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  1. I don't like it. It's too gaudy. Sometimes less is more.
  2. We have always chosen itinerary first. We pick where and when we want to go. If there are multiple ships doing the same itinerary, THEN we will choose the ship.
  3. Of course! People don't need to share an address in order to share a cabin.
  4. My comment was not aimed at you, it was for the OP to give them my opinion on whether they should get a balcony cabin for an Alaska cruise. As for the corner aft, yes, we love them too and book them whenever we have a chance for our Caribbean cruises. I would not book one for Alaska for the reasons I mentioned in my original post. If something is happening off the bow of the ship, you won't see it from an aft balcony.
  5. I've noticed this a few times too. I don't understand their reasoning.
  6. We did a cruise in Alaska 4 years ago and hardly used the balcony. When there were things to see, we wanted to be on the upper decks with the ability to move from side to side. Your balcony only allows you to see one side. You will miss so much by just sitting on your balcony the whole time. For instance, if your balcony is on the port side and there is a pod of whales on the starboard side, you'll never know it. If you're hanging out on the upper decks, you'll know where the sights are being seen. I don't think we spent any time on our balcony when the ship was moving. I spent the most time o
  7. Are the points from purchases made in 2016 or from later? They don't all fall off in a lump sum. Some people think it's 5 years and they all expire. The points actually expire 60 months after they were earned. There is a place within your on-line account that you can see month by month when the points actually expire.
  8. We booked a corner aft when the 3rd person rate was only a couple dollars, knowing the 3rd person was going to be a no show. We felt the extra couple hundred dollars was worth it to get the corner aft.
  9. Maybe YOUR internet, not mine. I love this thread and have followed since day one. I just don't see any humor in the Bernie thing. And, if it matters, It has nothing to do with my political beliefs.
  10. I love these types of dogs. My brother had a huge Rottweiler that was so cuddly and playful. He was unbelievably gentle with children. He would scare the hell out of someone by running to them.... but only because he wanted to play.
  11. My guess is the form showing that you had the vaccine is different in every state/county. My wife and I have both been vaccinated in the same county but at different locations. Our documentation papers are different. She has the date hand written with a sticker for the lot number. On mine, the dates and lot numbers are both just written by hand. Anyone can make a fake form and write any dates and lot number they want. The cruise lines will not take the time and effort to verify the authenticity of every form.
  12. It is not 5 months since your last cruise. The points start to come off 60 months from the month they were earned. ETA - The points have nothing to do with the dates of your cruise. It's all about when the points were earned and when they are redeemed. You could book a cruise now and use the points to pay for it. That would keep any further points from "falling off" the account.
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