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  1. Is the rainforest aerial tram at Braulio Carrillo National Park worthwhile from Limon? It seems like a very long bus ride (3 hours) and I am wondering if the experience is worth the long journey. Thanks for any insight!
  2. Wow! That is a big project. It looks like it will be so nice when it's complete. I may go with Auberge for this trip simply because it is closer to the pier and the price is slightly less. The Loden looks so nice though!!! The reviews are so good. I wish we were staying in Vancouver longer, we have visited twice before and always have an amazing time. How has the weather been lately?
  3. Thanks so much for that insight - that's good info. None of the reviews mention that. What about the Auberge Vancouver? Would that be a better option?
  4. Thank you - yes, the Loden does get really great reviews and it looks lovely. But the Coast's reviews aren't bad either. Thanks for your insight!
  5. Have a choice between Loden Hotel and Coast Coal Harbour for 1-night pre-cruise hotel next month. Price is about equal. Which is the better option? Previous stays have been at Pan Pacific, but not available for our date. Thanks for any insight!
  6. Thanks! It would be for a birthday. Do you know if the doors are metal and will hold a magnet?
  7. Hi! I have a question about the stateroom doors - are they metal? Like to hold a magnet? Do passengers on MSC ships decorate their doors? Thanks so much for any info.
  8. We were in St. Lucia a few weeks ago and did the Cosol tour. I absolutely 100% recommend it!!!! It is a lot of time spent in the van ... BUT ... there's no other way to get around the island! We were amazed at how much we got to see and do, and without feeling rushed. The roads are hilly and winding -- not my favorite type of drive -- but there are ample stops and you spend plenty of time out doors at various sight-seeing stops, on the boat ride to Sugar Beach, at the beach, at the mud bath, at the water falls, etc. Also, I was happy that they do not cram the vans to max capacity (or at least they did not on our day. It was roomy and comfortable. The stops are well worth the drive!!! St. Lucia is an incredibly gorgeous island - jaw dropping sights at every turn. Our guide was also Yellow Bird (Cosol's brother), but we also interacted with the other guides at the stops, and they were all friendly and gracious and hospitable. Also ... the food ... WOW! You will not go hungry! There is food and drink at every turn, and the food is really delicious. It is a feast. That bread and cheese towards the end of the tour ... Why is something so simple so utterly delicious? I will advise to consider the drive as you imbibe -- the rum punch and the very cold Piton beer is offered at every stop. I don't know, it might make the drive worse or maybe better! You'll have to decide for yourself! 😀 I HIGHLY recommend this tour. It was a fantastic experience and we were so glad we got to see so much of St. Lucia on our visit to the island. First, but definitely not last - it is now at the top of our list for a return trip.
  9. Thank you to all on this board who suggested Creole Antigua Tours for our port stop in St. John's last month. We had an amazing time!!! This was one of my all time favorite cruise excursions. The small group, beautiful scenery, fantastic snorkeling, delicious lunch and most of all, the gracious hospitality of Capt. Glen, Travis and Danny made this a topnotch experience. I would highly recommend them: https://www.creoleantiguatours.com At first, I did have trouble contacting them via the form on their website. I submitted a request, and never heard back. So I finally sent a direct email, and got an immediate confirmation from Katja. So, if you don't get a response - don't give up!! We paid a deposit online before the trip, then the rest of the payment when we got there. They offer a discount for cash, but can also process a credit card payment. Their boat picked us up right at the cruise dock - it was so convenient. We were the only ones from our ship (Grandeur of the Seas); there were 2 other cruise passengers from NCL, and then some resort guests. The cruise dock was the last pick up and the first drop off for this trip. Again, I commend Capt. Glen and Travis and Danny - they were welcoming and friendly from the first moment. We got settled on the boat, and then had a nice boat ride around the island. A little bit of bumps and sea spray (it was a windy day). We dropped off Capt. Glen to start lunch preparations and headed for our first snorkel stop. The conditions were not ideal at the usual spot, so they took us to an alternative. If this was second choice, I can't imagine how wonderful the first location would be!! They provided equipment for anyone who needed it - everything was in good shape, and they were very considerate to find the right sizes. I usually need a child-size snorkel, and they found one that worked perfectly. It was easy snorkeling, lots and lots to see. We saw rays, some bigger grouper, lots of colorful varieties - like being in an aquarium! Danny was in the water with us, pointing out interesting things to see and answering any questions. There was plenty of time to snorkel - not so long that we were cold and exhausted, but not so short that we felt rushed. Oh, we also saw turtles! Back to "Bird Island" where we would have lunch. It is absolutely spectacular scenery. An unihabited island, with a beautiful little beach with nothing but picnic tables and a grill - like paradise. Travis led us on a hike up to the top. It is an easy, pleasant hike, well worth the short walk for the stunning views on top. Then back to the beach for the big yumminess - the BEST rum punch, grilled lobster and homemade salads. Fun time chatting with the other participants, floating in the water, and enjoying the sun. I have never tasted lobster that good in all my life!! For those that don't eat lobster, there was also a chicken option, and the salads were plentiful (green salad, potato salad, pasta salad) We ate under the shady trees, and all the crew were so hospitable in ensuring we had all that we needed. The snorkel stop #2 - shallow snorkeling (no fins) to see the starfish!! This was so fun!! Again, Danny was in the water with us to point out all the cool creatures. Then -- sadly -- back to the dock to rebound our cruise ship. They were very respectful of our time to ensure that we made it back in plenty of time. (Oh, and don't forget the tasty homemade banana bread snack on the way back - plus more rum punch, beer and/or soda. All of the food is made by Capt. Glen's wife and it is yummy!) Would definitely do this again! We are boaters and beach people, so I will say that those who prefer more luxury may find it a bit bare bones. It's an open boat, there's no fancy restroom, and you need to be able to climb in and out of the boat on a ladder. But if you have a good attitude, and like island scenery, good food, great company and a little bit of adventurous spirit, this is a perfect choice.
  10. I am hoping to do this excursion later this month. I submitted a request at their website (almost a week ago) and got an email response saying they would get back to me as soon as possible, but I haven’t gotten a confirmation. How long does it usually take? Should I email them again? Thanks for any info.
  11. Thanks so much - very helpful comparison. 😀
  12. Wth all other factors being equal, which ship would you chose for a family with teens for an Alaska Cruise: Coral or Royal? Is bigger better when it comes to keeping teens happy? I haven’t been on either ship, so I’d appreciate some insight.
  13. Does Celebrity have a daily planner, like the Cruise Compass on RCCL? If so, what is it called and is there anywhere online to see examples? Also, what are generally the outdoor areas where smoking is allowed? I want to be sure our veranda is not near them. Thanks!
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