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  1. I have always done ES and everytime I cringe when a week before my cruise see how low the prices have dropped. I think I get so excited about my trip I can't wait to book so I book at least 6 months in advance. I promised myself just the other day next cruise I am going to wait until a week before to book (using all my willpower). I will book my flight as usual. If by chance I can't get on a cruise I will do a land vacation but I have no doubt there will be plenty of cruise options to choose from even at the last minute. I am actually looking forward to the challenge of finding the best deal ever!
  2. Jacky4

    How do you keep things from getting wet?

    Check out Ebay. They have so many different sizes and shapes. Everything from phone, camera bags to bags big enough for Ipads and books. I have so many waterproof bags of all different sizes and shapes and only paid couple dollars each. My latest purchase was a waterproof fanny pack (yes my kids made fun of me) that cost me about $5 with free shipping. They are also great for tolietries so there are no leaks in your suitcase.
  3. Jacky4


    I realize there are the pros and cons to FTTF. The real point of my post was to see if other people were so stressed out and exhausted by the time they get on the ship they purchase FTTF just so they can get to their cabin to relax. I can't wait to get into my cabin, drop off all my bags, freshen up, relax for an hour or so and then head out for fun. That is really the only reason I purchased FTTF. I will see if it was worth it since I leave in 5 days. :D
  4. Jacky4


    I purchased FTTF for my upcoming cruise. I see alot of people say what's the big deal about getting on the ship earlier. I purchased it because I want to be able to go staight to my cabin. Usually I am so stressed out from packing, getting to the airport, traveling and finally boarding the ship I need a little time to decompress and catch my breath. I would like to go to my room relax and maybe grab a quick nap before heading out. Am I the only one who feels like this?
  5. Jacky4

    taking lunch off the ship

    I know you are not allowed to bring food off the ship outside the US but can I order room service sandwiches and bring them to Key West. We are renting a boat and will be out on the water the whole time. It would be nice to pack a small cooler with lunch and drinks. I doubt any take out restaurants will be opened when we dock. Has anyone ever tried this? Thanks J.
  6. Jacky4

    beginning scuba

    Perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks
  7. Jacky4

    beginning scuba

    My husband wants to try scuba but I am not interested. Is there a nice beach where I can snorkle, swim, eat, lounge while he does scuba? I see Carnival has a beginner scuba excursion at Sunset Beach but that beach doesn't seem that fun for me. From my research it seems Sunset beach is really only a place for scuba. Do any of the other beaches like Chankanaab, Paradise or Nachi Cocom offer scuba?
  8. Jacky4


    Good point about luggage, that would be a pain to lug it back to their room. I was really thinking it would be nice to take the baby to the room with us to get a nap in while they check in (I told them she's too young for a cruise...jmho). Hopefully they will decide soon if they want to go. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Jacky4

    Help me get around Key West

    I want to visit the Mel Fisher museum and Fort Zachary. I just found out we are docking at Outer Mole :( which means we have to take the shuttle in town right past Fort Zachary. Any of you Key West experts know the cheapest, less time consuming way to do this? Oh yeah we will be docking at 7am and leaving at 1pm:(. We are all capable of walking and biking very easily. Thanks.
  10. Jacky4


    I haven't cruised in a while and just booked a cruise and purchased FTTF. My question is my son and his family are considering joining us (their first cruise). If all the FTTFs are gone by the time they decide can I have all the luggage go to my cabin? Can I take my 1 year old granddaughter with me for early boarding even if she is booked in their cabin? The didn't have FTTF last time I cruised so this is new for us. I really only bought it so I could go to my cabin early. Thanks for any info.
  11. Jacky4


    What is the benefit of paying for the ship all inclusive excursion to Chankanaab for $70 pp as opposed to taking a taxi over and paying the $21 entrance fee? We want to just hang out at the beach, snorkel, eat and drink. I definitely want a lounge chair and umbrella too. Thanks
  12. Jacky4

    Miami hotel recommendatios

    How did you get to the Port from Holiday Inn Port of Miami? Can you walk there?
  13. Jacky4

    Have you been there, done that?

    We did the Furycat Ultimate Adverture which included parasailing, jet ski, kayak and snorkling. Breakfast, lunch and alcohol was included. It was awesome and definetly worth the money. I would recommend the Ultimate Adventure instead of just parasailing. We had never done parasailng before and although it was fun it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be.
  14. Jacky4

    Tell me your best memory on a cruise.

    My best memory was on our first cruise. My middle son who was a difficult, not very happy child, was about 8. He was at the kids club for the Halloween party. My husband and I peeked in the door of the party to try to take pictures of him and his siblings without them seeing us. I almost started to cry when we saw him dancing and laughing. That was about 7 years ago and I'll never forget how happy he looked. Thankfully he's better now but he'll never be know as Mr. Sunshine. :)
  15. Jacky4

    Atlantis Beach Day

    Just a warning, we went in Feb and the beach was closed due to bad undercurrents. Food lines were extremely long and when we finally got our turn half the stuff was sold out. Other than that lots of fun.