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  1. We did CK dinner at 6:00. What about y’all?
  2. Did those on Harmony next week make CK reservations?
  3. Yay! Heard from them last night.
  4. I am on that cruise also. Wonder if it has anything to do with the tropical storm?
  5. Me too. Still have not heard. Guess we will soon.
  6. I have not received a concierge email for my upcoming Harmony trip. We leave in exactly one week. I kept waiting , however, this is getting close . Only thing I care about is a few reservations. Does anyone have their email? Thank you.
  7. I bet that a lot of people who were on the fence about booking for next year went ahead and booked to get the drink package sale.
  8. If you want to grab a drink to go in HOTS Suite Lounge, do you need to change attire ?
  9. Was wondering about the SL after reading this thread... does everyone that has dinner at Coastal Kitchen have access to the SL since they are basically in the same room? Just curious. We are in a CL , however, seems like all people including the junior suites would essentially already be in there.
  10. I went ahead and bought my son a day pass at park. Will be interesting to see how much higher that gets. As of now, it is not showing up in cruise planner anymore.
  11. We are on the Harmony next spring break. The cabanas at the water park have already gone up $300! That is crazy!
  12. Did you purchase Paradise Island before or just once you arrived?
  13. It just had a few loungers and some cabanas. Nowhere near as nice as sitting by the new big pool or other areas. The very small buffet was nice and not crowded.
  14. Great and interesting videos. Really enjoyed them. Smile tho!!! You are on vacation!😊
  15. I think that the Crown Loft 1720 on Harmony of the Seas has an ocean view and not the sports court. Can anyone confirm this?
  16. Here is a pic of the bar there. The little hut you can see in the background is where you check in and get your armband.
  17. I was on Enchantment a few weeks ago and went there. There was a very small beach area where you were given an armband and they had a bar and a small buffet with pasta salad and such. Not really a place we wanted to hang out.
  18. That is what I figured. Thank you.
  19. Question- Cruising next spring break on Harmony...do you think the pass price will increase? I figured I would go ahead and purchase it and watch the price. Thoughts?
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