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  1. It's also interesting that an 18 year old can wear the uniform to fight or die for the country, but can't buy a beer at the bar.
  2. If you don't use your butler at all and everything you need is handled by the room steward, will the butler tip you at the end of the cruise. Seems like that would be the right thing to do.;p;p
  3. The absolute best thing about a Carnival cruise is the CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE! Don't miss it
  4. I hope that Jose, my room steward is still there. Anybody know?
  5. WOW! What a tough guy you must be to kick a tiny dog to the moon. Get real and quit talking like a moron!
  6. How did the lady respond to your daughter's "shoulder dap"? Did she turn it off or tell her something else?
  7. You're welcome. Glad it was just a typo. However, since she seems so sensitive have you considered buying a pair of noise canceling headphones for her and perhaps a light canceling mask so she can sleep comfortable? Problem solved?
  8. And, you are very judgemental. No way to know it was a typo. Nor is there any way to know the "inconsiderate" person didn't actually fall asleep. Have you never fallen asleep while watching tv or a movie?
  9. Perhaps if you continue to cruise on Celebrity and become Elite you will change your mind.
  10. Did you consider that the lady may have dozed off and had nothing to do with her "flowers". That's very easy to do on a plane or at home watching TV from a recliner and has nothing to do with being inconsiderate.
  11. Ask if you can move into the Captain's room and have him move into the bridge. Seems like that's the least they could do.
  12. Your best bet might be to bring one of those folding logo chairs from home with you that you can buy almost anywhere for a few bucks and they store in a bag with a strap. They would be easy to carry, could be taken with to the beach, and you still have the chair to take home. Not only all of that but they are also pretty comfortable.
  13. That is a totally offensive statement. Why do you assume that just because someone is in the elderly group they have lost all ability to reason? Very disrespectful!!!
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