per person per day x cruise days plus 18% gratuity and beverage service charge.


    Souvenir thermal mug included in the purchase of the program


    an 18% gratuity and beverage service charge will be added at checkout.



    Login to order



    thank you!!!

  2. Actually there is no pool in spice H2O, only 2 hot tubs. There is one adults only pool and one kids pool in the main pool deck area.


    SOOOOO the pool on deck 15 is just for adults and the kids pool area near there is the kids one. Just want to make sure, i respect not bringing in my lil guy into an adults only area and want to make sure we dont mess up lol.

  3. we cruised breakaway oct of 2014. Splash academy entrance was located on deck 12 and there was another area up the stairs from that entrance. Drop off for ages 3-12 was at the same location. I believe the area on deck 16 is a place for parents to play with their kids who are too young for splash academy???


    My daughters were 7 & 9 at that time and were on deck 12 most of the time. But they did get to go upstairs a few times. It's my understanding that the 10-12's were upstairs. On our next cruise, they will be 10 & 12. They are so excited about being able to be upstairs more often! Lol they absolutely loved the kids club!!!!


    We've been to disney 3 times (2010, 2012, & 2015). So disney was most recent big vacation and they still say the cruise was their favorite!!! Way more laid back but still so much to do for the kids!!!


    Enjoy your cruise!



    thx so much!!!

  4. The adult only pool is open to all adults. Vibe is a special, adult only area with upgraded lounge chairs, a hot tub, and its own bar.


    Depends on the ship. Escape is $99 for a weekly pass....as of now. Breakaway is probably the same, if not, it's less.


    Yes. Not sure of the exact number as I've heard anything from 40-70 being available. You need to be in one of the first boarding groups (or the Haven) to have a shot at getting one.


    It's a weekly pass, although I have heard people claim to get a daily pass here and there. I wouldn't count on that.


    You will be hard pressed to find someone who says Vibe isn't worth the cost, especially with the ridiculous crowding by the main pool. 99% will tell you it is worth every penny. Occasionally someone pops up and says it wasn't worth it to them because it was windy, Spice H2O is just as good or something like that. Personally, I'm putting on my helmet and elbow pads and getting ready to throw down to make sure I get a Vibe pass.


    This question is asked all the time. Don't worry about it. Go for a Vibe pass and enjoy your cruise!




    LOL thanks, greatly appreciate it....maybe my under 5ft frame can run around people's knees and try to get some passes lol. Thanks again!

  5. Hi there,

    I am getting ready to head to a much needed vacation on the Breakaway... i keep hearing about the vibe passes....


    -What exactly are they, are they for entrance into the adult only pool?


    -How much are they?


    -Are they hard to get?


    -Do you buy daily passes or weekly passes?


    -Is it worth it?


    My apologies if this has been asked before and i just missed the thread.

  6. there is no car entrance except at 55th street.


    If we're being dropped off and 12th ave is backed up northbound, we exit the car around 12th & 47th and cross to the port at the light.


    Also, if you enter the port at 55th street, sometimes the police/port people direct drop-offs to the street level, sometimes to the check-in level.


    At street level, you drop your luggage with the porters and can take an escalator or huge elevator to the check-in level.


    If you park at the pier, you can take the elevator down one level to check-in.


    If both gem and breakaway are in port, breakaway is at pier 88, and gem at 90. Otherwise, the norm is ncl ship is at 88.



    thanks so much

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