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  1. Agreed. Whining and complaining like I heard a lot of people doing won't get them anywhere. Be positive and make the most of it...... Already planning the next outing!
  2. We just came off of the Pride of America on Feb 17 (Sailed from Feb 9 - 16). Bad weather had the itinerary flipped from the time of boarding. So, Kauai was first which was cold and rainy. Hilo was next - same. Then Wednesday was Kona where started to warm up and we got a round of golf in then beaches. Thursday and Friday were supposed to be the overnight in Maui, but rough weather prevented us from docking, so were were awarded a sea day. Friday morning proved much the same, so another sea day. Back to Honolulu Saturday morning. Disappointed? Many in our party of 16 were VERY, however me, my family, took the other approach in that it was a week away and it was better than being here (Toronto). I'd go back, but not on NCL. Second cruise with NCL and probably the last. We've cruised numerous times on Princess, Carnival and Royal. The service was lacking from the Guest Services desk, to the store staff. The food was bland and very little variety. On the positive, the bar staff were very attentive - especially Lauren "Laz" at the John Adams bar on deck 5. The waitstaff in the MDR were very good, as was the staff in Cagney's. The quality of food served in Cagney's were top notch. MUCH better than the striploin serviced in the MDR. Small ship means there aren't many venues or activities, but we made the most of our earned sea days. Ovation of the Seas is sailing out of Vancouver if anyone's looking for a ship twice as large as the POA. Overall a decent vacation, and yes, I'd go back to Hawaii, but I'm more of a Caribbean cruiser.
  3. dssking

    What did you do to Cagneys Mr Stuart?

    We just got off of the Pride of America on Feb 16 and I must say, Cagney's was fantastic. Our party of 16 was seated with 10 hours to go due to bad weather and not being able to dock in Maui. We figured we should try something different than the main dining room..... What a great decision. The striploin in the MDR was just OK. But the RibEye in Cagney's was top notch. Just my two cents!
  4. dssking

    Type 1 Diabetic - Snacks on board

    Regardless of what many will post here, saying it's wrong, immoral, illegal or what have you, to bring such items on board, I see no issue. The staff will hopefully be compassionate to the special needs of the situation and allow said products on board with you. Same should be said in having juices, and other things readily available in your stateroom, regardless of what cabin category you're in. Afterall, we're all on vacation for the same purpose, regardless of cabin choice. Best of luck and have a fantastic time. Remember, ship personnel is only a call away. Use it!!
  5. dssking

    Pride of America - Drink Package

    Even if you're drinking martini's all night long, at $15, you'd need to drink 7..... and that's just to break even. Perhaps that's not the correct way of looking at it. So in yesterday's conversation with the NCL rep (for another matter), she told me that the $800 for the week was an ALL IN price and included the 20% gratuity. Now on their site (link above that someone posted), it says PLUS 20%....... Anyone else have thoughts?
  6. dssking

    Portable wireless router

    Eldrima, Unfortunately, the ship speeds won't be great. I doubt even good enough for streaming. However, it's been years since I've been on NCL, but have purchased the single Wifi package and used the Hootoo on Royal 3 times. They have what they call VOOM Internet, which they claim is the fastest internet at sea. Well, I was able to stream near flawlessly with my IPTV box I brought. Since I'm not sure what NCL offers in terms of speed, why not go with a third party service such as SKYROAM? $10/day for 4G speeds. You'll easily be able to stream, and you can hook on 5 devices. I'm going with a company here in Canada called travel-wifi.ca Perhaps they can ship it to you..........Look into it........may be more reliable.
  7. dssking

    Portable wireless router

    I'll be able to tell you more once I board and attempt. However, what I can tell you now is this : Power up the router and log on to it via phone or tablet ( I used my iPad). I proceeded to log into the ship's network. Once the router was authenticated, I then searched for the ROUTER NAME on the other devices and connected. Worked perfect.
  8. dssking

