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  1. We are going on the Breeze and I know I read something about a fan with a magnetic base that hung on the wall. I found it online at the time, but unfortunately did not order it and now I cannot find it. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Or if anyone else has any suggestions of what they have made work.
  2. The saddest thing for me is that I would not be able to use this because I'll bet it would disappear from any checked luggage. We actually need new luggage tags but won't be able to use these! P & D might not like them so much but I'll bet a lot of other people would!
  3. Thank you so much! As a lifetime member I am sure you know we can cruise and actually lose or maintain. I usually just track steps at this point so I wouldn't be looking at the miles except I may show it to mu husband so he sees how hard I am working! I love to pull one over on him!
  4. I am going on a 2 week cruise so it is important to me to track what I eat on my phone on the WW app and to track my steps with my Fitbit. Some may think this is over the top but when one has worked so hard to lose and I plan to continue to lose while on my cruise I just want to be able to monitor it. For 1 week I wouldn't worry so much but 2 is a lot. Please don't comment here unless you have done one of these things. I realize this is very specialized but someone surely has done one or both of these things. What I need to know is do I need to get the wifi on the ship AND the international plan on my phone to do this? It seems, from researching, That I could unsync my fitbit and just sync to my phone again when I am at a port with wifi but then it seems I would need international plan with phone. Or will it sync with fitbit and WW via wifi without the phone service? I am so tech unsavvy. I don't want to pay more than I have to but I don't want to incur a thousand dollar phone bill either! Thanks for the help of anyone who may know how to do this.
  5. I was so happy to come here and find your review on the first page! We are going for the first time to St Kitts, Barbados, St Lucia and St Croix this fall. You have me wishing we were going to Antigua instead of St Croix though. Would you feel safe taking a taxi on your own at any one of these islands? That is what we usually do at the islands we are more familiar with but I am very unsure this cruise. Most of the excursions from the ship don't appeal to us because they limit your time there. I loved your picture from the Buccaneer Beach Bar. The Royal Palm Beach, the wide V shape resort in the back is one of our time shares. Before the last hurricane we went on a cruise and took a taxi there to check it and another resort out to see which one we wanted to stay in. Then the hurricane devastated them both and they are not set to open again until Fall of 2020. So thanks for the happy memories! Love your detailed report.
  6. Vicky, I am a Vicki also, and I think I will be on the same cruise as you. The Breeze? Maybe our paths will cross. This is my first Journeys cruise and I hope it will be extra fun. You will be off in plenty of time. There will be multiple way and if all else fails I have some number 1 tags I keep in my suitcase when they used to pass them out. We have been using self disembark but may not this cruise because the last one we took was a nightmare of platinum guests all trying to be first.
  7. Signing up to follow your trip! We sail on the Breeze for the first time in Nov, after waiting since 2012 for the opportunity to sail on her. I hope you are done by November but if not I understand!
  8. I think that they are trained well on some things but they only know what they are trained in. I have noticed several times that they do not seem to understand how to "think outside the box" to handle something they haven't been specifically trained about. And that is not a complaint, just an observation from my recent cruises and I just "go with the flow." The crew is great on all my cruises, sometimes I just have to figure out something by myself or let it go.
  9. There are 2 movie channels on the new TV channels. They did not have anything I was interested in, and certainly not any latest movies but they were there. This was on the Miracle so I assume would be the same on the Legend. They also had a Jurrasic Park movie one afternoon in a lounge or the show room.
  10. Thanks for helping me reminisce about out cruise in Jan. We did the same itinerary and right after we heard there had been a fire at Princess Cay. Did you see any evidence of it? I am glad it was not too bad because this was a lovely place to have a beach day.. I prefer it much more than Nassau or Freeport. And welcome to Platinum, it does have some nice perks and we really enjoy being able to drop our carry on off in the room rather than carrying it around until 1:30. If you book a longer cruise you get a free cocktail party and it is all the drinks you can drink while you are there!
  11. If you want to see some outlandish pricing check out a Disney cruise. I went there for kicks and giggles because I got a message saying 20% OFF. The starting price for an indoor cabin was over $7000. A thousand dollars a day per person? They have a quality product but there is No Way and it always reminds me how inexpensive CCL is. A kid free is a marketing tool, believe me you are paying for it some where. I will agree that RCCL is worth more because of the quality of the shows but it really does cost more in the long run.
  12. Interesting you should comment on this. I had the same problem on the Liberty in January but on the Miracle last month it was perfect! So it CAN be fixed! And I am glad that I am not the only one who finds that annoying!
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