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  1. I've sailed solo with MSC several times and loved it. As people say, there are more passengers speaking other languages, but, I find a smile and a wave go a long way. I did reviews of a few of my cruises, but, my pictures are gone, if you want to check them out.
  2. And, I'm reading it like it's a real page turner! Your cabin steward would probably switch it out for you, if the bar won't. He knows where it came from.
  3. Just curious what airline? I have 2 cancelled flights with AA. They say you have to pay more if the new flight is higher, but, don't say what if new flights are less. I have a $600 and a $300 ticket. I've also wondered if they'll let you use the credit towards a vacation package, thinking about flying to Cozumel or the DR for an all inclusive in lieu of a cruise this year.
  4. I had posted my 1 and 1/2 reviews about Divina yesterday. I just realized I did one for Seaside, too, if anyone is interested.
  5. I have loved my MSC cruises. Now, my budget is nowhere near YC prices, I usually travel solo, so, lots of inside cabins for me. I've done a few MSC reviews, sadly my pictures are gone, but, still plenty of information. As other posters have said, lots of changes to drink packages, etc. My first one I was unable to finish, but, the first couple of days are there... And, back on the Divina in 2016, live this time.... That is not my picture, lol, not sure why it shows up...
  6. Delta is having a day today. https://fox8.com/news/coronavirus/delta-pilot-turns-plane-around-after-2-passengers-refuse-to-wear-masks/
  7. You will have to see if they extend it to include 2021 cruises. I'm thinking sailings will resume next Spring. If they do, no more L&S.
  8. The plot thickens. I found a favorable cruise I could L&S , went to Royal's website and this is what it now says. If you prefer to move your existing booking to a 2021 sailing – we’re happy to move you! We will price protect the original pricing and/or promotion on the same itinerary, length, product, and stateroom category as your original sailing within 4 weeks (before or after) of the original sail date in 2021. For example, if you are moving from a July 30th, 2020 sailing, you can move to a sailing that is the same itinerary, length, product, and stateroom category, and
  9. Wow, I didn't think of that. I L&S'd Harmony from November 2020 to November 2021. My price for this year was less than 800, the one I switched to was over 2500....I just might go take a look at prices. Thanks!
  10. I lifted and shifted my Harmony from this November to next November,
  11. Stop flirting, Villain! But, you still have those "other" photos I sent, right? 😜 I miss KansCocoa, anybody know what's up with her? It was so notorious, they tore down the bar. 😂 I've been out on disability since February, need to get both knees replaced. I just can't stand in the pharmacy all day long. I applied for a work from home job with my company, you know, the one with more than 3 letters in its name... if I got it, I was going to do a cruise like review of my trip to Florida. It was 2 months of training in Orlan
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