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  1. That wouldn't be just exciting news, it would be a miracle!
  2. We typically cruise with a group of friends, sometimes as many as 12. We used to get one, big table and had everyone sit at the same table. Conversations were a pain in the A$$. We have changed our way of thinking. Now, when our group is more than six, we ask for two tables next to each other. We rotate seats every night so we can sit with different people. It makes for a much more enjoyable dining experience with no one yelling to teach other.
  3. Yes. It was the first time we had a booked such an early flight and I was very nervous about missing our flight. I don't remember what time we walked off the ship but it was early. I remember being through security at the airport (we have TSA Precheck) shortly after 8:00.
  4. Generally, a 10:30 flight shouldn't be a problem if you walk off the ship your own. There is of course some risk with the possibility of the ship not clearing customs right away or long lines at the airport. I have booked a 10:20 flight in the past and made it with a couple hours to spare. You need to decide how comfortable you are with some risk.
  5. That takes all the fun out of it for the spectators. 😂 And before anyone jumps all over me, I don't want to see anyone get hurt, that's not the point. I think it's funny watching people flop around trying to stand back up.
  6. That's what I thought too but some members are saying they are only getting the partial OBC. I've gotten the full amount the last couple of cruises I've been on.
  7. Log into your cruise planner. The OBC will show at the top-right of the page. I honestly don't know if I received an email notification (I think I did) regarding the OBC. It showed in my cruise planner after a couple days
  8. It sounds like you are asking two questions. Getting into your stateroom and checking in are two different things. You might be able to check in as early as 12:00 but not be able to get into your stateroom until after 2:00.
  9. Where did you see this? What do you consider the wipeout area? The top, bottom or middle? I've seen people get hurt (nothing major) at all three spots.
  10. We've always enjoyed the Intercontinental. Bayfront Park is across the road and Bayside Marketplace is just a short walk.
  11. The balcony for 8670 is actually a little bit bigger than the one for 8168.
  12. You should have booked those cruises last week. The promo ended September 30th.
  13. You won't NEED a Hawaiian shirt but you'll have an opportunity to wear one dinner. Every cruise I have been on with RCI has had a Caribbean theme night. The crew will have "Hawaiian" shirts on.
  14. Sounds to me like it's definitely time to find a new TA.
  15. We've done this multiple times when we've had our kids with us. I'm not sure of your cabin arrangements, ours were always next door to each other. We kept the extra card key on our desk so we didn't have to carry two cards with us all the time.
  16. I think the menu on RCI ships is almost identical fleet-wide.
  17. Don't I get some credit too? 😁 I gave the answer (someone has a lisp) without giving it away.
  18. Why is that a waste? The vouchers are for free drinks, not necessarily alcoholic drinks. You get free diet sodas, your beverage of choice.
  19. Yes, it's 4 drinks a day. In answer to your other question, a lot people drink more than 4 drinks a day. Even after getting 4 for free, the drinks package is still a bargain for some people.
  20. It'll be refunded to the original form of payment.
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