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  1. I understand that the RCL stock price is directly related to the so-called virus and media driven pandemic, but let's focus on the STOCK. Saying you know someone who knows someone's sister's brother's uncle's lawyer, who knows their mother's sister's aunt who has the "virus" is under quarantine is completely irrevellant.
  2. We usually travel early Feb and it seems that there isn't an itinerary for the first week of Feb 7-14 ? Perhaps a private sailing? Jan 31 and then Feb 14......
  3. Sorry about your luck. However, Canadians were not "TOLD" not to cruise. It has been suggested.....
  4. I've cruised RCCL numerous times through the Caribbean and am aware of their drink package prices. What are they on the European cruises on Harmony? Ballpark?? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Thanks
  5. As he said earlier......some may not agree. However, my spin on this it's VERY similar to the flu. Same mortality rate. It's media propaganda. It's like the news - watch it and then formulate your own opinion.
  6. From our first honeymoon cruise in 2000, San Juan has been our personal preference for reasons stated above : See islands not readily available from Florida. I like PR so much in fact that I've chosen that to be a golf destination for our foursome. Been there 13 times and never disappoints. Good people, good food, amazing golf. Safe place. I've left on my own to go roam around if the family didn't wan to some and I always find someone to enjoy a beer with. Saint Martin is another favorite.....
  7. We stayed at the Newport Beachside Resort. Because we were there for the day (early flight in from Toronto) and didn't have to board until later the next day, rather than stay in town, we opted for the beach.
  8. There will always be guests that are annoyed by "slow service". I'll agree that there aren't enough staff behind the bars to service EVERY guest in a timely fashion, but the end result is that you're on vacation. Relax....you'll eventually get your drinks.... talk....make friends at the bar, which is how I spent my time waiting. Be friendly and not rude. I did hear my share of rude individuals who complained at every instance. Did they get served any quicker? Certainly not.
  9. My recommendation is to stand by the computer screens (POS machines). All bartenders have to go there to swipe your card. If you're there, you'll get served fast, as you're seen. We realized this while I was at one end trying to order and by buddy was at the other near the terminal. That was on day #2, so from that point on, we knew what we needed to do.
  10. The chocolate bar was deserved a nightly visit, as did the deck 8 buffet for pizza. The chocolate bar has a few varieties that fell into the Easy Drink Package ($6 and under). The pizza was always cooked to perfection with a variety of toppings to suit even the pickiest eater. Can't stress enough how there's something for everyone on this ship. From drink offerings, food, and entertainment (although short)
  11. Ron_L, we all had inside fantastica cabins. While balconies would have been better, for the first time on the Seaside and on MSC, we decided to start there.
  12. Our group just completed our cruise on the Seaside and in MY opinion, it was nothing short of fantastic. There were 17 people in our group, ranging from 14 to 75 years of age. The Pro's are the ship, as new as it was, was VERY clean. Plenty of chrome, stainless and mirrors - materials not usually used in other cruise lines I've travelled. Public areas are great with plenty of seating, bars are great and the staff are mostly attentive. The Viche chocolate bar was a favorite before bed. The casino bar was always good if all other bars were packed. The main dining room never disappointed. There was something for everyone - they had the staple entres such as a NY steak, chicken, pork and fish. There was, of course, nightly options such as seafood dishes, duck, pastas and of course, the prime rib which came to me as a surprise. I never order prime rib mainly because it's never cooked the way I'd like it. Everyone in our party commented on how PERFECT this was cooked. Cooking for 4000 people and to get it RIGHT is a feat all by itself. All in all, MDR food was fantastic. The buffet is where we met for breakfast and it too was your typical breakfast that didn't disappoint. But as far as the buffet went, in that venue was PIZZA. I have a pizza oven in my backyard and this was the same! Amazing pizza that was had each night before bed, and at lunch time. Simply amazing. Thin crust, just the right amount of sauce. A+ The Cons - The shows weren't long enough. That's it. ONE complaint. The quality of the shows were A+, just not long enough. The itinerary was horrible but that's my fault for choose it. Otherwise, 7 days out, it was VERY enjoyable. We chose this itinerary for the ship this time and NOT for the ports. So I can't complain. We didn't get to Puerto Rico until 5pm and left at midnight, however with that arrival time, it doesn't lend to doing much at all because San Juan closes down more or less. We had a chance to have dinner at Raices which we always visit while there. St. Thomas was as it always is....shopping and beach. Nassau, same - beach. The private island (Ocean Cay Marine Reserve) was mostly complete and was pretty good if all you want is beach. Lots of bars and the buffet they set up didn't disappoint either. Service was fantastic all around the island. Again, the itinerary wasn't the greatest.... Overall, this was my first MSC cruise and certainly won't be my last. This was a brief review and would be happy to answer questions. Cheers Vijay
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