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  1. The $10 waterproof pouches from Amazon are great. We use them all the time when boating and on the beach. It’s really good to have the neck strap and the balloon like edge on the bag keeps your phone floating in case you drop it in the water. Definitely worth the investment just to protect your phone in rain or from beach sand or water. iPhone waterproof pouch PS. I also an Olympus waterproof camera and I love it!!
  2. I think you will be OK. My friend dropped her iphone XR in the water while boating. It had her id and credit cards in the case, so a diver was hired to retrieve the phone. It was in 20-25 ft of fresh water for about 4 hours...... and it works fine :-).
  3. Ontario Canada is just starting to wake up from Winter. Trees starting to bud and wild flowers peeking through.
  4. Really liking the camera on my iPhone 11. Have been doing some playing around and it is huge improvement over my old iPhone
  5. I have only done a full transit and never left the ship. I think you will get a really good experience through the locks if you stay on board even if you are turning around half way. Check out my photo blog of the journey. You can see what there is to see up to Gatun Lake. https://maryandnormtravel.blogspot.com/search/label/Panama Canal Transit Atlantic to Pacific
  6. The day we were there people on our cruise said it was really windy at Meagan’s bay too. So, you never know.
  7. Here are a few photos of Sapphire. We didnt have great weather - really windy and it started to rain after about 45 minutes. We did enjoy that there was a lounge area with couches and chairs to sit and enjoy a Painkiller and views 😉 Even nasty days here are beautiful ! It's not large, but it is nice with the views of the islands and St John's The white roof is the bar/lounge area with food and washrooms.
  8. We were just there a couple of weeks ago. The taxi cost us $20 for 2 or $13 for 1 - lots of taxi's at the pier. Yes, it is a 20 min ride or so. It's a nice way to see the island. Maybe not quite as scenic a drive as going to Magan's bay. We wanted a less crowed beach where we could snorkel so we tried Sapphire . It was very windy and the waves were high on our day, so no snorkeling. It also had a nice covered bar area when it started to rain. We had made arrangements for a pickup from our taxi driver, but since it was raining we decided to go back early. There were taxi's th
  9. San Juan is one of our favourite ports. We always just wander around the old city. So much character and history. It is a beautiful port. Here are some photos to inspire you 🙂 Enjoy! Stop at Barrachina for a Pina Colada (they were invented there) or some traditional food such as Mofongo Or walk over to one of the forts
  10. Marshall’s store has a restroom.
  11. The hand washing stations are pretty cool, and I used them a lot, noticed the crew used them too. It is unfortunate that they are not at the dining room. I carry a pocket sized purell to use in any restaurant after using a menu.
  12. The cabanas are around the Margaritaville pool. There is not much shade there other than some small trees and the cabanas. But there is shade on the beach.
  13. Here are the lists f the most recent lives on-board. Unfortunately the Veendam only had teeny tiny TVs, and not really good for watching movies and we had to order dvds from reception - So we didn’t bother with movies this cruise. hope you can read this, the original was a very pale copy.
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