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  1. I have never considered the coffee bad. Too strong?, yes. Bad?, no. I bring a travel mug with me on cruise because I like to wonder around in the morning and sip my coffee as I go. I always fill my cup 3/4 of the way with coffee and then top it off with hot. water. Perfect cup of coffee for me.
  2. Some people's selfishness will never allow them to understand or care about the dangers of these devices. A while back you posted a very lengthy, detailed report about why surge protection devises are so dangerous on ships. I never knew the danger of those things until I read your post. Maybe (if you could find it) you could post it again to open some of these people's eyes.
  3. I had heard that they were starting to faze it out. I was on Radiance in 2017 and Adventure in 2018 and there was no Caribbean Stud table on either of those. I was glad to see it on Adventure this past March.
  4. I play Caribbean Stud. I did see at least one Hold 'em table, maybe two.
  5. Quite often you can arrive at the pier and check in but the ship has not been cleared for boarding yet. So if you arrive early you'll be able to check in but won't be able to board. If you arrive after boarding has already started, you'll be able to board right after checking in.
  6. The cabin would have been sold and the people would have been on the cruise anyway. By sharing my discount, Royal Caribbean is getting $225 less for that cabin.
  7. You should be able to do it all on the pier at check-in. Tell them who be sleeping in which cabins and who will be paying for who. Don't wait until you get on the ship.
  8. I have mixed emotions about this whole "sharing" thing. First, let me say we have never shared our D drinks. However, we have shared our balcony discount with non Diamond members. That perk seems to be shared by a lot of people. And... it seems to be encouraged by RCI! Why is that perk allowed to be shared and the 3 free drinks aren't? Our friends haven't "earned" the balcony discount any more than they have earned a free drink.
  9. Some JS and above cabins have the USB port under the lights by the bed. We had a balcony cabin on our cruise a month ago and there were none.
  10. I'm not positive but I don't believe they are heated. In the Caribbean they are filled with salt water. I would imagine that would be the same for the N.E. routes as well.
  11. The casino does have a no smoking section. I was on Adventure in March. I was playing poker at a table in the casino. the man next to me pulled out his e-cig and was told by the dealer that smoking was not allowed at the table we were at.
  12. Some will say you need to go to Guest Services once you board the ship to make the switch. We have had to move people around in cabins twice and both times we did it on the pier at check-in. Just tell the agent who is going to be in which cabin and they'll make the change for you. No need to carry two Sea Pass cards around with you.
  13. I assume you will be cruising on her in the future. When? She's going into dry dock for a major overhaul next January so she will be a completely different ship from what she is now..
  14. You will be fine with a 11:50 flight. While it probably doesn't happen all the time, we made it to FLL at 7:45 after our last cruise.
  15. We haven't been yet and don't intend to any time soon. The crowding doesn't bother me because from what I've heard, and as others have mentioned, the ship is big enough where crowding doesn't seem to be an issue. We won't cruise on them for a couple of reasons. One, so far every time I have tried to price a cruise, Oasis class and Quantum class have always been significantly higher priced than other ships doing the same itinerary. Second, it's my understanding that you have to have reservations for every show you want to go to. I don't want that. I want to go when I want to go. We never know how our days and nights are going to play out. Sometimes we feel like going, sometimes we don't. If all of sudden we decide we want to go to a show, we go. I don't want to be turned away because we didn't reserve a spot ahead of time.
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