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  1. I was in the hospital, admitted due to sepsis, during one of the surges. I was COVID negative. I was put in a "Non-Covid overflow area" after spending the day in the ER area because there were no beds even in overflow. The numbers were bad and they were downplaying them in our area. Our schools opened on time with no mask requirements and our county suffered. One of my nurses said she worked in another county that sent her to mine because they were so short-handed. My overflow area had very few nurses and I knew by the clock they were working more hours than their normal shifts and working above and beyond. They were stretched thin beyond their limits. Even the cafeteria and cleaning staff were working OT trying to service everyone, so to all those saying "it wasn't that bad," you're wrong. Love cruising, and have been cruising for over 20 years. I'm fully vaccinated and still wear a mask out because we have too many people not willing to inconvenience themselves to get this under control so that one day we can all cruise again. We've lost no family to COVID, but plenty of co-workers and neighbors. If you're afraid to take the vaccine, I fear you won't be cruising for a long time. If you're indignant at wearing a mask, I don't think you'll be cruising soon. I can't imagine being so desperate to cruise yet unwilling to not only follow the requirements, but to defy the rules and regulations that you would forge a vaccination card.
  2. I'm pretty sure the doctor would have you sign a form saying you are giving them permission to attest to your health. The form states you don't have a heart condition, kidney condition, diabetes etc. It requests the doctor's registration number. Lots of people over seventy cruise, but I'm sure many of them have at one time or another have been treated for one of these medical conditions. If so, the doctor is not going to lie on the form. It's going to be very difficult for a lot of those over 7 cruisers to get this form signed. We cruised with both of my parent when they were over seventy. BOTH had been treated for heart conditions. We would not have been able to get a doctor to sign this current form for them, even though, at the time, their doctor knew they were going on cruises and had no concerns.This will affect a lot of family cruises.
  3. RC is foreign registered. While U.S. citizens can/may sue, this makes it more difficult and much more complicated. It has been discussed previously in cases of injuries and deaths on the ships and not just RC.
  4. Most cruise ships have two pods. However, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas have three pods. Several ships have a combination of azimuthing pods and pods that do not turn (sometimes called “fixipods”) that are used to provide forward and backwards propulsion. So if safety is your concern, Allure is now traveling with two pods, like most cruise ships instead of a third one which made it possible for them to travel at greater speeds that most other ships.
  5. Your cruise contract states they can change the itinerary. It doesn't say "weather related" and it can change it for any reason. The U.S. laws you've listed have nothing to do with their ability to change the itinerary.
  6. I have a disability that is not visible. I can't take the stairs because of a heart condition. I look perfectly healthy, but I can't navigate the stairs any better than someone in a chair. I've been run over by people in chairs and scooters. I'm FORCED to wait too and more often than not, people recognize your needs because of the chair, but would never think to put me in front of others and I would never think of asking others to allow me to cut in line to get into the elevator in front of others. After a show, I sit and wait until the elevator bays clear out because I know there will be a crowd. Heading to dinner, I know to plan extra time in case the elevators are crowded. There are ways to get from point A to point B without having to have a dedicated elevator. If you are in a chair and you have others with you, are you just going to run off without them or will you have to wait on them to catch up with you once you use your "dedicated" elevator? You get special assistance to get on and off the ship and people do take into consideration that you are in a chair often. As you said, there are "lots more like me" so are you going to be frustrated when just one dedicated elevator isn't enough? If the dedicated elevator isn't full, should others be allowed to use it? Would RC have to dedicate a member of the crew as "elevator monitor?" Just find a way to wait patiently. That's what I do. I've never told a single group waiting on a elevator that I have a medical condition and need to be moved to the front of the line. I wait with my family and we ALL use the elevator at the same time because we are all going to the same place.
  7. We never book non-refundable because things can happen and it's....non-refundable. Just us. We just pretend not to see the price difference.
  8. You can easily find bottled water, along with sodas and beer at any port in Mexico and they are very inexpensive ($1-2). We had an excursion on a small boat for snorkeling in Roatan that included the food and drink. We had decided to wait, not eat on the boat and eat when we returned to the ship. The food was in catering trays and we couldn't resist. The food was delicious and we had no problems afterwards. We've had food in the bars in Cozumel with no problems.
  9. We did four to a cabin for a last minute cruise deal and we had a great time. We kept the cabin neat and all our things put away and we were only in the rooms at bedtime, which turned into a sort of pajama party with us talking and laughing late into the night from our bunks. Everyone was very good about shower time and getting ready. We had an "assembly" line. While the others were having wine on the balcony, the first one showered and moved to the dresser and the next person went to the shower. When you finished getting ready, you chilled on the balcony while the others got ready. We're all pretty low key and low maintenance, I guess. We would do it again.
  10. We used Bob's limo (private car service). They were sitting waiting at the port, got us out quickly and were fabulous. There were five of us and the cost ended up being less than RC and SO much better. Love it and would highly recommend them. We've used them twice.
  11. In hotels and on cruise ships, they are referred to as house phones. It wasn't an oxymoron. It's the correct terminology.
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