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  1. I just heard back from the Viking representative. They will not honor the advertised price and stated that it was an honest mistake on their part. They offered me 100 dollars onboard credit on the cruise if I book. I have put in for quotes from other companies and I am not sure what I will do for that trip. I am surprised that mhb1757 has had the same experience which leads me to believe that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing in Viking. Of course it has influenced my opinion of the company as a whole. However, I did have a good cruise on the one Viking trip I took but now I wonder what would happen if there was an issue or problem. Had I been the one who made the decision, I would have honored the advertised price. I think that would have been the "right" thing to do and would have ensured my loyalty to Viking and many more dollars would have been earmarked for Viking trips in the future.
  2. I spoke with a Viking agent yesterday and sent them a copy of the screenshot of the website with the prices advertised as well as a link to this thread. The agent was very sympathetic and is going to speak with their supervisor to try and figure out what happened. It is still too early to have a response from the TellUs folks since it is the weekend. Based on the information posted here by others, I am inclined at this point that it was a mistake on the website coupled with a Viking agent that did not handle the situation well. The agent I spoke with on the phone completely understood why I was frustrated with the experience and had a very helpful attitude. I am hopeful that I will get some type of response today that will shed some light on what happened.
  3. All the $2,899 cruises are gone this morning from the website. Perhaps it was a mistake?
  4. To clarify, the May 12, 2021 cruisetour was advertised at $2,899 both before and after I spoke with the agent. It may be different now but the price didn't change during the time I was getting the quote from the agent. She told me specifically that the hotel was not included in the price and that nobody could possibly take this trip with the entire hotel and cruise for $2,899. She said that the advertised price was for the cruise only (7 nights) and not the whole trip as laid out in the itinerary on the website. Based on what she told me, the prices were deceptive. I don't know when I will hear from the Viking TellUs, but I have also asked for a quote from another river cruise company instead. It is much more expensive but I am interested to see if the quote I receive from them matches their advertised price.
  5. The quote is for a standard cabin, clearly stated. I hope also that Viking can address this, I did enjoy my Viking river cruise and I think they have an excellent product but the agent I spoke with and received the quote from told me specifically that the price advertised on the website was for the cruise only and didn't include the hotel stay in Cairo which is part of the itinerary they advertise. She told me that NOBODY would be able to take this trip for $2,899 per person and sent me a quote for the May 12, 2021 trip for $4,499 per person, not including air.
  6. The quote I received clearly stated a standard cabin, so that couldn't explain the difference.
  7. I am curious as well. I have submitted a request for another quote for the same date.
  8. Your agent told me specifically that the advertised price did not include the hotel stay. Your website prices this cruisetour in a standard cabin for the May 12 departure date at $2,899. The quote she emailed me is 4,499 per person. Is there a person I can contact directly to discuss this? (P.S. I just emailed a copy of the quote I received to the email address above.)
  9. I didn't see that reference about the transfer to the hotel. You have a good eye.
  10. The cruisetour is 12 days (including the day you arrive and depart) and 10 nights. Seven nights of cruise. There are both pre and post extensions that you can book. I did not add any pre or post stays. The website advertises this as a 12 day trip but obviously they do not include the price of the hotel for the first three nights in the advertised price. I just don't understand why they would do that unless they are deliberately trying to post a lower price (just the cruise portion) and then have the agent tack on an additional 1700 per person for the first three nights of the advertised trip, as they did in my quote. The description of the trip on the website includes three days in Cairo before traveling to Luxor to board the ship for seven nights cruise. Viking deliberately doesn't describe where you will be staying those three nights or activities for those three nights. They are cleverly advertising this trip as 12 days but the prices on the website are for the seven day cruise only portion. That is why I am calling it deceptive pricing. It is obviously being done on purpose. They are so proud to call themselves "all inclusive value" and then are so sneaky to advertise in such a way that intentionally is meant to deceive. The worst part of this is that I took the Viking Amsterdam to Budapest river cruise and absolutely loved it!! I was so excited to book both Egypt and China in the next couple of years. Now I am wondering if I want to travel on a cruiseline that would stoop to these tricks to get bookings. As an accountant by trade, I immediately noticed that something was wrong with the prices when I was on the phone with the Viking agent. But I know people who would call based on the advertised price and then be a bit confused and just accept the quote from the agent without questioning it. This happens all the time at car dealerships. I can afford the cruise either way and I may still go, but probably not on Viking. I just need to look at other cruiselines that are honest in their pricing.
  11. I just called for a quote on a May 12, 2021 cruise Pharaohs & Pyramids. The price advertised for a standard cabin was $2,899 per person with the Explorer's sale discount. I got a quote for 4,499 per person. The Viking representative told me that the 2,899 price did not include the hotel stay included in the advertised itinerary. She told me that the 2,899 was just for the seven night cruise portion and didn't include the hotel stay at the beginning of the cruise. Search as I may, I have not been able to find anything on the website that makes this distinction. On the website, they advertise the itinerary, including the hotel stay, and then show cabin availability for the various dates at various prices. I feel that this is very deceptive or a 'bait and switch' tactic. I could understand if it was additional nights before or after the cruise that I was adding on intentionally, but that was not what I was doing. Is this the way Viking does business?
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