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  1. My tummy is ready. My heart? It will go on. Tell Andy I want to recreate the King of the World Titanic pose with him. 😍
  2. Andy! My one true love! He broke my heart! 😢😢 Tell him I look forward to seeing him in December, although I will be bringing Cruising Ducks to play with instead of him. 😂😂 Keep an eye on him for me, make sure he's not checking out other girls. 🤓🤓
  3. YAY, a live review ! That pizza looks fabulous! Be safe and post lots of pics of the food, so, I'll know what to get on Oasis. 😀
  4. Google has maps, I put in 2019, specifically.
  5. I agree on the magnet or Christmas ornament idea, but, if you can't walk into a store without wanting to buy more, then don't tempt yourself, just go to the beach or whatever is in the port. You don't mention if you are drinkers, but, those cruisy cocktails are expensive, so watch those. Hubby going to casino twice on a 4 night cruise? That's just throwing money away and if he's the type to get excited and think he's gonna solve your money problem, yikes. I've heard enough arguments through the walls because grooms blew all the wedding money at the casino. Take lots of pictures, post them to social media to make your friends jealous. 😂 Just be together, walking around deck at night can be so romantic. One nice thing is the Embarkation Photo, it shows the name of the ship, the date, and the ports you'll be visiting, those are nice souvenirs that actually help you remember. Enjoy! I go with the theory that the less I spend on each cruise, the more cruises I can go on. 😁
  6. I book the first night, never had it cancelled. I also go standby later in the cruise so I can see it again.
  7. You'd best put some respeck on that name! 🤣🤣 I had planned to do a review, but, just didn't feel up to it. 😥 I did have a wonderful cruise, though.
  8. Any of the major cruise companies, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, etc have easy to navigate websites. Just make sure to say 1 traveler. There are also online travel agencies who advertise on TV that you can use to check general things like Caribbean cruises, Alaska cruises, on specific dates to compare prices. I'm not allowed to post their names, but, watch a little TV and you'll know. You live in Georgia, that's a short drive to any of the Florida ports...
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