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  1. Not nosy at all. Sadly, I am over 225 pounds and gaining since I can't walk like I used to and I'm no longer on my feet all day in the pharmacy. I'd be renting the heavy duty scooter, if I rented. The Amazon one goes up to 275 pounds. It seems like the consensus is I should buy rather than rent, then? Learn how to use the scooter in private rather than in public? I looked at the scooter in the grocery store today and I couldn't make heads or tails out of it.
  2. Hello, I'm newly disabled and cruising solo in November on a B2B on Harmony of the Seas. I do not have an accessible cabin on either leg of the cruise. I cruised in September with my walker and cane and was miserable from the pain the whole time. I want to use a scooter for Harmony, but, am concerned how I am going to get the scooter in and out of my cabin by myself. I can rent one from Special Needs at Sea for $250, it weighs 174 pounds. I can buy a travel scooter from Amazon for $730, it weighs 92 pounds. I'm trying to picture myself holding the door open with one hand while pulling the scooter in with the other hand. I'm assuming worst case scenario, bed is by the door, I've read here about people lifting the scooter over the bed. Yikes! I've also read here that even if I go back to my cabin just to brush my teeth, I have to bring scooter inside. The advantage I see in buying one is that I can adjust it to my height and practice using it before the cruise. I'm imagining renting one, walking into my cabin and it's just sitting there. Are there instructions for how to use it? How to adjust the height, etc. I am not a mechanical person at all. I'm picturing myself having to stay in the cabin for two weeks, in tears because I don't know how to use the scooter or can't get it in and out of the cabin. Any advice other than cancel both cruises? Thanks!
  3. There is a subforum here called Europe Disabled Forum, perhaps you can get better info there.
  4. People that have over 100 offers, are you clicking on travel offers specifically? When I do that, I only have 10 offers. This is on laptop, not phone, if that matters.
  5. I use Rakuten, as well to get cash back from Lowe's and various online travel sites.
  6. Can you remind me of the formula, need room for a scooter on Harmony.
  7. My understanding is it is not currently available due to reduced Covid capacity.
  8. Super late to this thread, but, considering Limerz for next month. You said the day pass in AI, but, the letter you posted says cocktails and nibbles are specially discounted. Which is it? I'm not interested in water sports, just looking for beach, food and drink. Thanks. The limerz website does not list prices .
  9. Agree! I thought I was having a stroke, couldn't see. We lost Radio. I guess he is "reading the news" 😴💤
  10. It's bigger than my house. That's the best feeling, like, this is really happening. Is it just me or does that cheese look like a mouse?
  11. I'm just shocked other people saw that and didn't get out so you could cool off. Now, instead of chair hogs, we have pool hogs.
  12. I'm not gonna lie, on my MSC Divina review last week, I was going to include Radio. I was going to say, The Divina backs slowly away from the pier in "memory": of Radio 😲 , but, didn't think anyone on the MSC board would know him. Now, I find out he is alive and kicking! 😍 Who am I thinking of, who wrote RC reviews and passed a few years ago? Glad to hear you're still cruising, Radio, welcome aboard! 😜
  13. So, you, who had just gotten in was asked to leave, but, people who had been in for an hour were allowed to stay?
  14. I'll be trying it next month on Harmony, will find out if it works.
  15. I'm on Harmony next month and planning on buying water package. They're currently offering 12 or 24 liters of Evian. Does anyone know how it works with cans? I'd be disappointed to pay for 17 ounce and get 12 ounce.
  16. I don't know, but, Angry Orchard Hard Cider is clearly on the menu and they looked at me like I had three heads when I ordered it. They're just getting up to speed with resuming cruising, so, don't get your hopes up.
  17. The dress code for Elegant menu night was listed as casual, so, it was "enforced", meaning you could wear whatever you liked. Some wore formal dress, most went casual. I'll contact Steve and see if he has pictures of the Galaxie menu, or his dinner. I'm not a sushi fan, so, I don't know the difference between sushi, sashimi, etc. I'll try to find out what was available.
  18. I can confirm this, also. I was solo, with one device plan. I was using my laptop to post a live review from my cabin. I thought I could use my phone at Ocean Cay to post pics to Facebook, etc. They had emphasized the night before for everyone to make sure they logged off the ship wifi before heading to Ocean Cay. I found out I was wrong, I could not use my phone, although other cruise lines allow it.
  19. Perhaps, it may cost more. I just looked at their website, they are limiting it to 30 adults, not 50, maybe due to Covid. They have a 48 hour cancellation policy, so, you could get your money back if you change your mind. Go to their Facebook page and ask questions, they are very responsive. I sent a message at 10:30pm, expecting them to read it the next morning, they responded within 5 minutes.
  20. I'm newly disabled, 58 years old and obese. I walk with a cane, walker for long walks and I was exhausted on my last cruise. Remember ships are three football fields long. If you can walk that multiple times a day, you'll be fine. I was hunched over, catching my breath, in terrible pain all week. I'm on this board to learn more about renting a scooter.
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