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  1. We are booked, new, for January 24, 2021. I'd happily go out earlier as part of a volunteer cruise. I don't expect ports or ask the usual while on a volunteer cruise. I'd happily do it just to help Carnival meet the requirements to open a ship for the next step, paid cruises. We are both platinum with Carnival and have been on Norwegian, Holland America, and MSC. We recently traveled across the country on a two month vacation without fear and have contracted nothing. Red Cross blood donations show no antibodies. We did ask to be considered as volunteers with Carnival. All we have heard
  2. I've been in contact with our agent. She knows we'll use her for our next booking. None of our money went to her. We received 100% back from norwegian. I don't know if she had already received a cut from norwegian.
  3. Our refund appeared on our credit card today. Our cruise was scheduled for March 14th, canceled on the 13th. We were standing in Florida and ready to go. I filed for a refund on the 23rd. I'm still sad we didn't go! Now's when I start looking for my next adventure.
  4. Please show me the spreadsheet again. I was unable to add my info in earlier (due to my situation). I'll add in tomorrow and list when I actually see refund on credit card
  5. Just received an email from norwegian saying that I was being refunded full amount paid in the next few days. We were supposed to be on our cruise on March 14. We were in Florida, ready to go, on March 13 when They canceled. I completed refund request on the 23rd, first day available. Thank you Norwegian!
  6. My March 14 cruise was canceled late on the 13th. We were already in place to board. I applied for a refund the first morning I was allowed, March 23rd. No refund yet. I'm still within their 90 days I was told I may have to wait. I did get a refund for my shore excursions. I canceled those on March 10th. I was told 1-2 weeks. After three weeks I called and asked again about the refund. I was told to expect 30 business days. This refund did arrive a week or so after I called.
  7. I really hoped that someone in the first group (Asian cruises) might have some good news. I was fortunate in that I only drove to Florida and didn't have airfare. I hope you can get something back there.
  8. I canceled our shore excursions on March 10th, not because we didn't plan to go but because the others in our group canceled their cruise and I didn't want to do the same old excursions we've done too many times before. I was told I would have a refund within two weeks. At three weeks I called the shore excursion desk and was told they were running late and it would be 30 business days. The good news is that I did receive my full shore excursion refund to my credit card a few days later. We also purchased an upgrade on our cabin. That money was rolled into the cruise cost, t
  9. We too found out our cruise was canceled through CC. Norwegian hadn't sent us anything by 5:00pm on the 13th so I called our travel agent. She also knew nothing. Talk about last minute. We were cruising with another line less than a month before. No problems with anyone sick, cleanliness of ship, or closed ports. 150% means nothing since I requested a refund. We were going on this cruise with family members but own stock and have great perks with another line. We'll book with the other corporation when cruises come back.
  10. The information I want is: who has received a refund and with the following conditions (1) should have cruised about March 14th and (2) did not cancel your cruise but had the cruise canceled by NCL. The reason I am asking is because every other similar question seems to be people who say they were refunded when they really mean they got a FCC, or people who received a deposit refund before final payment was due on some later cruise. I would think that all cruise lines would refund money first to those who THEY canceled beginning with the first ships canceled by cruise lines . Wit
  11. We DID NOT cancel our cruise. We arrived in Florida on March 13 for our cruise on March 14 only to have our cruise canceled just before boarding. We were told we had to wait until March 23rd to request a refund. We were then told 90 days before we could get our money back. Anyone else in the same boat (haha...)? Have you received a refund? It seems crazy that we stayed with it to the end INCLUDING the expense of travel to the port and the cruise line can't find the money /time to refund us first?!! I know there are others. Let us know when when you receive a refund. Do you think they will try
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