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  1. So this cruise line (and many other EU lines) didn't have to meet the 3 step criteria implemented by the CDC after the lift on the no sail order due to their not goverened by the US.............. So.........we see what happens...............
  2. So, you believe a vaccine to a "virus" that the survival rate is 99.98% will save the world? I'll remind you that the MAJORITY of deaths that the CDC claim had pre-existing conditions. Dying FROM Covid and WITH Covid are two very different things. Bottom line is that if you do not wish to cruise, then don't. When the lockdown ended, no one said you SHOULD go outside - that was a decision that YOU made. Go out, or stay home. Take a vaccine or not. If millions take the vaccine and millions don't, those that did shouldn't be upset that others didn't, since they believe it works, there
  3. Dying with Covid and dying FROM Covid are two very different things. Hospitals get paid for covid cases and even more for covid deaths. So if a skydiver's chute didn't open, the hospital would deem it a covid death. That's how rediculous this is.
  4. Mortality rate is 0.03% of dying from Covid. Is that reason to be locked up and have the world shut down?
  5. How do you know they're real? Because CNN said so?
  6. Let's attack this a different way. How many people KNOW someone who has passed away from Covid-19? Many know of people who CLAIM they've had it, or have tested positive. There are MANY false positives. So the numbers that CNN and every other new outlets broadcast are vastly false. What does this mean? That it MAY be slightly worse than the flu, yet "THEY" shut the world down and brought the travel industry and many other small businesses to a grinding halt. FOR WHAT....... money. The CDC is a business.......a businesses funded by the government that produces VACCIN
  7. Despite our differences, we do share one thing in common : Hoping to cruise soon. You are ahead of the game by having the luxury of working out of your home office. Many are doing this now and will probably never return to the corporate environment.
  8. Yes, a thin piece of cloth is going to save us all. Why didn't you mention this the day the "virus" was created? We wouldn't have been in this position now, and you would have probably won the nobel prize for this revelation!
  9. Well then you should stay home to mitigate the risk of getting sick from this so called virus. No one said you had to leave the safety of your home and venture outside.
  10. ....so you do temp tests at every port.....so you are slightly hot returning.... the ship isn't waiting. So you get denied boarding and are now stuck and on your own. Doesn't make sense to cruise with these "regulations" in place. I think this "virus" killed a lot of things, including the cruise industry.
  11. So they limited hours, or as you say, VERY LIMITED. So, during those hours, it was safe to go into the stores and NOT catch the dreaded Covid. Correct?
  12. Why not look at the numbers? 1.08 million people have died from Covid-19 (or so they say). The CDC says that this is a pandemic. 1.35 million people died in car crashes last year. Shall we ban cars due the extremely high number of deaths? People are still cruising around in their automobiles daily (many with masks on, ALONE in the damn car). Haven't banned automobiles yet........ CNN, and every other news outlet will preach the Covid numbers hourly, instilling FEAR into the public. Thus, killing the travel industry and many other small businesses. When this hit in April, restaurant
  13. The Sheraton Old San Juan is close to everything including Senior Frogs, and my favorite, Raices. Raices is a fantastic local restaurant for amazing Puerto Rican cuisine. Walking distance to the shops - fantastic shopping on a street named Fort Aleza. Another great hotel slightly further out is The Caribe Hilton. A little more expensive but well worth it.
  14. I understand that the RCL stock price is directly related to the so-called virus and media driven pandemic, but let's focus on the STOCK. Saying you know someone who knows someone's sister's brother's uncle's lawyer, who knows their mother's sister's aunt who has the "virus" is under quarantine is completely irrevellant.
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