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  1. My understanding has always been that on board credit is exactly that, on board credit to be used on board.
  2. If it's an option for you, the last few days, they sell a coupon book of 10 drinks for like $75.00. So, a good deal if you drink cocktails .
  3. Which news? This post directly contradicts your previous post. I suggest you delete your erroneous post which you refused to provide a link or any other source.
  4. Aren't you the one that posted yesterday that all cruises are cancelled through October and refused to provide any sources? Maybe you should take a break from posting for a while.
  5. She might be thinking of Costa, which had the Concordia disaster a few years ago, since they're both Italian lines. Other than that, there are unhappy people on all cruise lines.
  6. Why tour the bridge when you can actually steer the ship? 🤪 One of my favorite photos, Windstar's Windsurf. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. I get one free photo on Royal, so, always pose for the embarkation photo since it shows the ship, the date and the itinerary. When I'm out and about in port and see a couple taking pictures of each other, I always offer to take one of them both. They usually ask if I'd like one of myself, as well.
  7. I don't have any Baltimore specific advice, but, I have Ubered in many ports as a solo. One thing Uber lets you do is have a friend at home monitor your trip, I forget what they call it, but, they can follow along and make sure your car doesn't go astray. You could also text someone while you are travelling, if that makes you more comfortable.
  8. Can I make a suggestion to whoever curates this forum? This thread is 5 years old and 51 pages long. We all agree this is a slow time for solo deals. Can we maybe start a new thread and retire this one, like we did back in 2016? Thanks.
  9. Off topic, but, my brother's first car was a Javelin. I remember riding around listening to Aerosmith on the 8 track, smoking various things.🥴
  10. I start my research on other online sites, then when I decide on a specific date, I go to Royal's site, unless I want cash back for using other sites.
  11. I don't see one. Just the option to contact them through the website. They only accept my name with my middle name, as well. No idea why, lol.
  12. It depend where and when you are ailing. Is this what you are seeing online? Savor the freedom to satisfy your thirst at any moment!Including: Draft beer Selection of house wines by the glass Selection of classic cocktails Mixed drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails Soft drinks and fruit juices by the glass Bottled mineral water Classic hot drinks (espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, hot tea) The Easy Package covers all the above served in our bars, buffet and main restaurant. Whats more, it also includes Ocean Cay and other exclusive destinations, b
  13. Mar 22, 2018 at 9:12 AM Royal Caribbean announced a $200 million upgrade to CocoCay as part of its Perfect Day Island Collection. The private island will get a 13-slide water park including the tallest slide in North America and wave pool. Also at the resort will be the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, zip line, helium balloon and more.
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