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  1. Cruise Director Adam said this morning that it was still a go, but I don't know how anyone will get there as I-26 eastbound lanes are all closed in preparation for lane reversal starting at noon. There is literally no way to get into Charleston that I can see.
  2. Just off Carnival Sunshine out of Charleston. We left on time on Thursday and were notified at check in that we were skipping Princess Cays on Saturday and instead going to Key West. Around 5pm on Friday the captain came on to let us know that based on current track of storm we would be turning around (we were just north of Miami off the coast of Florida) and heading back north. We ended up staying off the coast of SC all day Sunday and arrived back in Charleston today. We were told by our shuttle driver in the parking lot that those boarding the Sunshine today are staying on the ship in Charleston tonight and then they will determine the best course tomorrow. Carnival did a fabulous job, refunded everyone 50% of our fare, plus 50% off a future cruise. They kept us updated throughout the cruise, and today cruise director Adam was doing a great job of wishing everyone a safe journey home and out of Dorian's path. I can't say enough good things about the cruise director's staff keeping everyone entertained for basically a 4 day trip to nowhere.
  3. It's tough to say the least! As much orange and purple as she's accumulated lately I asked her the other day, "do you even still HATE Xichigan anymore?" lol . She laughed and said no matter what she'll always hate Xichigan. Based on the 2:00 update, I'm really wondering now if our captain just waits until tomorrow to decide his course (with Carnival assistance of course)? I wonder if we could maybe leave a couple hours early tomorrow, try to get into the Bahamas Friday morning? Then head west then north up the coast of FL and back into safe waters for two days at sea? Or cruise around out the path of Dorian for two days then head to Bahamas on Sunday after the storm is past? I just keep thinking how we are required to stop in a foreign port?
  4. Me too! Although living in SC now. But with a daughter started at Clemson this year, you'll see me in orange AND Scarlet and Gray this cruise! 😉
  5. OK so I don't want to sound like a Nervous Nelly, but, well, you know. So for anyone who has been on a cruise while skirting a hurricane, just how rough can I expect the seas to be? I'm on the Carnival Sunshine leaving tomorrow out of Charleston for a 4 night, current itinerary calls for port in Princess Cays on Saturday. Thoughts?
  6. I'm on this same cruise AND I'm a travel agent. I just called CCL and so far no changes to this itinerary. Obviously there will have to be changes but the agent I spoke to at CCL said they typically notify us the "evening before the cruise departs" so we should hear something by text or email later today. Fingers crossed although I'm not feeling very optimistic this time. 😞
  7. I don't see that CArnival currently ports in Bermuda. So I guess our 4 night out of Chas on Thursday probably wouldn't reroute up there?
  8. Just read up on this too: "Simply put, because of the Jones Act, cruise ships that were not U.S. built, U.S. owned and with U.S. crews cannot travel between U.S. ports, unless they stop at a foreign port. " Full info here, but this DOES pertain to cruise ships, not just cargo: https://www.travelersunited.org/what-is-the-jones-act-and-what-it-means-for-cruise-travelers/ This is why on Alaska sailings you see ships stopping in Vancouver if they sail out of San Fran to get that one foreign port in.
  9. Not sure that's feasible coming out of Charleston, SC? That's a long way to go in 4 days.
  10. I'll be on same cruise and would love a cruise to nowhere! I was hoping for Bermuda too but looks like there's some weather activity heading that way too. I just don't know where our cruise could go at this point, weather north and a hurricane/TS south, i worry about this one getting cancelled.
  11. The first one shown here from the Vista is 2016 was the menu from Chef's Table last week on Breeze.
  12. Just off the Breeze yesterday and at dinner Friday night Schwartz (cruise director) came on very somberly to announce that we were at maximum speed back to Port Canaveral and would be arriving at 2am instead of 6am because a crew member needed "urgent medical attention." My heart sank and I was literally nauseous just thinking of this. We overheard a fellow passenger inquire as to the crew member's condition when we were debarking yesterday and the crew member answered, "we haven't heard yet so we're just hoping he's okay." Would love to hear that this crew member got the attention he/she needed if anyone knows?
  13. I may have my answer. Looks like it IS allowed, but tends to hold up the security line so we'll just check the larger piece on through.
  14. I've found Carnival to be no more of a party ship than Disney or Royal Caribbean. Seriously. Now that said, I've only been on 7 day cruises over spring break or during the summer. Never a shorter, less expensive cruise that is sometimes a bachelor or bachelorette party type of cruise. But honestly, Fun Ship does not mean raucous party, it just means they try to keep it upbeat on deck, and offer lots of activities. And yes, I was serious about Disney, I've seen those ships get just as crazy with adults while their kids are off with Mickey. lol 😉
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