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  1. I cancelled three weeks ago. I got a refund today. Unacceptable how long it took, but it finally came, so it is what it is.
  2. This is unfolding so quickly, give it a couple of weeks. I'm sure they're in the process of coming up with contingency plans, scope of work that can be done, alternatives for booked pax, etc. It can't all be done overnight.
  3. https://wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu/post/fema-paid-millions-half-empty-floating-hotel-after-hurricane-maria This is the kind of crap Carnival is trying to pull again. It’s worked out for them a couple of times before. Smart move for them, make it sound look like they are donating empty ships for use as a gesture of good will.
  4. Yeah. Price gouge the American taxpayer like Carnival did the last time they “donated” their ships.
  5. Two options. It’s cancelled or it isn’t. How would anybody know the answer during a worldwide pandemic?
  6. You do realize that the article you posted is clickbait and from a fake news website, correct? Don’t fuel hysteria.
  7. Freedom was denied entry into San Juan this morning. No reported cases onboard. They are extending the sailing to sail to Miami to drop off passengers.
  8. Richard Fain has said the biggest mistake they made during the last recession was slowing down new build orders. I don’t expect them to delay or cancel due to this. Hopefully it will be business as usual, carry more debt on the balance sheet, in 2021.
  9. Most recently next weekend on Mariner. The other was about a year ago for Symphony 3 day.
  10. They don’t show all rooms and falsely say “only X remaining” to make you think inventory is limited and book sooner. They’re deceptive in almost every aspect of the booking process.
  11. Both times we have booked basic interior guarantees we have ended up with promenade or Central Park view.
  12. I did the same. Got a different response than you.
  13. Royal Caribbean told me last week that each passenger could not use an OBC voucher. One per cabin.
  14. The ships received very similar amplifications. Both are fantastic. I would pick based on the itinerary that suits you better.
  15. You don’t need a barcode app. Just add it to your mobile wallet and it will show it as the last four digits.
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