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  1. All wines available on the ship, up to $12/glass, are covered with the package. If the cost is over $12, you'll have to pay the difference.
  2. I won a t-shirt AND a key chain on my last cruise. Now that's hitting the jackpot!
  3. The easiest way to get OBC is to call RCI with a credit card number handy. Give them that number and they will give you all of the OBC that you want.
  4. We have never seen the theater full, there will always be seats available, no reservations needed. The ice show might be a different story. The show usually happens three of four times during the cruise. One or two of the shows might be crowded due to the timing. You might have to get there early or attend one of the less crowded shows.
  5. It's a big money saver for sure. If your timing is right, you can get free drinks before, during and after dinner.
  6. I didn't consider the advantages of booking one of the adults solo. Great ideas and definitely worth the (minor) trouble of getting the extra Sea Pass cards once on board.
  7. You will need the booking numbers for everyone in order to link your dining reservations.
  8. You can book your daughter in a cabin by herself as long as it is adjacent to, or across the hall from yours. You and your husband do not need to split up under that scenario.
  9. I've never seen fresh squeezed orange juice included with breakfast. It's always been an extra cost.
  10. If you want each passenger to have a soda package AND an internet package, you'll have to buy two of the packages that you mentioned. If you are willing to share an internet package then you can buy one of the mentioned packages and one soda package.
  11. You do not need to take/upload your picture. They have the ability to do it at check-in. There have been several reports of people uploading their picture and RCI finds it not good enough so they retake it anyway.
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