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  1. Do you need to pack beach towels for a Caribbean cruise with HAL?
  2. HAL used offer a cruise purchase a package of 16.9 ounce bottled water to your cabin at the beginning of trip. Is that no longer a possibility with HAL?
  3. How many Gala nights are there on a 14 day cruise?
  4. I meant to post more than I did. I bought the platinum internet package, but it can only be as fast as satellite allows. I am back in San Juan. I enjoyed the cruise. The islands are gorgeous, but they are recovering from the hurricane. The devastation is still very apparent. I won’t spend time talking about excursions since I didn’t do many of them. As I said, this was my first Carnival cruise. I have been on 16 cruises so far. There are some things Carnival does very well. I did FTTF. That is well worth the price. Debarking today was a breeze. Actually, the entire process once in the port was the best I have ever encountered. I did see the drug dog “hit” on two couples. They were removed from the line. That was a first for me. Hopefully they were false alerts, Dining: I only ate in the dining room twice. Remember, food taste varies from person to person. The first night my chicken must have worn a training bra because her breasts were tiny. The sausage stuffing was not good and looked very unappetizing. The first dress up night I had lobster. It was very, very good. Both nights, the service was fast and friendly. Other cruises lines seem to overwork the servers. As a result, I have waited a long time for each course. This is not so with Carnival. I ate on the Lido deck the rest of the trip and found food I enjoyed. The potato salad is yummy. I ate it every night. Cabin: As I mentioned, I had a grand suite. I used my balcony a lot. The bed was the most comfortable cruise ship bed I have been on. My cabin steward, Kris, was the best. He is super friendly and has a great sense of humor. The shampoo is terrible. I expected that since most cruise lines have terrible shampoo. The towels were huge! I did smell cigarette smoke while on my balcony. I couldn’t tell where is came from. That isn’t Carnival’s fault. This is by far the friendliest cruise staff. Everyone was super nice....well...except the sandwich guy who was cranky. That’s ok. Cons: 1. I was frustrated that I could never hear announcements. Typically I have been able to tune the tv to a channel once I hear those chimes and listen. I felt out of the loop. I was told I missed announcements about Tropical Storm Isaac. 2. The ship isn’t as open and airy as other ships I have been on. 3. This was a party ship. There was a lot of noise late at night from people who were obviously very drunk. I witnessed a physical fight between two women one afternoon. They were drunk. I know that Carnival sells itself as Fun ships. So, I expected it. Of course all cruises have drunks and party animals. This one was REALLY one big party. That is a con for me and a pro for others. Please don’t flame me. I probably will choose another cruise line next time, I am just too old and boring for the party atmosphere. This has nothing to do with the cruise line. They offer a very, very nice product. I am glad I checked out Carnival.
  5. Hi All! This is my first Carnival Cruise. I have sailed HAL, NCL, RC, Princess and Disney. I chose this cruise because I wanted to try Carnival and this itinerary is new for me. I am in a grand suite. I usually am in balcony rooms. I am not a partier so I won’t be offering opinions on those type of things. Check in was easy with FTTF. Everyone was extremely friendly from the entry to my cabin. It was by far the most pleasant check in I have ever experienced. My cabin wasn’t ready; it just needed vacuuming. I dropped off my carry on and went to try the famous Guy’s Burger Joint. It was sooo yummy! I plan to revisit. The ship is a bit different from others I have been on. It doesn’t feel as open and airy in the public spaces. The halls are a bit tight on Lido Deck. However, my cabin hallway seems much wider. These are in no way criticisms. I have yet to explore everything and may find I am wrong. I am back in my cabin and found my luggage waiting. This cabin is fabulous! I feel like a princess. The closet is a cruiser’s dream. Their are at least 16 drawers in the room. Plus there are shelves galore. The lamps have USB ports to charge phones etc. That helps a lot with the lack of plugs. Of course, that seems to be a cruise ship problem across the board. I won’t update a lot, but I thought a new Carnival cruiser’s fresh view might be interesting. I am excited for the week. We haven’t heard if we are following our itinerary because of Tropical Storm Isaac.
  6. Well. I am a dope. You are absolutely right. I read it as Barbados not Bermuda. Ugh. Sorry!
  7. I haven't had any experiences with tropical storms. There is a possibility this one will head close to Barbados. Anyone know what Carnival does? I leave Sunday for a Southern Caribbean cruise on the Fascination. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/where-is-tropical-storm-florence-headed-in-the-atlantic/70005957
  8. Please reread my posts. I don’t believe I said that busloads of people were left. I did say we all have different levels of comfort with excursions. I am far from a cruise newbie.
  9. Yes, that makes sense from what we passengers experience. However, as it was explained to me by a cruise director, they are making certain there wasn’t a mistake with scanning cards.
  10. Absolutely. It even happened on a river cruise. They had to get to the next lock to get on. Generally, you hear their names being called over the intercom a few times. That’s the signal that they aren’t on the ship or hopefully just didn’t get logged in correctly.
  11. I, too, agree with this. I have many times seen people running to the ship as we pull away. I know thousands of people never have that problem. I don’t know if I could relax and enjoy my excursion worrying about missing. Once, in Tunisia, our ship excursion van broke down. The ship waited for us. It’s peace of mind for me too. We all have different levels of concerns.
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