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  1. I wouldn't have said "Close enough", I would have said "Even Better!"
  2. Great idea! Get rid of the disco dancers and bring on the sock hop.
  3. RCI has many different theme nights on their cruises. Not all theme nights occur on every cruise. I have seen White Nights on several of my cruises but not all of them. If you want to make sure you have attire for at least one theme night, bring your 70's disco clothes. That is the one theme night I have seen on every RCI cruise I have been on.
  4. I feel sorry for both of you. GO BILLS! 😁
  5. You don't NEED milk for the little ones, it just makes them taste better. I like coffee with the big Cheerios.
  6. Go to a table and watch for a little while. Most games are easy learn if you watch for a little bit. Most players and the dealer will be answer questions about how the game is played.
  7. I would choose the ABCs also, I love all three islands. I'm a scuba diver. Bonaire had been on my bucket list of place to dive for years. After finally finding a cruise that went there, and having a chance to dive there, we booked another cruise that stopped there so we could dive some more. I've never been to Labadee or the Dominican Republic so I can't speak about those two stops.
  8. Dump it all in a box and when you get to the new house, figure out which drawer will be the new junk drawer and empty the box into into it.
  9. But they don't do it that way. They jack it 25% and then discount it 20% so the price stays the same.
  10. This is true. You can now use your shareholder's credit along with any other sale or discount.
  11. I keep track of pricing for my booked cruises to monitor price drops. I have a cruise booked for March of 2022 that has had 16 different sales attached to it. These are prices available to the general public. Those "sales" do not include another 20 C&A, Resident and First Responder discounts I've qualified for. Only one of those 36 sales has generated a price lower than what I originally paid.
  12. I do this also, for myself. I have a very long truck that fits in my garage with only inches to spare in the front and back. I attached a piece of 4X4 to the floor (one wheel only) so I know when to stop.
  13. Just clarifying for anyone that does this. Purchase the lower priced package FIRST to confirm that you get the lower price, then cancel the original, higher priced, purchase. Multiple people have reported that sometimes the lower price is gone (in a matter of minutes) when they try to book it.
  14. I did laundry at my parents' house for 20 years when I was growing up. It was never an issue. When I got married, my wife told me I was doing it all wrong. I now haven't had to do a load of laundry for 34 years! Sometimes being stupid comes in handy. 😁
  15. It is also a utility chase which creates a gap between cabins. There are water, electric and other utilities in there. It is a noise barrier between you and your neighbor on one side. We always choose these cabins when possible.
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