    Pride of America Review 12/29-1/5

    Clover18, As Dexddd stated, there's no point in convincing you to sail NCL again. You had ample opportunity to choose a different cabin at the time of booking however, you chose to go the alternate route by bidding on an upgrade. When you choose this method, you ROLL THE DICE for an upgrade, or NOTHING. You claim there was an offensive odour, however, let's look at the flipside - had maintenance not been done, and restaining or painting was NOT done, you'd complain that the ship looked dingy. There was no pleasing you with the food. You say they missed the mark but didn't elaborate what you were expecting. Steak, shrimp, lobster? Being heavy handed with the garlic isn't everyone's preference, however, you have a voice and should have expressed your opinion to the waitstaff. Said waitstaff are there to please - if you'd like more than one entree, they will bring it. If you'd like more than one dessert, they will also do that. All it takes if a voice, in a pleasant manner. If you're an aerobics instructor, I'm sure they could have used your guidance and wisdom. If not, then perhaps choosing not to partake in such activities may have been an option. Yes, $10K for a family of 3 in Hawaii is steep, however, you had the option to go with more "MEAGER" accomodations, such as an inside cabin which would have been about $3500. Perhaps cruising isn't for you and your family. You seem to expect WAY too much. No reason to convince you to sail NCL or any other cruiseline again. Stay home and be an arm chair traveller and tune in the Travel Channel or AEW. You'll have no one to complain to, other than your husband, who may or may not put up with it. Whatever you choose, enjoy.
  9. dssking

    Liquor in stateroom

    In many threads on the forums, this one being no different, there will always be people that tell you what you're doing is wrong, immoral, etc. My response to that is if prices were reasonable, there would be no reason to "skirt" the system. To your point, Rum Runners are a great way to have your drinks any time you like. It's like XM Radio. They made it somewhat affordable, so they have a high number of subscribers. Consequently, DirecTV other satellite provider's prices are so high that they force people to share a sub and distribute the receivers.
  10. dssking

    Pride of America Hawaii Cruise - Is it long enough?

    TheSmashingCruiser, In my opinion, the cruise is the way to go and the most cost effective. You didn't mention budget, but I'll assume you're on one. So, the way I'm doing it in a few weeks is this : Fly in one day early and stay in Waikiki Beach. Roam around that evening (land a 3pm) until 5pm the following day until we have to board the ship. On the islands, we've rented vehicles, therefore, we're planning our own excursions. Hana, lauau, etc. I too believe it's the most cost effective way to see the islands without breaking the bank. I don't think you'll see all there is to see, however, highlights you will.
  11. On the inside cabins, are there mini fridges?
  12. dssking

    Portable wireless router

    To get back to the original question : My experience is this : On Royal, I used a HOOTOO travel router. Paid for the one person unlimited package (cheapest). Went to the cabin, hooked up the router, authenticated with my ipad via router and then proceeded to connect the other 3 devices. This worked out well for the entire cruise. Amazon for $34 CAD. I'll be on NCL in 3 weeks and plan on using it in the same fashion again. There is a possibility that if IT is smart and are looking for the a range of IPs or specific range of DNS, they can block the router from connecting. Should this happen, simply log into the router and change it . Simple. This is the method I use, but there will be others that respond and say it's wrong, illegal to share, etc. Sobeit . The original question was not about morality or legality. It was HOW TO.....and THIS IS HOW.
  13. dssking

    Grandiosa in Feb 2020?

    Good Day Everyone! Looking to book the Grandiosa for the Med in Feb 2020. I realize that temps are a high of 0-13 defrees Fahrenheit. Obviously they cruise there that time of year....typically, I'm in the Caribbean in Feb........... Thoughts? Enjoyable still in Feb? Not enthusiased about packing winter gear to go on vacation but.........
  14. dssking

    NCL and Canada

    In Canada, if an individual with a criminal record (DUI or otherwise) wishes to cross into the US, he/she must apply for an I94 card which can be granted for a period of time. That period varies...could be 6 months to years. Nevertheless, this is how one can enter the US. For a US citizen to enter Canada, there must be a similar situation. I realize this may not help, however, perhaps more can be taken from this.