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  1. I used to have friends that owned a house on St. John 40+ years ago. When I would visit them, we'd dive for lobsters 3 or 4 times during the time I was there. We'd catch them, bring them back to the house, cook them and eat them. Those were the best lobsters I've ever eaten. I don't know if it was because "I caught them" or the fact that they were so fresh but they were the best.
  2. And when they're fresh from the waters of Maine, they taste much better than what you get on the ship.
  3. My wife and I have been to just about every island in the Caribbean that a cruise ship stops at. A few years ago a business trip took me to New Orleans, I had never been there. After I got home I told my wife we needed to go back and spend more time seeing the sights. It was then that we realized that the United States has so much to offer and we've never visited "our own back yard". We decided we needed to start vacationing in our country. For the last several years we have taken our annual cruise in the spring and then later in the year we spend a week or two visiting other parts of the U.S. i.e. Alaska, the Colorado Rockies, the New England coast, the National Parks in Utah, the Great Smokie Mountains..... We've only begun to see it all but we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of the beauty this country of ours has to offer.
  4. I'm not sure I've ever had to look for it on the web site. We book through a TA and the dining time is always listed on our invoice.
  5. I was on the one and only cruise also. I think the tiered seating has been replaced with additional seating for the Lime and the Coconut Bar.
  6. Up until two years ago I wore a tuxedo and my wife wore a gown on formal nights. The attire in the MDR has become more and more relaxed the last couple of years. We do not, and will not, dress like some of the slobs we have seen in there on Formal night, but we no longer bring formal attire. Luggage fees on the airlines played a role in this also. Bringing formal attire requires us to bring another piece of luggage and we don't want to have to the pay the fee for that extra piece.
  7. Royal not enforcing one of their own policies?? This is the first I've heard of such a thing. 😁
  8. We have never stayed in an aft cabin on deck 10 so I won't comment on the noise. We HAVE stayed in aft cabins on deck 9 and did not hear the noise while inside our cabin. We could hear it a little if we were on our balcony.
  9. Right now RCI's webs site is only showing Adventure and Liberty sailing from Galveston in April, 2021. Adventure heads to Copenhagen on April 21st. Explorer shows up at the beginning of May.
  10. Move DH to the cabin with the single. That will leave you as the single (paying for double).
  11. When boarding passes first became available on my phone, I still printed them because I was unsure that the technology would always work the way it was intended to work. As it turned out, I never needed the printed copy. After many flights having both digital and printed copies with me, I decided to "go green" and not print boarding passes anymore. The problem is, when I check my luggage at the counter, they print boarding passes for me! So, while I'm trying to be "green", the airlines aren't doing their part. In answer to the original question, I have stopped printing my Set Sail Pass, I use my phone. If something goes wrong and I can't access it on my phone, I know they have it "in the system" so I'll be able to board.
  12. Not suites. A first time cruiser can book a suite. If you're going to reward loyalty, then reward loyalty, not cabin category.
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