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  1. Just curious if you know that for sure. It probably wouldn't hurt to ask at Guest Services once you board, but I would imagine that if they are like other cruise lines, they sail full or very-nearly full. Higher level cabins are usually "upsold" in the week or so prior to sailing, which then frees up some mid-level cabins to be "upsold." Once the upselling process is complete, the remaining cabins are usually filled by either last-minute purchases, or by travel agents
  2. What PJK and Keywester said. The "tour" on OTT doesn't follow any chronological order and will vary from driver to driver. And purchasing a ticket will allow you to hop on at any stop - we always stay on Upper Duval and get on at stop 11 which is closer to the Southernmost Point than 12 - there is a gift shop there where you can also buy tickets. The entire loop will run about 90 minutes
  3. Honestly, I don't believe anyone is dismissing them out of hand but based more on experience. On a mega ship, available line of site plays a huge role. On smaller ships they are an annoyance to the nth degree. Nothing like sitting on Carnival Victory's Serenity Deck and listening to some woman trying to get in touch with her kids several decks below - why do people think that talking louder into the thing will help the signal get thru?
  4. May will still be cold - layers will be the key. You don't have to spend/buy a lot but you will need some warmer clothes than you are used to in FL - the outer layer being waterproof.
  5. IIRC, both go into Glacier Bay but i would much rather do it on the Ruby than the behemoth, Bliss. Princess has been doing Alaska for years whereas NCL even admits that they are the youngest fleet cruising to Alaska - whether that means demographics, age of ships or when they began cruising there I'm not sure.
  6. Not to my knowledge. Auke Bay is pretty sheltered. I am very prone to motion sickness and prefer Meclizine HCL (aka Bonine) to Dramamine. It lasts longer and makes you less drowsy
  7. It was actually on their website www.juneauwhalewatch.com. I just took a look and they have a couple of promotion codes on their homepage now We were actually on the bigger boat but as it was in early September, it wasn't full - maybe two dozen people which was fine with us
  8. Herfnerd

    Glacier Bay

    That is when you enter Glacier National Park. Typically, cruise ships spend the day cruising into and out and it won't be for a few hours before you even get to the Margerie Glacier - even then, the ship will probably stay there an hour, rotating so that both sides can view it
  9. We used Juneau Whale Watch for a whale watch/Mendenhall Glacier tour and was very happy with it. Went out on the water for 3 hours, saw a bunch of whales and then their bus dropped us off at Mendenhall to spend as much time as we wanted - we left after a couple of hours to take their last bus back into town. We did hike to Nugget Falls. They charged less than most other outfits and an online discount code saved us even more......
  10. Been almost a month since they cruised - curious as what they did
  11. Uber and Lyft are both in KW. General admission to the KW Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is $12pp. If you do go, its right around the corner from the Southernmost Point in the US buoy
  12. If you dock at the Naval Annex/Outer Mole, you will ride a shuttle to Mallory Square. If you dock a Pier B, you will just walk to Mallory Square. OTT stop 1 is there
  13. Lets just say that the "colorful commentary" I spoke of was extremely graphic.
  14. Formal nights are pretty much history on mainstream cruise lines - they're more semi-formal these days.......
  15. We cruised RT out of Seattle in September and I am extremely prone to motion sickness - my wife, less so. I always take Meclizine HCL (brand name Bonine) and never had an issue. My wife didn't on the first day and got a little queasy and had to leave the MDR that first nite. If you are prone to motion sickness, I would bring/take something......
  16. Exactly. Again, I was addressing the OP’s concern about requirement of passport validity where she stated that she was worried that it expired a couple of months after their return. When I mentioned earlier that about being valid on dates of entry and exit as acceptable, I got a little grief because of my source (US State Dept)
  17. I know it is. My comment is addressing her concern about the timebof validity of her child's passport. I merely stated that if they are worried, they could supplement with the BC Carnival accepts a clean photocopy of BC's to cruise so that should suffice. Certified copies are what is needed in order to establish citizenship when applying for things like ID's. If they accept anything else than there is a bigger issue
  18. You crack me up. Why do I “keep” recommending a BC? Because it is an accepted travel document to cruise with and tens of thousands of people do it every year. I am merely stating that if the OP is concerned with length of validity of their child’s passport they could bring a copy of their BC to supplement it. Passports are just as valuable as a BC - but you leave both in your safe.
  19. I didn't find anything on the Bahamas.gov site only stating that a passport or compliant document is needed to visit, but if you go to the Bahamas.com site, which is supposed to be the official site of the Bahamas, whatever that means, it directs you to the CBP.gov site However, my other comment is still valid - to bring the passport along with a certified copy of his BC and he should be fine
  20. We toured with JWW in September and probably because of the number of hours of daylight, we did the whale excursion first. Had maybe 15-17 people on our boat. We also stayed on the water longer than we were supposed to but no complaints there! Didn't get to spend as long at Mendenhall as we wanted as the last JWW tour bus was leaving the park around 6-ish but we did get to spend a lot of time at Nugget Falls. We also got the 15% discount for booking early
  21. Enjoyed South Friars Beach on St Kitts - got to see some green monkeys, too!
  22. Did not see but....erm.....heard. Waiting for the elevator and it was quite obvious what the couple was doing inside a cabin next to it - lets just say the color commentary gave no doubt!
  23. The US State Dept simply says the passport must be valid at the time of entry and exit But as long as you all are US Citizens, you could use his current passport along with the original, certified or notarized copy of his Birth Certificate as the latter is all that is needed on a closed loop cruise
  24. We toured with Juneau Whale Watch on their Juneautours.com site and was very happy with it - did the whale watch followed by Mendenhall. Booked direct on their website and found a discount code that saved us a little kwan. Just be careful as Juneaushoretours is actually a tour aggregator.
  25. OP asks a valid question UK uses type G plugs. Most of the rest of Europe uses C, E and F. In the US, we use A and B types
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