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    Barbados & St Lucia wonderful destinations

    We never experienced bad roads from the cruise port to the volcano area and then to the estate lunch. The island is hilly and roads are winding quite a bit, but in good condition. I can't comment on the entire island.
  2. Just got back on my cruise and is still very excited, My family and I had a great time in Barbados, we went on the Thriller Tour w/Turtles, My sons had a great time feeding and swimming with the Turtles, I felt more like a child just by touching these majestic creatures and swimming with them, Barbados has some beautiful beaches, thanks to Stephen and Matthew for such a wonderful time. St Lucia was great we did the Land and Sea Tour with *****. The Island is as beautiful as shown on images, it is very green and lush our ambassadors Sherma and John were great, they know the island very well all our questions were answered. Soufriere is a town with a lot of history lunch at the FondDoux was great, we took the boat back up to our ship did some swimming, the Pitons looked wonderful from the sea John said they were lava domes, I have never heard of two domes this is unique we had such a great time with the good people at Serenity Vacations, they are a fun bunch you get true ambassador service and that is the key. Thank you Stephen, Matthew (Barbados) and Sherma, John (St Lucia) for such a wonderful time. Serenity vacations and Thriller Turtles are mentioned all over this board so I am sure my experience is not unique.
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    Tour & Zip Line

    oops, sorry. Did the cruisers exclusive, I dopn't know the cost of zip line, you will have to ask.
  4. lovelee29

    Tour & Zip Line

    Cruised with Celebrity Galaxy. Started our tour at about 10am Jan 5th in St Lucia. Wanted it all private, paid 675. Galaxy was great as well. I did not do any zipline.
  5. lovelee29

    Tour & Zip Line

    Just came back myself and did the cruisers exclusive. I highly recommend you ask John or Charlie at Serenity Vacations (*****). I am sure you can get a well organized private zip tour there. Still on a high from my cruise. They were really great and I promised to talk about the great service. You can call them toll free