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  1. It's the Oasis so now I'm even more confused
  2. My cruise from Cape Liberty on 6/5/22 stops in both Halifax NS and Saint John NB. Our port fees are $133.85 per person 🙄
  3. Had a similar situation. Paid deposit for myself and my sister. Was going to pay for her cruise. It was last June so that left us with a FCC in each of our names. Called to try and get her FCC transferred but was told no. Emailed Bayley's office and the person who responded said they would make an exception if I could provide a notarized letter from my sister saying that I had paid the deposit and that the FCC should therefore be transferred to me.
  4. You'll just need to provide them with the booking ID for the original cruise. Might take a couple days for them to apply the points, but they definitely will get it done. At least that was my recent experience.
  5. That's may be true but it's being used in the US. Does that mean that US residents won't be able to travel if they received the J&J vaccine
  6. Wonder how that's going to work with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine since it's a one and done. I assume that will qualify?
  7. Booked for June, 2022 and can't wait to begin obsessing! Thanks for your help on this and also for all past assistance. When I cancelled, I remember someone commenting that I would be able to use my $400 OBC from credit card points on the new booking. All I had to do was ask and they're applying the points to the new booking. I would never have even asked without someone on this board previously mentioning it. So grateful 💗
  8. Wow, so simple but that never even occurred to me. Thank you so much!!
  9. I had a cruise booked for myself and my sister last year. I paid the deposit for both of us. I cancelled the cruise prior to final payment. At the time, COVID was just getting going and I wasn't sure what was going to happen so opted out of paying final payment and gladly accepted a FCC for the deposit. What I didn't realize is that I have a $250 FCC and my sister has a $250 FCC. Does anyone know if there is any way for me to get a $500 FCC instead since it was my money in the first place? I would prefer to travel alone next time. In general, when I cruise with my sister, I p
  10. My Canadian cruise in June dropped $910 over the weekend from when I booked it in November. It's back up about $300 as of today.
  11. Last month on Anthem, my friend wore shorts and a polo shirt to the main dining room on formal night. Anything goes
  12. I purchased my WOW bands on Anthem and reused them the following year, also on Anthem. No muster station listed. This past October, also on Anthem, they would not allow me to have them changed. The woman looked at me like I was crazy for even asking.
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