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  1. Last year, I had a 6 of Medala (beer) in a plastic bag from CVS. I had one in my hand and walked right by a cop. He smiled, I smiled... didn't seem to be an issue. Now, a little ways up the street, I tripped on one of the cobble stones and a cop saw me. It ensued a LONG conversation of him acussing me of being drunk and I'm to throw out the beer (the can I had). So........ really not clear on the laws......but in my opinion, if you're not causing trouble, I suppose it's all good.
  2. I like it so much that my golf foursome have chosen that as the November destination. Over in Rio Grande are some amazing courses. I'd go to PR for a week, without the cruise!
  3. Hey Everyone. We've been to Puerto Rico 13 times and it is MY favorite so here's my two cents on to do things at this port. Since we don't dock until 5, we're limited. So it is assumed we won't be eating on the ship that evening, and having said that, there are plenty of dining options. #1, in my opinion, is Raices. Authentic PR cuisine. The 7 pound pork chop is amazing, not dry at all, along with Mufongo (which is their answer to mashed potatoes - plantains fried in garlic and salt/pepper). A must have while visiting PR. Prillo Pizza Rustica for wood fire pizza which in my opinion, is #2. On Fort Aliza (I'll get the correct spelling), there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. There is a cigar shop on that street that the owner's daughter has a restaurant - again, authentic cuisine which was reasonably priced and VERY good. Bacardi is a must, but their tours stop at 5p I believe, so we're out of luck. It's always nice to get there and sample all of the up and coming flavors. Disappointed we're not there longer........ an 8am to 11pm would have been nice. Reason to revisit!
  4. So then it's $1....
  5. dssking

    child rates

    Many complain about the full fair charge for children. Although not all children aren't the same, some make more of a mess therefore that's why the cruiselines do so. Some children grinding the cereal into the carpet, making messes in the dining rooms, cabins etc. I cruised with my littles ones 8 times and never let them do that. However, not everyone's children are respectful and clean.
  6. I went with a cheaper solution - a travel router (LTE) that was good for one person. Connected that to the router and was able to connect 5 people. My friend had the same one and he was able to connect to the ships Wifi and serve 5. So yes, this is a viable solution! Better than paying for 5!
  7. Just read that it's in Dry Dock some time in Feb 2020.........
  8. Hey guys, Perhaps I'm late to the party, but did Royal pull Freedom from Puerto Rico for 2020? I see Vision there..........
  9. Agreed. Whining and complaining like I heard a lot of people doing won't get them anywhere. Be positive and make the most of it...... Already planning the next outing!
  10. We just came off of the Pride of America on Feb 17 (Sailed from Feb 9 - 16). Bad weather had the itinerary flipped from the time of boarding. So, Kauai was first which was cold and rainy. Hilo was next - same. Then Wednesday was Kona where started to warm up and we got a round of golf in then beaches. Thursday and Friday were supposed to be the overnight in Maui, but rough weather prevented us from docking, so were were awarded a sea day. Friday morning proved much the same, so another sea day. Back to Honolulu Saturday morning. Disappointed? Many in our party of 16 were VERY, however me, my family, took the other approach in that it was a week away and it was better than being here (Toronto). I'd go back, but not on NCL. Second cruise with NCL and probably the last. We've cruised numerous times on Princess, Carnival and Royal. The service was lacking from the Guest Services desk, to the store staff. The food was bland and very little variety. On the positive, the bar staff were very attentive - especially Lauren "Laz" at the John Adams bar on deck 5. The waitstaff in the MDR were very good, as was the staff in Cagney's. The quality of food served in Cagney's were top notch. MUCH better than the striploin serviced in the MDR. Small ship means there aren't many venues or activities, but we made the most of our earned sea days. Ovation of the Seas is sailing out of Vancouver if anyone's looking for a ship twice as large as the POA. Overall a decent vacation, and yes, I'd go back to Hawaii, but I'm more of a Caribbean cruiser.
  11. We just got off of the Pride of America on Feb 16 and I must say, Cagney's was fantastic. Our party of 16 was seated with 10 hours to go due to bad weather and not being able to dock in Maui. We figured we should try something different than the main dining room..... What a great decision. The striploin in the MDR was just OK. But the RibEye in Cagney's was top notch. Just my two cents!
  12. Regardless of what many will post here, saying it's wrong, immoral, illegal or what have you, to bring such items on board, I see no issue. The staff will hopefully be compassionate to the special needs of the situation and allow said products on board with you. Same should be said in having juices, and other things readily available in your stateroom, regardless of what cabin category you're in. Afterall, we're all on vacation for the same purpose, regardless of cabin choice. Best of luck and have a fantastic time. Remember, ship personnel is only a call away. Use it!!
  13. Even if you're drinking martini's all night long, at $15, you'd need to drink 7..... and that's just to break even. Perhaps that's not the correct way of looking at it. So in yesterday's conversation with the NCL rep (for another matter), she told me that the $800 for the week was an ALL IN price and included the 20% gratuity. Now on their site (link above that someone posted), it says PLUS 20%....... Anyone else have thoughts?
  14. Eldrima, Unfortunately, the ship speeds won't be great. I doubt even good enough for streaming. However, it's been years since I've been on NCL, but have purchased the single Wifi package and used the Hootoo on Royal 3 times. They have what they call VOOM Internet, which they claim is the fastest internet at sea. Well, I was able to stream near flawlessly with my IPTV box I brought. Since I'm not sure what NCL offers in terms of speed, why not go with a third party service such as SKYROAM? $10/day for 4G speeds. You'll easily be able to stream, and you can hook on 5 devices. I'm going with a company here in Canada called travel-wifi.ca Perhaps they can ship it to you..........Look into it........may be more reliable.
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