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  1. Why? That’s exactly what it was revamped for and has been doing from Miami.
  2. I think that's a major stretch. Wall Street money is not Royal Caribbean's market 😂
  3. The original plan was to put the C&A logos from Sovereign above the Aquatheatre on Oasis and Allure, but they were in too poor condition upon inspection, so new ones were made for the sisters. It was a cool idea.
  4. I don't feel the grip of the cruising addiction anymore, either. We've learned to really enjoy long weekends at the beach, planning land vacations, etc. during the spring and summer. I have no desire to go on a cruise with any restrictions. I miss balcony evenings, pulling into port, and relaxing in the heat of the sun watching the ocean pass, but I've re-found my love for watching the waves on the beach instead. We will take the sailings we lifted and shifted next year, but doubt it will ever be the same.
  5. The double pool photo is a concept image of Naviagtor’s redesigned pool deck to illustrate the new tropical vibe. The second photo is a true rendition of the pool on Odyssey. They didn’t change the design, they used the same single pool layout as earlier Quantum class. Royal Caribbean is notorious for using incorrect images of other ships/ship classes on its website and in advertising, whether to be misleading or just lacking attention to detail is anybody’s guess.
  6. I was refunded my full cruise fare for the 6/12 Indy sailing in 8 days after they announced the last round.
  7. Recently, I was able to have my Liberty 8/16 final payment delayed. My TA always does final payment two weeks prior to RC’s deadline. I asked for a month delay, so two weeks past Royals final payment date. It was granted, no issue. I wonder if they are being more lenient with TA bookings knowing TAs have furloughed or laid off customer service employees.
  8. I cancelled three weeks ago. I got a refund today. Unacceptable how long it took, but it finally came, so it is what it is.
  9. This is unfolding so quickly, give it a couple of weeks. I'm sure they're in the process of coming up with contingency plans, scope of work that can be done, alternatives for booked pax, etc. It can't all be done overnight.
  10. https://wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu/post/fema-paid-millions-half-empty-floating-hotel-after-hurricane-maria This is the kind of crap Carnival is trying to pull again. It’s worked out for them a couple of times before. Smart move for them, make it sound look like they are donating empty ships for use as a gesture of good will.
  11. Yeah. Price gouge the American taxpayer like Carnival did the last time they “donated” their ships.
  12. Two options. It’s cancelled or it isn’t. How would anybody know the answer during a worldwide pandemic?
  13. You do realize that the article you posted is clickbait and from a fake news website, correct? Don’t fuel hysteria.
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